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803 Degrees: No Greek Tragedy! Charlamagne Tha gOD
CHARLAMAGNE THA gOD ( lowered case for God all due respect ) radio personality,
southern n southern ( Moncks Corner South Carolina )gentle to some degree we are sure, just depends on who you are. A Man, without question. Cthagod is humorous, crunk, intellectual, conscious and yes at times can go way overboard with that mouf of his. What you see is what you get, each and everytime. HE DON'T SMILE, they say. Yes he does when he is good and ready. There is nothing COON about Cthagod so the 'tap dance smiling' is not who he is. Observing your vibe is what Cthagod is most likely doing before giving you any Colgate or Crest time.

You can be assured Charlamagne is going to represent South Carolina, South Kak, Carolina South, to the fullest. It is where you from and it is where you at. During an interview with regarding his radio career he states:

"I always tell people as far as radio is concerned, Charleston created me, Columbia made me."


Many may know Charlamagne Tha gOD for being professionally connected to Wendy Williams, Queen Of All Media ( Perez, Please Pause, how you doing? )Charlamagne was the morning host of Philly 100.3 The Morning Beat. UPDATED 11/09 Currently he is taking his time, looking for the next worthwhile opportunity to be a part of. We wish him the best in the next career move.

Jump on twitter, follow Charlamagne. You will see his passions on 'keeping it real', 'state of hip-hop', 'conscious- the in yo face way', humbled and fact driven. His opinions on celebs, media pros, or anyone can and will make the faint hearted cringe, cry and/or cheer. Cthagod went hard recently on Rosci ( 106 & Park )about her ears. He roasted her royally. Even we had to send a tweet to say, please stop. Cassie (singer/badboyd label )was interviewed by Cthagod and he gave listeners what they wanted to know. Questions were being given to Cassie about her shaved head, the nude photos that surfaced the internet, being the alleged new chic on the arm of Sean Pdiddy Combs and more. Cassie hung in there, Cthagod did his job like he does, it was a wrap. Unscathed physically.

Charlamagne Tha gOD goes hard on hip hop music, artist, celeb, social issues, his race if need be and more. Cthagod is being Cthagod so if you step up to be interviewed, you just need to keep it real. If you don't want his blatantly honest opinions... you know the drill. Cthagod is very colorful on twitter but looking at his life beyond that, beyond radio, there is more to this man and his way of spreading awareness Cthagod-style. He speaks intelligently, eloquently on how the youth aren't getting that conscious food from the elders, equally serving it up to both sides basically to put your weight up.
Being accountable is going to take both sides in changing the direction some of our youth are going.
Recently in the news about the whole Professor Gates 'Caught A Case', Case, Charlamagne tweets a very enlightening point of view to a follower:

"I wish Sean Bell was alive to have a beer with the press and the cops who shot him up."

Hood State Of The Union can be viewed on Youtube,, and more media outlets. Hood State Of The Union breaks down the latest in music, celebs, various media talks, and trending topics. Hosts: Cthagod and Lil Duvall, serving up some laughs, conscious thoughts and more. Charlamagne Tha gOd is going to rep Carolina South all day, and we really love that about him, no doubt. Make sure you check it out. HOOD STATE OF THE UNION.
Conscious, No Coonery. Linking the past with the present, Cthagod.

UPDATE: 2/11 : CHARLAMANGE THE GOD has a new show in NEW YORK 105 with Co-Hosts
Angela Yee and DJ ENVY THE BREAKFAST CLUB. One thing is for sure, Charlamange keeps a gig. He's also blogging over at XXL Magazine, MTV has him doing MAN CODE Show and still he shows love for SOUTH CAROLINA in many ways - Always. In no way am I being biased but it truly feels good having someone who represents SC along with myself and others. There's room for more and more and more. Stereotypes have no place in a world where Trailblazers exist, no place at all.
The hustle is lovely. Charlamange continues to serve up his DISH OF ROAST. Stay Tuned.

Contributing Writer, Sharde' For
The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
Jazznatics Lounge Presents... 'The Cozy'© A Fictional Jazz Story
Exclusive To Author BEBE DAVIS
THE COZY IS AN INTIMATE JAZZ SPOT ON THE ROUGH SIDE OF TOWN. NOTHING KEEPS PURE JAZZ LOVERS AWAY ON THE WEEKENDS FROM 'The Cozy'. Enjoy the memorable characters for the Fall and Winter Series. Each episode will keep the suspense going. -Jazznatics Lounge 2009-2013
Jazznatics Lounge Fictional Jazz Spot, THE COZY©
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Plagiarism Detector
Episode One: The Haunting Of Zora
Characters: Zora, Philly, Maxine, Woody, Piano Man Sam, Clara Marie, and Red Eye.

They call me Philly around this city. No last name, just Philly. Born a fatherless child but a man I am. Born in the north from a southern woman, too naive for words. Swept off her feet by a slick man who I heard could play the trumpet like nobody's business. Took a warm-hearted woman and made her cold. I remember no man, he was gone by the age of 3, a cat from Philly dead by my fifth birthday. Paybacks a bitch I always say. That cold exterior from my mom faded away. Luck would not be my lady for years later. Lost my mom by 14. I have the gift of the man, to play the horn. It got me by doing gigs here and there but the streets gave me more money. I am my own enterprise. What I do does not matter but it keeps my pockets fatter. I am not touched by the law as long as I know my place. Raining like a bitch on this cold November night, one week out before Thanksgiving and I was feeling alright. The Cozy is my escape, I still love the music. I park the caddy and enter in. "Piano Man Sam!" I say as I make my way to the bar. "Young blood, good evening." "The usual baby?" Maxine says to me. "Yes ma'am, the usual." She's one of the few women I respect, a mother like my mother. She had half a heart of gold and the other cold steel. She was the owner of The Cozy along with her husband Woody. Twelve years older than her, spends most of his time in bed with the gout. I'm handed my warm demon, lemon no ice filled halfway with scotch. After six more of these I will play a game or two of pool in the back. The trio plays Sentimental Mood to perfection. I'm feeling good tonight. I might swing through and pick up one of those begging for some time hoes for a night of familiar pleasure. My mind has been so consumed with business. "Baby you buying?" It's a deep voice, with the rose scented perfurme -Clara Marie. She was a sticky wicked witch. She had the body of perfection but a black heart. Married, but always hanging out. Husband messed up from the war but he knew the type of tramp he came back to. I guess I didn't need to go through nowhere, she would do just fine. "Yeah, I'm buying." "Maxine the lady will have... "That ain't no lady, I know what she really wants." We both laugh it off because if Clara said anything she'd be tossed out of The Cozy. An hour went by I was feeling good. "Let's go the the car, I want you now." I said. Clara Marie said nothing, removed herself from the barstool and followed me outside into the rain. It was a sex session of thirty minutes, I left first letting her put her face back on straight. As I made my way to the bar, Maxine had a pale look on her face. Looking at me her eyes moved left. There in the flickering light at 'our' booth was Zora. Zora the love and hate of my life. Her smile was a priceless one as Clara Marie came up from behind, putting her arms around me. "I see 'Slick', some things never change baby." Zora Said.

It was obvious I had too much to drink. When I looked away and looked back again at the person in the booth, it wasn't Zora. The 'Slick' was meant for Clara Marie by Red Eye himself, her husband.
Everything went quiet in The Cozy. Maxine most likely had her hand already on her trusty ole piece. Red Eye had made his way to the spot, looking for his trifling wife who I had just finished sexing in my car. Clara Marie's hands were still around me, I shrugged them off. We played the staring game for a few minutes before Red Eye began to speak. "Why is my wife's hands all over you?" I didn't answer. "Baby that don't mean anything, I'm friendly with everyone." Clara Marie said not even attempting to walk over to Red Eye. He picked up the name from a deal gone bad years ago. There is no eye where the red eye patch now rest. Red Eye knew the streets like I did. He retired from the game but his contacts were just a a call away to deal with me, for the blatant disrespect of his woman. Afraid? Nah. These streets understood. It wasn't like I corrupted Clara Marie. She was a good time for many even his contacts. Red Eye didn't move from my booth. Maxine never let anyone sit in the booth I shared with Zora when I was in the spot. Red Eye knew this shit but he wasn't attempting to move.

I walked over to the booth. His eyes beckoned me to come and take the shit in words he was going to serve me. I didn't know what mood I would be in when he would start popping off at the mouth but I hope it was not the one for blood to be shed. Especially not over Clara Marie. "I saw you tonight with her." Red Eye said his eyes never leaving mine. I knew a bluff when I heard one. He didn't see shit. "Yea we shared a drink. She asked if I was buying, I bought a drink." My eyes never left his.
"I know you've been doing my wife man. Beware she will be the death of you, I will be the death of you." "You wanna screw my wife because your life is screwed." "You keep this booth like that broad is coming back to you." "I heard she raced to a quack to get rid of your demon seed, found some excuse to not screw you physically the night before she screwed your pockets and skipped town." "Clara Marie will never replace that whore." Before I knocked him out cold, the last thing he heard was, "I just had your wife in my car, my man taste all in your life for a year." Philly sat menacing as the music began to play again. Clara Marie sat at the bar with her drink. Ice cold, just like another, Zora.
Episode Three: REVELATIONS

Red Eye lay slumped in the booth for about a minute before Philly grabs the drunken out cold man and throws him on the floor. Maxine signals for her bouncers to take the drunken heap off her floor and she throws Clara Marie out of THE COZY along with her husband. Philly too numb to move any further sits back in the booth. Maxine signals for the music to continue. The band strikes up a favorite of Philly's 'Salt Peanuts' by Dizzy and the chatter, the clinking of glasses, the groove of The Cozy continues. Maxine walks over to the booth with a tall glass of scotch with three lemons.

Philly eyes were glazed over, he was in a dangerous state. Maxine knew of danger all of her life.
Her father was a man of the streets by night and a Driver by day for a powerful businessman.
Maxine recognized this look when her father would come home during nights with blood on his
hands or clothing thinking his daughter was asleep. Maxine was a curious child, who inherited
the Survival Of The Fittest mentality like her father. She knew no man or woman was perfect
and when the rubber hits the road, when it's kill or be killed most people with not choose the latter.
One night at age fifteen, Maxine waited for her father to come home. She heard the key turn,
the familiar footsteps, the heavy breathing as he made his way to the basement bathroom.

Maxine knew to move cautiously, her father was in a dangerous state -like Philly tonight.
Making her way downstairs, Maxine began to speak. She knew to speak now as to not startle
her father. "Father it's Maxie, I waited up for you." There was silence. "Father it's Maxie,
I am coming to you, I need to speak to you." There before her was her father hands, clothing

drenched in blood. Maxine took the blood soaked cloth, and began to clean her father's hands.
"You should not bear this alone father, I am here." "I know nothing more than a good man before
this night and after this night you will be a good man, a good father." Maxine's father cried like a babe.
It was the first and last time she saw her father show this type of emotion. They never spoke of this
night again and Maxine's father never came home with blood on his hands - two weeks later -dead.
He left his family well off -blood money. Word on the street, he had been shot in a deal gone bad.
The real word, he killed himself unable to live with the double life, the shame and pain he caused his family. He left a letter written by the businessman's wife he drove for - he could not read or write.

"Maxie you are so much like me but I don't want you to become what I have become." Hardened.
"A father should be the protector to his family, not the child to the father. I am shamed of what I've
become - a killer of bad men which makes me no better than they are. There's no pride in that.
I've become cold to my wife, your mother, no longer able to spend time as a father should to their
children." You are a brave one, my Maxie. Your brother is now head of the family, obey him,
and trust him. He is a learned man, the kind of man you can be proud of. I go on from this life,
hoping our God will forgive my sins. I have given you only a letter. You do as you wish with this letter but if I should have one more request, don't burden your mother of such things. In her eyes I am an
honorable man who met my death by the hands of a thug." No More... Maxine thought looking at Philly.

"Drink this Philly, drink it down fast." Maxine said as Philly took the glass doing as he was told.
"You dare not blame Zora for her choices." "Curse that whore!" Philly said swearing under his breath. "Whore is she now?" "She is a whore who endured your whoring, your demons, demons only a LADY coud endure." Maxine said. "Let's not talk about ultimate betrayal Philly." "When you hurt, you will find hurt coming your way at some point." Maxine signaled for another drink to be sent over for Philly.
"You love her, you hate her because you cannot have her." Maxine eyed Philly intently.
As the band started up with Zora's favorite song, "I Put A Spell On You." Philly answered, "Yes."
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