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Good Times

Good Times! Good Times! Good Times! Good times are here at Soul On Fire Lounge. Hold on to the good vibes, stand firm in your faith that whatever you are going through will get better! Encourage others if they are feeling discourage. Don't you know, no weapon form against you can prosper? Speak on the GOOD that is coming in your life! Shout about it! You DESERVE THE GOOD TIMES. There is so much happening in this world be very THANKFUL for your circumstances. As we all witness on the day to day, it could be worse. Surround yourself with positive people.

Be at one with yourself. There will be times when no one is around to speak a word to you. This is where your faith soars. You can be your own uplift. Calling on the name of Jesus, the name of God, shouting Hallelujah can bring on so much feelings of joy. Shake off the bad vibes, be in GOOD TIMES.
If of NO FAITH, you're at this place so just take whatever in with a positive mindset and just flow. No judgement, just the upflift SOUL ON FIRE Lounge.
We all are A WORK IN PROGRESS. Don't put the pressure upon yourself to not err, keeping in mind continuance of errors are just a bad habit.

There is a difference... in continuing bad habits, bad thinking versus having a moments in life ( far, few and in between )that's not the best.


May your life be filled with an abundance of blessings!

From an Imperfect Perfect Online Presence, Founder/Publisher - BEBE DAVIS and 1021Online as a whole says, enjoy this feature. Share the news of this feature with others. What we will not do is PAINT A PERFECT PICTURE where you feel you don't belong due to overbearing tones of IDEOLOGY of who is Saved/Sanctified. There's no BIG 'I', LITTLE 'YOU", no LITTLE "I", no BIG "You". Be on your own journey in this life moving toward being more Spirit-Filled. If you wish to promote, advertise a product, project, contact 1021Online.com today via email or our 800 lines lines open 24/7/365.
Good Times, Good Times, Good Times, enjoy the atmosphere at SOUL ON FIRE LOUNGE.
The Talk
Soul On Fire Lounge
While GOSSIPERS are having their daily phone conversations about who did what on Sunday or who will do what on Sunday - Others who do not indulge in the gossip are living more productive lives. Most likely they are doing productive things in the church, in the name, for the church.
When you find time to gossip, complain, keep things going in the church, you are so part of the problem. There was this lady who had gossiping friends in the church. She wanted to change her life around. Guess what she did? Everytime someone called her house she answered the phone by saying, "PRAISE THE LORD... Thomas Residence". The gossip conversation came to an end very quickly. If you have a grievance take it up on the Board Meeting Nights or call a special meeting. There is much work, good work to be done than the proverbial gossip.

It's been a ROUGH week for you. When being asked how is it going - Try saying fine. Fine never hurt anyone. You can't get nothing less or nothing more from FINE. Be of good cheer, that whatever you are going through will work itself out. If you find yourself asking someone how it is going and they start to tell you the whole SHEBANG, Lordy Lordy it's good to have some patience. Altogether now, AMEN. You never know when people need to release but I bet you will be careful not to ask how things are going with that particular buzz kill person. Find something creative to say than How Are Things Going. Try saying, Nice seeing you, have a wonderful day and keep stepping swiftly but not too obvious! ( laughing )

*All spiritual people aren't rigid whereas they cannot laugh and be casual in life yet maintain their faith. *Try it sometimes Fanaticals. Muah!

Those who ONLY go to CHURCH on Sunday.... Last time we checked Sabbath is Saturday... THANK YOU AND TAKE CARE. LOL

Basically... Don't just have ONE DAY to go all out for THE MOST HIGH... Everyday... Give it up for The Creator... Thank you and TAKE CARE :)

Dating again? Good for you! No matter your age, there is nothing wrong with having your heart flutter, finding those feelings of anticipation of seeing that person again. Go with God and go with the flow! Keep your intuition in tact and BAH... to anyone who says you are too old for this or too old for that. Be around positive people. Life is to be lived so live life to the very fullest! Be happy, trust yourself to be happy.

If for any reason you are under the leadership of a Whoremonger - a known Whoremonger who is having a time of his life giving himself unto the good sister of the church, another church, in the street and you still sit there every Sunday following his word - FOR SHAME. Do yourself a favor with your spirit and soul - find another church with a leader who is ( A ) faithful to his wife ( B ) smart enough to keep his biz on the low.
The first would be good but the latter falls under - What you won't or don't know ... you feel what we are saying? Cool. Come to think of it, no one should really run you from YOUR CHURCH, so find other liked minds, write that letter, call a meeting with the heads and remove him from the church. Heathen is a Heathen all day. It goes back to putting your trust not in man but your faith in the most high if that is your belief.

Scoundrels will be Scoundrels but the one who can be more discreet is better for it. You never know who is doing what. On that note...
It's right up there with No One Knows Where The Nose Goes When The Door Closes. Yea it's alright Spiritual People to laugh. Go ahead.

Children are so beautiful and very honest in their feelings for the most part. If they aren't feeling that visitor coming to your home you might want to take heed. If your newborn or young baby is not too keen on the visitor's you might want to take note and see what needs to be removed from your life. Remember that saying Out Of The Mouths Of Babes? Take that and the whole God looks out for babies and fools. It is worth paying attention to when you have more than a wrong judge of character when it comes to people trying to be in your inner circle/or you theirs.

That beautiful breeze in the morning that touches your face... smile that's is love from above. Ah ha... you like that one -we know.
Kindness and moving on from something or someone is the best antidote for the overall situation. Respect yourself and your life. Period.
To give thanks you don't always have to be on bended knee or be woeful. Be of good cheer and give thanks no rules just give thanks.

The Bible is a source to a more fulfilling relationship with THE MOST HIGH but it isn't the end all to be all. You must go deeper than the scriptures that were interpreted by man. You must go WITHIN to OPEN yourself to the Spirit so that the revealings can bring you closer to the wills and the ways of The Most High. SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS, is more than just spreading what is written in the bible. There are ANGELS unaware all around us. When finding deeper enlightenment you are more AWARE. There are miracles EVERYDAY that should be spread to those of little faith and those of no faith - even those FULL OF FAITH. Be more enlightened for it is true, THE HALF HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD and much to be told is more than what is in the Bible. Be OPEN to letting your faith go beyond the BIBLE....

SPIRITUAL SNOBS... Stop casting stones when you have enough life living where stones could be cast on you.

No matter your walk with God or how save you THINK you are, when you start saying WHO IS OR WHO ISN'T a child of God it puts you closer to HELLS GATES. You are no judge or jury. Watch what comes out of your mouth and be about your business of getting yourself together.
Jesus was among those who were looked down upon, troubled... time for some Religious Snobs to WALK in the Light. You ready? Less Go!

Kindness is not to be mistakened for Nipping things in the bud. Straight-forward is needed in some situations. Just straight forward no ten to fifteeen minutes sermons on why someone needs a good chewing out. Just say what you need to say and bounce.

If you don't have the money to pay a FULL TITHE, be of good cheer. God loves a cheerful giver and TITHING is not all of money but of deeds.
Too many people write big checks for show but the heart... God sees and knows all. Many minister's don't preach upon the deeds but again,
God sees and God knows all. Do what you can and God will reward the person for their heart not for the $....00's. Amen? Amen!

Find time to mediate with self, rest more, eat healthy, stay in good company and above all be alright with yourself.

Stay encouraged and when you can -encourage others. Center yourself, make each day count and count it all JOY!
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares Hebrews 13:2

My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me Psalm 31:15

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, Faith Galations 5:22
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