iNsider Sports: Talkin About It! Michael Vick News!
BREAKING NEWS!!!! August 13!!!! MIke Vick News!!!!!
Just when things were quiet on a typical Thursday, then BOOM!!!! Text, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, ESPN, all of the media sources reported, that Michael Vick has signed a 2 year contract with THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES! OMG!
It has been quite a mixture of responses but the ones that we can relate to are forgiveness. -1021ONLINE.COM 2009
What a way to kick off a Thursday: NFL Night Pre-Season Game between Pittsburgh and Cardinals.
The Breaking News happened and it is the buzz of the night, the weekend and onward by the time anyone reads this after a week. So we took it to the celebs and many felt positive about Vicks return to the NFL. We won't namedrop but there were some great responses. In a world that is unforgiving at times, it is good to see The Eagle Organization step it up. Those in reality know that what he was found guilty upon goes across RACIAL LINES, just like Cock Fighting, and many more we feel in the NFL across the color lines would have been in the mix of this. It was bigger than Mike Vick but he became the face of what has been happening a long time. So now we digress from that. Godspeed to Michael Vick. With Tony Dungy being his mentor, with others being positive, it is looking positive for The Quarterback. We all are in the position of WAIT, WATCH AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. -BEBE
Michael Vick | Written By PUBLISHER, BEBE DAVIS
1021 ONLINE MAGAZINE | Business | The Twitter Intervention
1021Online Exclusive Contributors Bebe Davis and Monica Weathers
--It is time for a '1021' INTERVENTION! We checked our own actions regarding this matter and we radiate this pure intent out to others via love.

Addressing: The use of twitter is a concern. As business owners always check to see that you are staying focus on representing your business well. Use of twitter/applications can enhance your business by making other users aware of your existence. Addressing: Up close & personal.
--Sometimes you can be TOO UP CLOSE and TOO PERSONAL on twitter. An air of mystique is essential on how your business is looked upon. We've seen where some business owners let their followers know they are in talks with an artist on a showcase. This is bad form. ALERT: Twitter is for networking and the option to use Direct Messaging is the option if you need to discuss the business. Conduct business away from twitter. Some who are in the business to expose the artist, are seen schmoozing their way to get closer to the celebs, hanging out with celebs. In our opinion, their roles are blurred. Exposed could be from gossip, to more positive exposure but you must know your role. Reminds us of the movie ALMOST FAMOUS. No matter what, if in media we are media and they are the entertainers. No matter how one comes to that close kindred experience feeling, you are to be fair and balance. There may be a time where you have to be true to the role you represent and present coverage squarely and fairly. Where are your true blue friends through thick and thin?

Addressing Addictions/Applicaitons: Yes twitter can be addictive but you must guard your purpose for using this social networking option. If being on twiter is starting to affect your work as a business pro, it is time for an intervention. If you are waking up wondering what is going to be your next 'tweet', it is time for an intervention. This energy could be spent thinking of the next marketing solution to bring more exposure to your business. Some people we are following are now taking certain days off from twitter, putting strict limits on how many hours they spend on twitter to be more proactive away from twitter. Sounds hilarious to some but we feel this is an important step in your professional life.

TWITTER APPLICATIONS: From desktop applications such as the ever popular tweetdeck, mobile options to receive and send twitter texts from your regular phones/smartphones, twitpics capabilities are endless, twitterfon, tweetie applications for MAC users, regular web access, Hootsuite that makes it easy for various editor's of a business to tweet info, then you have, TWIDROID, twhirl and much, much more. We use various applications associated with twitter. These applications make life much easier for the business professional. You aren't trapped at your desk to stay in the know or put people in the know. You can be mobile, send pics, videos, and more. Truly amazing concepts.

Some applications we use are in beta testing mode where we were personally invited to use the software. We found this to be a compliment and yes we give our reviews of the applicaitons, so far so good. Definitely twitter has caught on in a big way more than any other social networking option so far. Not only do you have the celebs using twitter, you have trusted and true news sources using twitter and some very high profilers using twitter stateside and abroad.

You also get a good insider's look along with other followers on your fav celebs. You see how corny some seem and you see how some seem together from what you are viewing on twitter. Some act as if they are expert on all things when if you throw them some history from the 70's on back period, they would be lost. There is alot of drama on twitter too from the celebs, and a sense that wow, it is a lonely world sometimes in hollywood. It is also a great way to connect the celebs to their fans, which is a big bonus. We are sure the publicist are cringing from one point to the next but it's good for the most part. No big scandal has arised yet and we hope it doesn't. Caution: Celebs should stop telling where they are going with their children and if by themselves. You hve alot of insanes out here. Be careful.

The intervention comes in when you spend more time on twitter lacking the personal relationships you have formed/have yet to form. The intervention comes in when you don't get out on the scene and make appearances cause you'd rather twitter. You don't have to spend every hour on the hour on twitter, not necessary. Twitter is a business for the creators. They are handling their business. Use it effectively but always handle your biz, never letting too much of your biz out for the world to see. 2009
1021 Online Magazine | MAXWELL FOR THE AGES
Entertainment Showcase | Contributing Writer Odell /Researchers JJ/Shiah/Bebe Davis / Exclusive By Bebe Davis
'The Clidas Touch' is just a cool play on words for one of music's most respected persons for decades, Sir Clive Davis. From Brooklyn, he is Brooklyn but Clive Jay Davis is so... more. Titles: Record Producer, Music Industry Executive, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, served as President of Columbia Records, Founder/President Arista Records and now J Records. Did I mention Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment Worldwide, CEO BMG NA?

Clive Davis is known today by the new generation to launch careers of some talented artist, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Leona Lewis, but his eye for talent goes much deeper. Davis with his 'Clidas Touch' signed artists: Janis Joplin, Santana, Bruce Springsteen, the group Chicago, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire, The Group Aerosmith and many many more. It only goes to show, Clive Davis is a force to be reckoned with. If you are given the grand opportunity to get signed by Clive Davis, how you proceed forward will determine if you truly make it or break it in the music industry. You can add lawyer to the resume' of Clive Davis, starting this career with CBS Records before becoming President of CBS Records. With numerous Grammy's, Grammy wins from many of the artist signed, Clive Davis is the man. After the controversial firing from Columbia Records, Clive Davis wasn't deterred. Year 1974, the launch of Arista Records happened signing artist like Patti Smith ( '75 ), Grateful Dead ( '77 ), Whitney Houston, 19 ('83 ), L A Reid and Babyface take the deal to bring LaFace Records to Arista as an affiliate. From this deal, artist shined: Toni Braxton, TLC, Damian Dame, OutKast, Pink, Usher, more.

Triumph, Comeback, Re-born... these words describe Whitney Houston today. With a cousin named Dionne Warrick, Godmother Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, and mother singer Cissy Houston good vibes along with the God Given talent would not be denied. A powerhouse voice, that did backing vocals as a teenager on Chaka Khan's album, Luther Vandross Album as a teenager, Whintey Houston was coming into her own. From modeling, then on to sign at 19 to Arista Records, moving on to more albums, heavy radio, video play, awards, singing what many claim the best Star Spangled Banner at a Superbowl, acting, marriage, motherhood, controversy, life living questioned, divorce, criticized, flippiant, denial, humbled, prayed for, supported, believed in, welcomed back, triumph, comeback, re-born, perfectly imperfect, Whitney.

Through it all Clive Davis was a consistent person in her life. We are sure there were some tough love moments but today as many supporters, critics look forward to September when the new album drops for the world to hear. In my opinion, there is not only a professional connection, the personal connection is there. Sometimes you have to let someone do their own thing and then when there is no where else to go but up, you are there for them. Everyone who is about the conscious positive energy supports triumphant moments. I do and '1021' will be promoting the album on a consistent level.


Words cannot express enough the lives you have changed through this thing we call MUSIC. No matter the length of time the fame happened for the artist, the opportunity given is indeed an opportunity to live a life most times dreams are made of. The music from a diverse roster of artist you have signed has been a big part of the music culture. The listener's, the artist, all affected are thankful for all you have done. Yes, Clive Davis, you have the Clidas Touch.

May God continue to bless and keep you. Thanks for the music and artist.

Bebe Davis, Publisher
eNTERTAINMENT | THE PUSHING ENVELOPE MOMENT, Limitless And Timeless /Research JJ In LA/Editing 1021 Staff
Above we show the Prop 8 campaign that opposes the ruling. Many celebs came to support the campagin entitled; NO H8. showcases ( left to right ) Celeb Blogger B Scott, Tila Tequila, our boy Kadeem Hardison, and Tatyana Ali. View more celebs:
Special Showcase Presented By Bebe Davis, Research By JJ and Sonya Gadsen
When many hear the name Marlena Shaw they immediately think of 'California Soul', which was an outstanding hit. When I think of Marlena Shaw I think of a lady who came upon the music scene giving social topics a voice, ahead of her time in those times. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, this talent would not be denied. The year was 1966 when Chess Records signed Shaw to their label. In 1972 Marlena Shaw was signed to Blue Note Records becoming their first female artist.

Discovering her music if you haven't is like drinking fine wine. Still performing today you have an array of time period music, timeless music to enjoy from a very good singer -Marlena Shaw.
There is a song called 'Street Walking Woman' that gives the listener about 5 minutes of convo.
They don't do that much anymore...
Now there is a styling of music that isn't found much anymore, y'know the talk along with music.
( I sigh and whisper thanks Alicia Keys for the brief resurrgence of what use to be )
'Woman of the Ghetto' is powerful, the lyrics take you on a conscious journey.

Shaw's music talkes to the soul, speaking truth. Many feel this with 'Go Away Little Boy'.
If I am taking you back, then hey I've done my job. If I am bringing you to discovery -same.
'Sweet Beginnings' had that great bass line, the whole 70's feel, just got you straight grooving!
When I hear this song, I just think about taking my hair making it a wilder mane than what it is, grab a nice white jersey dress, with a gold belt, gold open toe heels, and take to someone's dance floor.
Top it off with a nice pina colada with fruit up the straw, and end the night held close via beach.
It's just a feel good song. That is the kind of groove Marlena Shaw gives.
She worked very hard for this career, never giving up despite setbacks.

Call the aunts, the girlfriends, your mom's, your grandmother and bring up the great Shaw!
Aren't we and when I say we I mean collectively - Aren't we all expriencing some of these things she sings about? Absolutely.
I like to give the flowers when they are alive to read it, or have someone tune into their groove.
Thank you for the music Marlena Shaw, Thank you for being true to the truths you sung.
Long live good music that gives love/awareness to the social topics of this world.
A Defining Moment | Marlena Shaw
limitless & timeless
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eNTERTAINMENT I The Soul Prince | Calvin Richardson
ENTERTAINMENT FEATURE | BEBE DAVIS gives much love to Calvin Richardson.
This North Carolina Native has been bringing good soulful music before his major music artist status.
Calvin Richarson was born in the suburbs of Charlotte North Carolina ( Monroe ) where music was no stranger to him at all. He grew up singing in the church like many artist have done and he was singing with his 'blood' ( a term beautiful southerners use ) KCi, JoJo, Mr Dalvin and Devante Swing known as JODECI. With handsome looks, toned body, smile that goes for miles, Calvin Richardson has a personality to fit the vocals -SUPERB!

A year ago Calvin Richardson accepted the invitation to be a guest on my show.
THE GOLDVAULT1021 TALK SHOW (available in our archives )
For an hour it was an up close and pesonal moment. Dubbed the PRINCE OF SOUL, Richardson was very candid about the music industry, the positives happening in his life, the touring, writing for other artist, staying true to himself in the direction he wanted his life to go on the personal and professional, and so much more. Calvin was engaging, humorous and a man about his business.
Calvin's debut album COUNTRY BOY made it's way to commercial success in 1999.
With more albums that came afterward, today we are blessed with another album FACTS OF LIFE.
It is an ode to the soulful one, Bobby Womack. Music lives and Calvin gives that and more.
While we groove to Charlie Wilson's 'There Goes My Baby', Calvin took that hit on before and soared!
FACTS OF LIFE album dropped August 25, available now for your listening pleasure.
Support The Soul Prince latest album FACTS OF LIFE.
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