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eNTERTAINMENT I Media Blitz | Sightings With Less Talent
I'm sure this is just a phase but it seems the talent is to be photographed rather than being a quality celebrity. These days you can be a celeb with little effort. If you can find a way to get a style that garners attention, spit game about what project is upcoming ( yet never happens ), stay on the blogsphere and entertainment sites, you have a MADE CAREER basically for doing jack 'ish.
The shelf life is not long, expires quickly. If you don't have more drama attached to you but that proverbial five minutes of fame, you won't continue to be put on. You feeling what I am saying?
If you want to be known for what you have on, where you eat, who you are screwing, nude photos, that's your bag of chips but I don't eat those chips. I would feel like I am in loserville if that is all people recognize me for. I feel some celebrity blogs and entertainment sites are creating much buzz for themselves ( do you all day, get the $$$ ) but the artist careers are in sinking sand to MAJORS because it places you in the category BUFOONERY. The responsiblity is not on those who report the flavor, the responsibility is on the artist and their PR people.

The photographers are having the best times of their lives in all of this, so there is a win win.
Lose lose is for the people who don't have a solid career based off talent. The industry is a fickle one.
You don't want to be on the list WHERE ARE THEY NOW and when they find you, it's not a good look.
So to back up my talk, I got more thoughts from an Industry Pro who wished to remain anonymous.

"Take a look at the career of Rihanna." "It goes without saying she has found her place on life's stage of a publicly embarrassing moment. Her PR team did an excellent job keeping her quiet through the media frenzy. Oprah could not get the exclusive from her and that says alot. She kept her fanbase, the intrigue cause she still isn't talking. She's being followed now more than ever, the endorsements weren't pulled, she's taking a break from her own music but the brand is still in check. When Rihanna is ready for a new album, she'll come back more than ever." "Sometimes it is best to stay silent."
"Beyonce' get's much negative heat for being a great artist, hard working artist and a great example for women. Team Beyonce' knows her brand is solid and much deserved. I am not saying take what she has done and do your career step by step but what I am saying, play it damn close. While many celebs are on twitter, she is NOT on twitter. First if she was somehow her words would get twisted.
From the drama of Destiny Child, going solo, her romance with Jay-Z blossoming to marriage, keeping her personal life less on blast and more on speculation, overcame the stereotypes of being an angry black woman, unwed mother, no drug issues, Beyonce' is living a charmed life on the humble."

"Mariah Carey is on Twitter and she doesn't mind going IN when need be and niether does Nick"
Mariah has had her moments in the spotlight where it wasn't positive but she bounces back.
Her career is what dreams are made of. She is talented, writing most of her songs, touring for years on end, criticized for not being black enough, trying to be too black, trying to be young still when she is nowhere next the years where old is appropriately titled, and so much more. Her brand is solid, the career undenialble and unafraid of taking on big mouths in the game."

RHONDA'S OUTRO: Highly visible doesn't mean lasting power in the industry. In the end you have to decide what your legacy will be. Maybe it's time to change up the game. How high do want your shooting star to go, especially long after you are gone? Something to think about in this short life.
1021Online Magazine | The Dora Dessore Files
Our Exclusive Book/Play/Film Review Feature In Honor Of Publisher's Grandmother Dora Dessasore Mixon.
Shay Youngblood's 'Black Girl In Paris' is a gem of a book.
If it is all about SELF-DISCOVERY for you, this is a must read.
The main character is Eden. She takes to Paris just like other writers before her: Langston Hughes, James Baldwin and now it was her time.
It is a novel of enchantment, unforgettable characters, and moments of awe. Youngblood's writing is so vivid, awakened the spirit and soul.
Add Black Girl In Paris to your book collection or take the journey through reading again. You are sure to enjoy every moment.
The Connection/ Tapping Into Your Inner Buddha
Forwarded By Eleni Nobu For THE CONNECTION FEATURE
I often find the things people aren't familiar with will either intrigue them or frighten them. Today's world is filled with much chaos. People have questioned their faith due to their circumstances. When in chaos you can become confuse, make bad decisions, leaving you feeling worse.

To some Buddhism is a religion, to others a philosophy of life for me it is both. When incorporating the teachings fully into your life, you gain wisdom, spiritual insight and the joy of a well balanced behavior. You are able to handle the sufferings of life that are sure to happen effectively.
Your life should be fullfilled and the joys of a life fullfilled is to help others as well.
Buddhism is not to be taken lightly or entered into lightly. Knowledge is powerful, when you understand what you are incorporating into your life. I am not living halfway, I am surely living completely. Understanding is everything. I am not here to convert you but to help you understand There are various practices of Buddhism, a journey into the unknown.

I thank 1021Online for this moment to express myself and express my way of life.
For more information on Buddhism see the follow links for easy understanding.
Suggested Bhuddism Site
Suggested Bhuddism Site
The Connection | Good Hair, Bad Hair
Addressing: Why we have to address this issue again.

Chris Rock definitely knew what he was doing when the green light was given to discuss 'good hair, bad hair' in documentary
form. I've always been an advocate for women to rock their hair how they damn well please. As far as I can remember, through research there has always been some type of manipulation of the hair to be presented. From the egyptian days, tribal, to the modern day woman, hair manipulation was/is happening.
Madame CJ Walker a great innovator was a Godsend for women of color. She gave the gift of having an option to change the texture of one's hair. Many Caucasian women manage their hair with the use of perms and even though some call it the same, many women of color manage their hair with relaxers. I do question the intent of the documentary in all honesty. Is this another form to MOCK WOMEN OF COLOR because of our use of wearing our hair straight, wearing wigs, wearing weaves? It is no secret that many women are rockin the lace front weaves, many of our grandmother's rocked their wigs having a special wig for Sunday Morning Services. Misconceptions come flooding in and most are exagerrated to the highest extent possible. Be aware, Caucasian women have worn wigs and extensions for years. Is it because they have a straight texture of hair, some are blind to the fact?

HOW DO YOU ROCK YOUR HAIR? I have naturally curly hair but I relax my hair three times a year to eliminate some shrinkage. My hair endures heat 40% in an entire year. That heat is coming from deep conditioners sitting under a hair dryer, or drying my hair with a brush attachment. 60% of the time I let my hair air dry. I have worn weaves and wigs over the years for a different look. I certainly wasn't bald, my hair past my shoulder and healthy. Rockin this subject because of my Conscious Lifestyle. About 90% of the men I've ever dealt with never tripped out on how I wore my hair. The other 10% were complete idiots who got served for their questions and let me be the first to say not in a hostile manner. One guy I was dating asked why I didn't wear my hair out. MInd you we were talking like for two months, rarely seeing each other because of the busy schedules. In that moment, with my confidence always on 100, I removed my cute bobbed wig, letting my hair fall down my back. As I moved closer to him, I was like feel it, feel it for tracks. The dude was petrified. lol
You cannot win for losing it seems. All in all ladies keep rocking whatever style you choose.
I think it is STRAIGHT RAD to experiment. Be responsible to research before leaping.
MOTHER'S DAY 2009 MAY 9, 2009

Restaurant, DIANNE'S ON DEVINE 2400 Devine Street Columbia SC 29205 803-254-3535

Location, Columbia South Carolina

Server, Miss Lindsay Kendall


Ratings: ( 5 lowest 10 highest ) Service/9 Presentation/8 Taste/8 Menu/9 Venue/9 Price/9

Mother's Day Weekend! We all know the restaurants are crowded! I didn't want that vibe so I told my mother we're going out Saturday. My mother can roll with the flow so that was a definite. My aunt was traveling ( traveling time an hour and a half )so we all were set to enjoy Dianne's On Devine.
I love the venue with the vines on the building, just a very lush vibe. Dianne's On Devine is located on the eclectic street called DEVINE, where you can dine, shop, and stroll walking or riding.

Reservations are prime because this place stays jumping with local patrons and those like myself who heard of the good food and service. I was not disappointed, nor was mommy or my aunt. Kudos!
My mother was heavenly that day with the all creme ensemble ( flowing pants, blouse Jones Of NY ) vintage Bob Mackie clutch ( mines on generous give to mom ) looking like a beautiful Diahann Carroll in my and other's opinions. I was playing it semi chic with my vintage Miss Chaus casual dress. My aunt appeared in her creme spring pantsuit, I am sure that was Tahari. Mommy and I arrived first.

We were seated promptly. Our server was Lindsay. Lindsay was all about getting that drink order out the way, which is a nice touch for me. My Aunt arrived 15 minutes later. This was a very special mother's day because the Matriarch of our family, their mother my nana/mama passed November 2008. Bittersweet moment but we enjoyed our evening. That is how nana/mama would have wanted it.

Lindsay arrived with our drinks and appetizers: I was in the mood for champange Korbel Chardonnay Champange California, Mom had Rose, Domaine Houchart Cotes De Provence, France (07), and Auntie had the same as my mom. Appetizers: Oysters Rockefeller. Salad: Goat Cheese Salad for me, House Salad for my mother and aunt. Entrees: For me, Chicken Saltimbocca, For my aunt she had the
Baked Lasagne, and for my mother she selected the Chicken Marsala. Lindsay loosened up more as the evening went on because I am a talker ( comes with the territory right ) and a big foodie!

I am always on the go someplace so I was telling her of my food travels and some of the food celebs I have come in contact with. Lindsay was real cool with the professional flair in tact at all times. When we were done with one plate, it was promptly whisked away! Water was refreshed, atmosphere was great! When you carry on your conversations and I cannot hear them, that is so way cool! Woo Hoo!

A request was made by myself to meet the owner. Dianne of Dianne On Devine was simply DEVINE!
It was a busy night but she made her way over to our table. She's like a clasic Elizabthe Taylor so we gave her those props of resembling one of my favorite actresses who shares the same birthday as mines, FEB, 27! Now! Critique time from the heart! ROCKEFELLER OYSTERS were pretty good but the robust flavor as I usually like wasn't there. In hindsight, this was a good thing because the topping was light in taste not to overpower the taste of the oyster itself. FOODIE FACT, Jules Alciatore created the Rocefeller's Oyster in 1899 in New Orleans ( Nawlins ). Many say the original recipie was taken to his grave. Check the history right here with
The baked lasange was pitch perfect according to my aunt. The chicken marsala was wonderful according to my mother. The chicken breast were tender, sliced to get the right bite, the mushrooms were very meaty with the papparadelle and vegetables. My dish ( let me clear my throat )was the Chicken Saltimbocca. Don't think for one minute each dish you try will be the same. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the way this was prepared because I am use to seeing this dish served to me where the prosciutto is wrapped arond the chicken where you can see the wrapping distinctively. Unfortunately this was not the case. I wanted to see where it all begin and end. This is the reason why most people order this dish. What recovered me from the shock of how it was prepared and plated was the taste. Not enough raisins ( yes I am being very picky ) but the flavor was robust, enchanting.

Our salads were great, no complaints. The goat cheese salad I had was wonderful This is another salad that is served different but it's hard to mess this up. I liked how the goat cheese was placed in a cute ball shape, then as you pleasured, you release the cheese it into your salad however you liked. This was a very nice touch. I cannot wait to try more entrees, I will return to Dianne's On Devine.
click pictures to view DIANNE'S ON DEVINE, VISIT SOON!
Arht Dahlings | The Passionate Rendevous With Art | The Arht Of Chocolate | Presented By Publisher, Bebe Davis
-- Creating great Chocolate is an art! .

Lindt has created a great collection of chocolate and I am enjoying the Excellence Chilli Bar. This dark chocolate is perfumed with premium red chilli. Spice lovers you will enjoy this chocolate very much.

Create a super sexy evening with your lover taking turns feeding each other this spicy aphrodisiac. The spice is incorporated just right without overpowering the senses. Enjoy this chocolate alone on the crisp fall evenings ahead. Check out Lindt Chocolates.
FRENCH VOUGE, Took on the BLACK FACE. Model Lara Stone was the model for this particular cover shoot. With so many black models who don't get a chance to cover the FASHION BIBLE, it is very distasteful with no regard of cultural sensitivity. Some say VOUGE was pushing the envelope on fashion, while others say this type of fashion isn't needed. In a world that has come so far from THE BLACK FACE, a world where some of the new generations of people don't know the hisotry behind BLACK FACE. The concept wasn't needed, fashion or no.

THE FACT IS, this is NOT a political issue, it is a issue of being insensitive to Black Culture period. THE BLACK FACE was white men painting their face black, making fun of the black race. Once what was acceptable is highly unacceptable now. YOUR THOUGHTS?
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