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The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
media research done by Candie Thomas
Harvard Men! There is something in the water like the elders say. From President Barack Obama to Ryan Leslie that feel good tingling happens for many admirers. Amen!

In stores now, TRANSITIONS, the new musical gift from the Producer, Singer, Songwriter, CEO Ryan Leslie. Oh yeah!
Here at we heard the hotness on the new album TRANSITIONS. If you are looking for a groove, this is the album to get. HIGHLIGHTS FROM TRANSITIONS:

Sunday Night, Guardian Angel, Nothing has that BOND type
feel to it, the whole 'mystery', 'espionage', 'carribean' feel.
The Name: Britni Elise! The Cleveland Ohio native has a new song SATISFIED and video. Both creating a buzz.
With the game UNLOCKED for the next rising stars, seems Britni's star is on the rise. We play Britni Elise here at IV.

Britni credits her father for her early start of loving music at the early age of two. Britni Elise is 'golden' in our book, as an admirer of Prince. She has stated she would love to collab with him. Britni Elise is a singer, songwriter, a young lady who has formed a group, watching it dissolve, undaunted she makes her way, holds her on solo. Fly high bright star.
A 'Ya Done Good Girl' Moment --BEBE DAVIS
Melanie Fiona is her name, singing is part of her claim to fame but don't get it twisted.
Fiona a Canadian native, is doing it!

Fiona brings the heat on her album titled, "The Bridge" and she take you to tha bridge! The album shines with her strong vocals, samples from Martha & The Vandellas, Johnnie Taylor, The Zombies and more.
What I love about Melanie Fiona's album is how I recognize the 'samples' but she makes the song, she owns the song and you forget about the samples. The songs speak to the soul of a woman, and I use OMG because she delivers. At 26 years old, there is alot of soul in MF.
I am really trying here people to do no spoilers ( done enough blazing some music ).
This is an album to have in your music collection. This album reaches generations and that speaks volumes. I always like to get another definitive ear. If my dear brother Glover was here, he would give this album a 'thumbs way up'. My definitive ears came from my age group ( 30's-40's ), my mother's age group ( 50s'- 60's ) and the twenty somethings.

Proven! All age groups I engaged loved this album. This is how it all went down masses.
I had a intimate listening party at my spot. I have a very critical ear but I couldn't find big flaws with this production. I pride myself on being on the other spectrum of bias. When I listen to music, I tune into the layers of the music. Sometimes I zone into the bass, the percussionist, horns, melody, forgetting all about the vocals, then it's back to the vocals.

BEBE'S SONG PICKS FROM THE ALBUM 'The Bridge' : IT KILLS ME, MONDAY MONDAY, BANG BANG, WALK ON BY ( so not what you thinking no spoiler but it's fire ! ) MORE! Melanie reminds me of a young CHAKA, especially the days with Rufus. I would love to see her take a slamming band out with her and just rip it cause she is ripping it on this album and on the LIVE SETS I've been checking out ( blessing you with some here ).

Make sure you check out some of the SUBWAY SERIES Melanie Fiona did with musicians across the country. She sung some of her songs with people, musicians she met along her travels. Nice concept. Great vocals, great production, easy on te eyes fellas, great style, and awesome hair. Check out the album. It will be getting much play here and on my show on sundays, The GoldVault1021 Talk Show. Get the album, THE BRIDGE, by Melanie Fiona.

"When I made this album, I knew I wanted it to be something that would bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds. Not only have I been blessed to see that happen along the way, but my album has become my bridge to the rest of the world."

Research And Written By BEBE DAVIS
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The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
Fusion | LET US SAUTE' YOU FOR 2010
Indulge In Your Guilty Pleasures FOODIES
Claire Robinson, Of Food Network
Claire Robinson hosts on The Food Network 5 Ingredient Fix. Robinson is very easy to watch, the dishes she shares to the viewers are great and the personality, rockin!

My foodie friends and I find Claire Robinson accessible. She comes across that way with us without seeming closed or robotic. There's also a nice sense of humor which is refreshing. I feel most cooks need a good sense of humor in the kitchen. In my own experience, I am always burning my tongue when tasting my food, burned finger tips -
should have ice bowl near but I never do.

So here is what we know. Robinson is a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in NYC in 2005. She was a Producer on one of my fav shows, Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. A nice connect indeed.

Claire's also a sports chick which is a cool balance -. Beautiful but will score on you too.
Claire is also a lover of duck. When I saw an episode where 'duck' ruled the screen I was in, just LOCKED IN for more 5 indgredient fix. -BEBE
Official Site Claire Robinson
1021 Online Magazine | Fashstalgia | 1021'sExclusive Feature
Know The Designer, Wear The Designer | Fashstalgia Concept Created By Bebe Davis, 2002
Willi Smith
Willi Smith ( 1948-1987 ) was an American Designer who blazed on the scene of the fashion world in 1973 causing a buzz when he started his clothing company along with his sexy, sister/model Toukie Smith, who was a longtime partner and the mother of two sons by actor Robert DeNiro. Smith and Smith graced the pages of Ebony, Jet and Essence Magazines and more.

'Willie Wear' started in 1976 when Willi Smith partnered with Laurie Mallet. Notable work: Wedding Dress designer for Carolina Kennedy, wedding dress designer for comic book/strip Spider Man when Watson married Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Smith has been honored for his work even after his demise of AIDS at 39.

-Aariah, The Fashion Fanatic
Behind The Nnude
Janice Dickinson
Strike A Pose! Janice Dickinson, Supermodel
When thinking of Janice Dickinson, she's a fabulous flair of Naughty n Nice, which you could get either one or both depending on who you are and your angle.

Hailing herself as the FIRST SUPERMODEL Janice Dickinson does deserve the title of a TOP SUPERMODEL IN CHARGE, no doubt.
Dorian Leigh 1st Supermodel, fact mode. Janice has been around where decadence was praised not scorned. The decadence also took a few lives, which made some sober up and pursue life instead of living on the edge of life.

It was absolutely a grandiose time to pursue careers. In the early 70;s Janice moved to New York City. Undaunted by Eileen Ford's comments of looking 'too ethnic' to have a career in modeling, Wilhelmina became Janice's agent, thus modeling for the famed Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

While everyone has opinions, Janice was a beauty, making a name for herself in the fashion world. Ditto, Ditto, Done.
Ford Modeling Agency soon came calling but Janice Dickinson was Janice Dickinson.
Janice modeled for Ford then moved on to John Casablanca's Elite Model Management.
You can call her anything you want but don't forget, SUPERMODEL. She has an impressive model record working with many greats in the industry and appearing on the covers of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Modeled for Halston ( so good spirited jealous I love his designs RIP H ), modeld for cigarettes ( many models did, it was the in thing ), Cosmopolitan, and more. Controversial at best but a career many models dream of. -BEBE
JANICE DICKINSON portfolio, bio and more
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