Aaliyah BLAZED upon the major music scene Summer 1994.
'Age Ain't Nothing But A Number' First Studio Album By Aaliyah was the hotness!
Produced by R Kelly, it cannot be denied the grooves from this album.
It was a great time for music. Blazing too was Brandy and Monica.
AALIYAH was on a UNIQUE level. The 'Old Soul' was shining through.
'Back & Forth', 'Age Ain't Nothing But A Number', 'At Your Best', 'Young Nation'; and more from this album bumped in jeeps and cars during the summer. Aaliyah was 14.
In 1996 Aaliyah would collaborate with Missy Elliott and Timbaland, Virginia's Dynamic Duo!
The Album 'ONE IN A MILLION' was another triumph in Aaliyah's music career.
By this time Aaliyah was about to graduate from high school ( 1997 4.0 GPA ).
Aaliyah could be seen on the popular television series New York Undercover and heard on soundtracks for 'A Low Down Dirty Shame' and 'Anastasia'. Aaliyah's acting career took off to another level landing a role in the movie ROMEO MUST DIE, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and Aaliyah was cast to star in THE MATRIX ( Character Zee )before her death.
Fans were excited Summer 2001! Aaliyah was back with a new album and a new look.
The eyes were uncovered, she still had the dance moves, the voice smooth as silk and satin.
The animated version of her and 'A" logo was completely insane! Great concept!
We were seeing an Evolving Aaliyah getting ready to take it to yet another level.
She was romantically in love, strong love of family, strong love of self, FOCUSED.
Interviewed during the video shoot in Bahamas for the song 'Rock The Boat',
Aaliyah had a sense of peace to her and much reflection.

Celebrating The Life, The Legacy Of Music Of Aaliyah
January 1979- August 2001

Elder's say it's not how long you have lived but what you have done with the life you have lead when it's time to fly beyond the sky toward eternal life.
Aaliyah was living her life.
Music, Stage, Film, TV, Modeling
Beautiful, Gifted, Sexy, Humbled, Humorous, Respected By Many.
The questions come: Why, What If, I Wonder...
FACT IS: The Gift Of Eternal Life Is Her Reward
WHAT IS LEFT: Great Music, Films, Interviews To Enjoy!
Aaliyah, Forever
"I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person" -Aaliyah
Remembering Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Remembering Aaliyah Dana Haughton
limitless & timeless
Remembering Aaliyah 1979-2001
Aaliyah Remembered... August 25, 2001 "Singer Aaliyah has died in Bahamas during a fatal airplane crash." Where were you when you heard this tragic news? I was moving into a new apartment. My mother traveled from out of state to help me move. Around late Saturday night, early AM Sunday Morning, my phone started blowing up like crazy. Some of my friends were at the club saying the DJ stopped the music, announced, Aaliyah, killed in a plane crash. I turned on my television and nothing was reporting in the news. Around the 6am hour, I received another phone call to watch TV. It was true, Aaliyah was dead, she was dead. It was much sadness coming from both my male and female friends. I remember me and my mother said a prayer for her, the other crash victims and their families.
Radio stations were playing Aaliyah's songs in heavy rotation. MTV, VH-1, BET aired videos in heavy rotation. Other news networks, printed publications, online sources were breaking the news. It was unbelievable, simply unbelievable. That day, the music world mourned, fans mourned, people feeling sympathy mourned. We lost a true angel, a treasure. Such a shining star was no longer shining in this realm. The coverage, the tributes, the memorial services, befitting for a true princess. With the release of the 22 doves representing each year of her life seem to bring the reality home with a grieving mother looking towards the heavens.

TODAY... In my opinion (IMO )I don't think Aaliyah would want us to mourn but celebrate her life. She wanted to be remembered in a positive way and this is being done by keeping her memory alive through showcasing the works she has left behind for us. Her professional life should be an inspiration to those who are not doing what they love, as well as those who are doing what they love. Aaliyah admired Sade, Janet Jackson, TLC, and she held no beef with anyone. She would say to compare her talents to someone else's talents is not her style. It has no place among artist who may do differently their artistic talents but respect the bigger picture.

I feel she would be proud of these young women out here stepping up in a big way in their careers representing music, the stage, the movies and being black. Color wasn't the be all to end all, she crossed over in her professional life, and personal life. Just well rounded, associating herself with those of character.When comments are left spewing hate about other artist not being as good as Aaliyah, it is without question, very disrespectful, very negative to Aaliyah's Memory. Aaliyah was not that kind of person to knock what people were doing on this professional level. She strongly addressed through thorough description the hard work it took to be in the music/media industry. To down another to make her shine is not the elegance of a true lady, a true angel, a trule woman of color, a true artist. Coming together, enjoying her work, celebrating her accomplishments, celebrating others accomplishments is what would honor the memory of Aaliyah.

FAVORITE COLOR: Black FAVORITE FOOD: Pancakes FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO: Michael Jackson's Thriller Good Collabo: Static Major! RIP SM! Great Crew: Missy Eliott, Timbaland, Magoo, Ginuwine and Aaliyah. They 'beasted' on so many levels. Aaliyah liked 'ORIGINALITY'. 1021's Playlist has a hot track we are sure Aaliyah would love. Positive Lyrics aiming at knowing your worth. Too Beautiful PHZ-Sticks feat Aaliyah Sample. Aaliyah inspired so many people and her music today continues to inspire. We welcome your feedback regarding this tribute feature at 1021Online.com.

FAVORITE MUSIC GROUP: The Isley Brothers FAVORITE AUTHOR: Stephen King FAVORITE MOVIE: Silence Of The Lambs/Lost Boys
FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT: Roscoe's House Of Chicken And Waffles FAVORITE JEWELRY: Silver SHOWER SINGING: Donny Hathaway! Go Aaliyah! AUDIO OF AALIYAH'S VOICE IS FROM MTV'S DIARY SEGMENT 2001/Edited/Produced By Bebe Davis, Audio Engineer
1021 TRIBUTE CONCEPT BY PUBLISHER BEBE DAVIS *music will rotate on a regular basis

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