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Producer/Writer/Television -- Mara Brock Akil, This Powerhouse credits include but not all: South Central, Moesha, The Game, Girlfriends and more. Fans were quite upset when The CW cancelled Akil's The Game and Girlfriends. What is celebrated is the drive Mara Brock Akil has to keep going, bringing us another show in the future. Akil is a graduate of Northwestern University, earining a bachelor's in journalism. Mara is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, married to Salim Akil with two sons, Yasin and Nasir. We look forward to the next chapter.
Mara Brock Akil. Featured @ 1021Online
1021Online.com, Limitless And Timeless /Research JJ In LA/Editing 1021 Staff
THE ULTIMATE CALIFORNIA GIRL, Belinda Carlisle, founding member of the ultra successful 80's girl-group The Go-Go's, and solo artist. Notably known as singer, she played drums. She was tht golden sunshine bopping to the tunes on lead for 'We Got The Beat', 'Our Lips Are Sealed', 'Vacation', all with the Go-Go's. From there Carlisle blossomed into a solo artist with 'Mad About You', 'Band of Gold', movie soundtrack hits and acting roles.
'Heaven on Earth' wowed us, 'Circle In The Sand', and more. She lived the life of a Rock and Roll Princess but here to tell the story. Her autobiography is scheudled for release in 2010. Currently Belinda is doing some touring. Check the official site for more details.
1021 Online Magazine | The Dora Dessasore Files
Our Exclusive Book/Play/Film Review Feature In Honor Of Publisher's Grandmother Dora Dessasore Mixon.
KAMA SUTRA, A Tale Of Love, came out in the year 1996.

Director was Mira Nair. The film dealt with passions, rivalry, class and love. Cast: Sarita Choudhury ( Mississippi Massala ),
Indira Varma ( HBO"s Rome, Naveen Andrews, Rekha ( Lost ),
and more. The story is intriguing, the music captivates you leaving you wnating more. We suggest viewing this movie. Tagline:
In a world ruled by pleausre, love is the ultimate seduction.
Arht Dahlings | The Passionate Rendevous With Art
Presenting Contributing Writer Chequered Past, For 1021Online.com
--Arht Dahlings 2009 By Chequered Past

No... I have never stolen a painting, or been a part of a art smuggling ring of misfits. Well... let me back up a minute. I am a misfit according to American Standards. I am surrounded by 'artheads' who don't think Andy Warhol is 'Art God' but he is kick ass in our circle, big difference.
I've got a pretty decent art collection, I take to the podium as an auctioneer, I gallery crawl, and The Thomas Crown Affair is my favorite, both but the edge goes to the original. I use my psuedo cause it rocked from 1979 at 20 and has held up well over the years.
--The painting above Dahlings is by Olha Pryymak. No... I've never met her but I like this painting very much. Painting? St John Smithfield for Lunch. ABOUT THE ARTIST: In her own words: "Welcome to my visual diary- in small paintings of urban life in London, UK and trips around it." Cheeky I give her that on the description, which made me visit the blog. Very Cheeky indeed. The painting is not overdone. This lady is wanting to join in the conversation at the table. Either the lady had a bad facial or the convo is utterly juicy. This is a plus because if I can find offbeat humor in a painting, it's a sell for the artist.
For more information on this artist, follow the links. -Chequered Past
OLHA PRYYMAK Painting, St John Smithfield For Lunch
1021Online.com | Who Is Pearl Lam? | Presented By Publisher, Bebe Davis
--Inspiration comes in all forms and one person who I've found very intriguing is Pearl Lam. Who is Pearl?
Pearl Lam is the founder of CONTRAST galleries, seven located in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.
She is a firece businesswoman according to many social circles, and those having the opportunity to work with her, interview and do business with her.

Tha passion for art is evident in how Pearl Lam has built her business and the beautiful art presented in the galleries, prestigious printed magazines and the online blogs. For more info on Pearl Lam, settle in.
Here are some fantastic links about Pearl Lam.
Times Online/Lam
NY Times
1021 Online Magazine | Mosaic Moments | For The Love Of Grace
By Aariah The Fashion Fanatic, Contributing Writer, Contributing Publisher Bebe Davis
FOR THE LOVE OF GRACE - Princess Grace Kelly has always been thought of by many as an American Classic Beauty who wore fashions from one extreme to another almost flawless. Before being Queen of Monaco, Gracy Kelly was a model, an actress, holding her own as a woman who made moves due to her hard work, and passions to excel in her professional life.

It was a beautiful Spring Day 2008 in Washington DC. Invites were sent to Publisher Bebe and a friend to join me in DC for a weekend retreat of work and relaxation. Bebe came alone from Charlotte and I made my way from beloved Maryland to DC.
I picked her up from The Omni on Constitution Drive and we made our way to Adam's Morgan District to discuss Grace.
Grace Kelly, Before Being The Princess
Cashion's Eat Place was the destination. If you are going to discuss a Grace Kelly cover story, fashion for you should be correct. I was rocking a nice nautical ensemble by St. John and Bebe had a flowing ankle length sundress by JCrew with jelly flats by Burberry. Bebe ordered She- Crab Soup, Muscovy Duck, I opt for the Alaskan Halibut Fillet , She-Crab Soup too. Drinks were served after the meal of Hennessey for me and Bebe enjoyed a French Riviera, made up of Whiskey, Apricot Brandy and Lemon. Yum!

Discussions Begin... BEBE: Thank you for the invite, I definitely needed a change in atmosphere. AARIAH: I like our connection. When you mentioned covering Grace Kelly a few months ago, I was like I am aboard on this. She is truly a fashion/beauty icon for many women throughout the years. BEBE: You know we could have just did the basic cover but I think this is more intimate, two women who admired her style, having a conversation, this is the right direction to go. AARIAH: I agree, the batteries are charged with extras for complete coverage ( we both laugh ). BEBE: One of the things I really admired about Grace Kelly was the fact that she had a full on career, a star, just doing it on her own before being Princess of Monaco. AARIAH: Yes! She got to experience a world where she had her freedoms more than being gaurded later in life. BEBE: I often wonder the thoughts going through her mind before the marriage. I guess If I were in those shoes I would be so deep in thought of leaving my career vs. marrying a prince, leaving familiar territory to prepare for a life so foreign to me. That's overwhelming. AARIAH: You know I was thinking the same thing because it seemed to me she had such an independent spirit. You give some of that up for the protocols of royalty. BEBE: You know that you have that whole IT FACTOR when you have a handbag designed after you!
we give hi fives ). AARIAH: Ah Hermès, The Kelly Bag. BEBE: Yes The Coveted Kelly Bag.
BEBE: Her career in film was five years but in those years, the quality of work is well respected today. My favorites were Rear Window, To Catch A Thief, which you could see great style from Grace Kelly. AARIAH: I liked both of those films, and I liked Dial M for Murder as well. I was watching a recent film that took some elements of Rear Window. BEBE: I think I know what you are talking about, the actor is Shia... AARIAH: Shia LaBeouf in Disturbia! BEBE: Yes that was it! We laugh again. BEBE: History shows in 1955 Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier during her attendance and appearance at The Cannes Film Festival. From that moment romance, engagement and ultimately one of the most beautiful weddings ever happened April 18, 1956. AARIAH: Princess Of Monaco, a real-life account that only fairytales could bow before. AARIAH: MGM Studios created the wedding gown as a gift to their princess. The designer, Helen Rose. BEBE: True. AARIAH: She fufilled her role as Princess close to perfection. Beloved till today! My heart leaps. BEBE: Ditto!

BEBE: In my opinion, Grace Kelly created a life that was bearable for a woman who had a independent spirit. From the love of flowers, setting trends with her uncomplicated style, restoring great formal balls to Monaco, her love of people, just an all around classy lady. AARIAH: She indeed is what I would call the people's princess because she was hands on with her children and Monaco. Another great example of this woman's love of life was the love of flowers. BEBE: Yes, a book was written on her love of flowers, books written on the fashion trends she was responsible for and so much more. AARIAH: Definitely an Icon. BEBE: Indeed. For more on Princess Grace, we give you a suggested link: Thanks for viewing our Princess Grace fashion coverage. -2009
View More Of Princess Grace >>
--IMPERFECT VAULT EXCLUSIVE! --Finding Ephraim Lewis -- july/august 2009 edition
The album is called 'SKIN', debuted in 1992 on Elektra Records. Artist? Ephraim Lewis.
Ephraim Lewis was born in 1968 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.

bebe contemplates...

"This was a great time for music, because so many artist were coming out with great albums. I was riding on an official high at that time in my life. I was 21 years old, I was living on my own in an apartment overlooking the Charlotte skyline, and I was a Published Writer. I was coming into my own, and loving the skin I was in. It was a time of discovery of self. Along with my good friend Kevin Glover, we would make our weekly visit to one of our favorite haunts, 'REPO RECORDS'. Repo Records was the place to exchange your music for some cash, add some rarities to your music collection, and from time to time if an artist was passing through the city, you were afforded the opportunity to vibe with them. No longer in existence, I treasure those days of going to Repo. The city still has another gem called Manifest Records, which still has that uber bohemian vibe, representing well of what once was. ONCE was... long so, far away. I am remembering an gem of an album...

SKIN, by Ephraim Lewis

Being a sucker for trumpets ( didn't help matters I had just moved on from a relationship with a talented musician/trumpeter who sucked at being a good boyfriend )the opening of 'Drowning In Your Eyes' captivated me. It is a smooth, sultry song with great lyrics, not overdone. There is something how the groove plays out and fades out the song, yes this was a hit! Ephraim's vocals, the arrangement, flawless. Critics took notice to this talent that burst upon the music scene. The whole neo-soul music category was the buzz which many loosely placed Lewis and others in this category. In my opinion this was a mistake.

SKIN crossed the racial barriers, gaining airplay on diverse stations, so deservedly so.

Many compared ( even to this day ) his vocals, the album to fellow English singer Seal. Kevin and I were not among those who compared. Sure there were similarities but the striking difference between these two artist was there. It was just a good time for music, good for those artist abroad of color to have two men of color with great albums. They say it's not the quantity but the quality that counts. True words spoken, so true for Ephraim.

Ephraim Lewis lived only to make one album.

DISSECTING THE SKIN ALBUM, Seventeen years later...

TRACK ONE : 'It Can't Be Forever' -- I did not like this track in 1992, I think it was the voice change but it's hot now for me. Sultry, smoldering singing and the whole talk singing. I was 21 and had yet to tap into the passionate fiery earthchild I am now. lol Makes sense how I did not appreciate what was happening in this song. I love when the track opens up with just the music flowing. Fast forward I could see Maxwell remaking this one. I seriously would not want anyone to remake anyhing... lol

TRACK TWO: 'Drowning In Your Eyes' Absolutely love this amazing track just as much as I love my Chunky Monkey! All who know me, they know I love my Ben And Jerry's Chunky Monkey!

TRACK THREE: 'Mortal Seed' Loved this track in 1992, love it now. Liberating to me!

TRACK FOUR: 'World Between Us' Same feelings, love this! Held well through the years! Soul!

TRACK FIVE: 'Captured' I did alot of late night entertaining where the fire was going and the convo was so ON, yes convo, nothing more, nothing less. These kind of times can be done, just going from one topic to the next. This song was the backdrop, the frontdrop to those moments. Love it still!

TRACK SIX: 'Summer Lightening', definitely speaked to my soul. Very soulful, paced just right as the story is told. Ephraim's voice so pure. This track was a winner then, a winner now.

TRACK SEVEN: 'Rule For Life', I always skipped past this one for some reason, so I took that listen that I intentionally escaped in 1992. Straight to go now, funky, soulful, and the horns, the bidness! This is just one of those jams that could be in a movie, on a soundtrack, a feel good track.

TRACK EIGHT: 'Sad Song', This song captivated me from the beginning. Today I feel the same. Altogether now, 'put on repeat bebe'. Sad song... very captivating, it holds the attention, with the lyrics, the percussions, the flute, the arrangement just a smoothed out track. Sad song rules.

TRACK NINE: "Hold On', This was another song I would skip through. My 21 years of age impatience. lol It is a groove, it's a groove, a full on groove. lol Ephraim get's his soul on with this track. The vocals are sic in a good way, he is killing this track. It is appreciated. The ending, wow!

TRACK TEN: 'Skin', Save the best for last... When he echoes, 'shelter me', haunting then, and now. Skin is a relevant song for the ages. I think it's a very personal song for Ephraim and for those who can connect to the lyrics. Skin... this will forever be the jam. Give a listen, enjoy truth in words.

OUTRO: The controversy surrounding the death of Ephraim Lewis reads like a very tragic unresolved cold case. Here was a young man on the verge of a great music career. Hollywood would claim another soul, that went too soon in human eyes. Some say he was given a drug in his drink that caused his erractic behavior causing the LAPD to respond. Suicide doesn't seem likely when Ephraim Lewis was at the height of his career. Witnesses say the whole suicide theory is bs.

What remains is a great piece of work from Ephraim Lewis titled SKIN. The 'what if's' only enhances curiosity, supporting the body of work Ephraim did leave for others and myself to enjoy -good music. May his family find comfort in knowing that Ephraim Lewis lived a life many dream of. Quality of music was given to the world that surpasses many who have put out more. The voice is not stilled, it lives on through the music. It was an extreme pleasure doing this exclusive. I hope more people support the Ephraim Experience. The music is infectious, the voice captivating. -Publisher, Bebe Davis 2009
Finding Ephraim Lewis
1021Online Magazine | The Invisible Reel
An Amy Winehouse Reflection
--By Bebe Davis

No need for the popcorn. A red carpet affair, this is certainly not. Damage control is obsolete, and critics are so unecessary for this real life situation. The Invisible Reel for Amy Winehouse is in motion.
Some of Winehouse struggles are public, unscripted to the realest. There are no budgets, no deadlines, no take one or take two.

Such a talent is not denied. Amy Winehouse is a rare talent with a life similar to others who flamed out too soon. The ying and yang plays their part but the music coming from Winehouse is alive, full of life, full of beauty, love and yes some pain. Flame not precious one.
Admist the very bad press, cancellation of performances, the use of drugs, the rehabs, Amy remains high on the list of phenomenal talent that isn't fly by night. One has to wonder how close the whole gift and a curse ideology is closely related to the phenomenons that shine so bright. Many are the ones who don't go around 'ego tripping', just purely doing what they love for their pure passions, yet life's complications somehow takes them to a place of no return. After being in seclusion for quite some time Amy Winehouse is back in her country, with the echoes of new music coming. We hope in the midst of living one's life, Amy Winehouse can find that peaceful place. First be good to herself so that she can bring more good music to the masses, her fans, the critics, the naysers, for music is healing, Amen.
limitless & timeless
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