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Nnude Fashion & Beauty Feature | BEBE DAVIS
Some women are beautiful and they only want to be known by their beauty. These are the vain ones. Some women are beautiful, and they are not of a vain nature. They do great in this world but it all comes back to the world looking at the beauty. These women have the gift and the curse more pronounced - desire -to be known more than for their beauty.

Lastly you have the woman is beautiful but her beauty is somehow overshadowed to a certain degree on the public world stage. The things she has worked for accomplished, the human flaws shown, failures, back to triumphs have giving her a place in history to be adored by the looks, more by works.

THIS IS GRACE JONES, the last of the three scenarios.

Grace Jones the Jamacian Born beauty is a Icon. Somehow those words doesn't seem to fit. For me and for many others she is beyond the Icon. When we talk about triple threats of today, when we ( the media ) talk about trendsetters, sure they have their place. As far as the sheared hair minus any blonde happening, when we talk about taking caged photos, daring photos, dressing ahead of the curve in risque fashion to some viewers -GRACE JONES Grand Diva did it very well.

From modeling, singing, acting, muse ( Andy Warhol )dating across the color lines, just being herself withou apology I applaud loudly. She made us PULL UP TO THE BUMPBER,
Some say there is nothing else to see that many haven't seen before I do beg to differ. Everyone has their unique point of view. Only when you say 'original' does one start to incur the wrath from those who know better. GRACE JONES is without a doubt a GRAND DIVA who let many of us into a glimpse of her world doing it so welll we felt we saw it all. Anyone with this kind of allure, and relevant buzz through the ages could never be a foregone conclusion. GRACE JONES, timeless beauty.

Behind The Nnude
Grammy Award Winner, singer, songwriter, actress, and more was recently seen rockin a super hot hairstyle. While many females in the industry are taking to the 'half head shaved' move -Cassie, Lala, Rihanna, here comes Ashanti giving another alternative. Her skin looks so dewey and fresh. Ashanti was recently photographed in California serving meals to needy children for Boys & Girls Club of America. It is good seeing STAR POWER making humble moves. For More Ashanti visit:
Ashanti Daily View More >>
Nnude Fashion & Beauty Feature | Mikka
Ashanti Glows & Rocks The 'H'Do'
1021 Online Magazine | Natural Hair Talk Series | Nnude Online Fashion/Beauty Feature | Keana & Bebe
Fall Season brings changes to hair in it's 'natural' state. What was working for you during the summer months most times will not work well during the seasons of cooler to colder temperatures. Discussion this time will be how to protect the natural hair in the cooler and colder seasons and cool hair masks to try -Keana & Bebe

KEANA: Unless it is a special occasion I will be doing alot of bantu knots and twists.
These are great protective styles for your hair. Think of the harsh elements ladies and the excessive use of wearing your winter coats, scarves and such that can take your hair in stress mode. Your hair is rubbing against what keeps you warm, which can cause much breakage. I usually wear the protective styles through the week and then I let my hair flow free during the weekends, especially if I am out and about.

BEBE: I rock alot of up do's with a few strands of hair flowing around my face and nape of neck. Other times I let it fly wild and free. If you notice more breakage than normal during the changing of seasons, consider protective styles.

Hair masks are great for your hair. We've tried some great masks. Check it out!
BANANA HAIR MASK* banana ( yes with skin )lemon juice (1 )yogurt, add your preferred essential oil (almond for us )and a teaspoon of honey. Mix in blender, add mask to hair in parts, cover hair with plastic cap, go under dryer for 30 minutes wash, style. AVACADO HAIR MASK* avacado (1 ), olive oil 3 tablespoons one fourth of water if you like, blend, apply to hair for 30 minutes use heat, rinse, style.

Cool rinse, which is actually a warm rinse for the season is green tea rinse. Get one green tea bag, big mouth ceramic cup or whatever you have, steep tea bag in hot water ( let warm, no scalding the head please ) then pour over hair to rinse at least two times. Updating this series soon, enjoy the cool video ( top left ).
1021Online Magazine | Director's Cut
Kasi Lemmons
Kasi Lemmons wooed many from her start as an actress is some very memorable films, "Silence Of The Lambs" and "Candyman". From there Lemmons hit the ground running as a directior to be reckoned with.

The year was 1997 when Eve's Beyou hit theaters. Many of us were so immune to the stereotypical movies coming at us. It was refreshing to see cast, a story, a soundtrack, a director who brought to the screen another point of view regarding 'people of color'. Eve's Bayou received critical acclaim. Other films from Kasi Lemmons: 'Talk To Me' starring Don Cheadle adn Taraji P Henson, and The Caveman's Valentine, starring Samuel Jackson. We salute Kasi Lemmons who is always a fave to showcase throughout the years at our publications from the past. Kasi Lemmons is married to Vondie Curtis-Hall also an actor, writer and director ( Waist Deep, Tyrese Gibson and Meagan Good ).
In the wake of race relations, talks of the limited quaility roles offered to persons of color on the stage/screen/tv, foolery/coonery roles many are taking adding no value to the professional media resume or representation of the race, the question is posed in many conversations; among scholars, self proclaimed intellectuals, on steps/sides walks in the inner city, quiet southern porch conversations; HAVE WE FAILED THOSE WHO PAVED THE WAY? Depending on who you ask, more times it is yes.

ROSCOE LEE BROWNE the actor, the writer, the director did not fail those that paved teh way before him. Classically trained actor, Browne was very diverse in his roles, with a resume that did not lean toward the full on coonery we are seeing today from some persons. Often times the excuse is used "Pays the bills" which is right up there with "Sell your soul". Born in Woodbury New Jersey glimpses into Brownes early years through pictures shows a family like many from that time of humbled/proud.
1021 Online Magazine | Conversations With Case Jardeau And Bebe Davis
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Jazznatics Lounge Presents
"This Mother's Daugther" embodies soul and Nancy Wilson brought the soul.
The title track, "This Mother's Daughter" is a feel good track, showing the versatile range of Nancy Wilson. Soulful yes, the jazz roots, ever present. Nancy Wilson shines!
BEBE: my mother is a coloratura soprano, very humbled but a beautiful voice that just sings at any given time around the house during my lifetime. She is a big Nancy Wilson fan.
I guess you could say I inherited the love for the music because it was incorporated in my life. I love, love, love "LOVE HAS SMILED ON US". She did Capitol Records very proud.
That piano and the changes in the chords beautful throughout and at the end.
D'JENGE': As a singer, it brings me joy to sing requests from the stage.
WHEN WE WERE ONE was requested by this older couple and I could not perform it because I didn't know it. I didn't feel good about that so I had the waitress get their number for me. The band and I practiced till it was acceptable. I invited them out to my show as my special guest. They were overjoyed when I sung this song. Took pictures and all. Solid.
BEBE: I love that song which some title it as "My Lonliness" Nancy blew on this one too.
D'JENGE': No one was playing out of pocket, just solid playing. BEBE: Exactly.
See Player For Both Songs In Rotation.
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