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The year was 1973 when Janis
Elizabeth Hunter met Marvin Gaye. She was 17 years old. A California girl, beautiful, known to many in their circle and among music biographers as 'Jan', 'The Muse' behind some of Marvin's greatest hits.

Like most women who have loved a musician, she endured the best of times and the not so best of times.
Striking in beauty/style of Afro-Cuban, Irish/Greek descent I present...
Janis Gaye Uninterrupted

the enigma never ends...
1976 Marvin And Janis Photo Ryan Null
Janis Elizabeth Hunter Gaye was born in Los Angeles California in 1956.
Known to many as the young beautiful lover, second wife to the late Marvin Gaye,
mother to singer/actress Nona Marvisa Gaye, and Frankie Christian Gaye -there is more.

Before Marvin there was her father Slim Gaillard who played with many jazz greats.
Janis in her own right became an actress and model. The song "Let's Get It On", my two favorites from the I Want You Album "I Want You", "Come Live With me Angel" were clear statements of a man in love. Janis, the muse, inspired these grooves. There is the last song on the album, 'I Wanna Be Where You Are' where at the end Marvin sings to his children by name and at the very end he trails off ever so sexy saying, "I'll Always Love You Janis."
They married in 1977, divorced in 1981 still remained close until his death in 1984.
Janis Gaye stylish, beautiful, modeled for some time, another beautiful woman behind a famous man.
Like many of us, Janis had her own set of demons to overcome. She became pregnant with daughter Nona when Marvin was still married to Berry Gordy's sister Anna. There was drug use, and partying. While there was love, and passion, the relationship between Janis and Mavin was rocky,troubled.
Once married, the family would be living in various cities/countries with Marvin. Evenutally in pun form, 'Trouble Man' would show up and they parted ways. Janis was linked to the late Teddy Pendergrass after Marvin. Much talk would surround the beauty because of it. Janis, now sober offers no apologies, she lives another day, another month, another year for herself, for her children and grandchildren.
"I remember before we had our children we lived at the top of Topanga Canyon," Jan reminisces. "We had a view of the ocean and I would sit by the fireplace and listen to him play the piano--beautiful songs no one else ever heard. We were a couple of hippies in love." -Janis
*quote credit from Ebony Article 1994
From her own words, ( unquote ) initial attraction started it all , humor with the man known for sex appeal connected them even more, children and the strength to end a marriage but not the love would connect them for a lifetime. From rare interviews given by Janis Gaye, even death doesn't diminish the love, the life they shared. With two children, and three grandson's to carry on the love that once was between two people, Janis is no mere muse but the Matriarch Link to Marvin Gaye's heirs. Like other women before her she bares the loss of a love taken by another. She strived forward, letting the world know it is okay to look back, to enjoy the times of what was and enjoy me, myself and I life now. Business Woman, Manager, Model, Actress, Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Survivor. Janis knew who she was then and now. Janis, your roses have been given from 1021. THANKS TO EVERYONE for making this Archive Showcase one of our TOP Views from your Searches on GOOGLE and other Sources for over a year! - 1021 Mag
2009 Interview With Tavis Smiley
The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
To Thine Ownself Be True...
1021Online Presents... THE BLACKNESS 2010

Someone is bitter, someone is bitching mad, someone has lost touch of themselves, someone is a total SELLOUT. THE BLACKNESS is called into question, especially where Black Industry Professionals are concerned. From the beginning of MY TIME there has always been someone trying to define my BLACKNESS for me. Flooded with questions on whether I follow the Garvey or DuBois ideology, checking the box of 'black' over the years to the now 'african-american', when trying to just do me sometimes, I can get the 'side eye'.

The 'side eye' is a disapproving look you receive from others. I don't feel anyone is immune of not ever getting that look. What makes the inner difference is how you survive the look. You feel guilty they think you aren't 'keeping it real' with yourself? Does it give you more validation that you are secure in you and yours? Many 'side eyes' come from how you dress, wear your hair, your associations, where you are 'classed' in society terms and more.

What is BLACK ENOUGH when you are black? Many times those who are trying to do themselves have that 'damn if you do', 'damn if you don't moment'. Truly enough, at the end of the day, it is up to each and everyone of us to be at one with what it is we do.
There is nothing wrong with being enlightened but when someone wants to force their ideologies on you, that is not cool. Preach it, put it down, forward movement.

So if you are the so called called 'Sellout', who are the 'Radicals' labeling you?

None of this name calling sounds good does it? No... but I use to make the point calling someone out of their names is not cool. You must know yourself especially in this industry. TO THINE OWNSELF BE TRUE. Let's begin together, taking on some allegations.

illuminati* The name itself sounds so 'demonic'. To be responsible one must read the history all the while understanding what is going on. Taking it a step further, consulting with several historians will give you a clearer point of view. Thus when you walk away, left to your own thoughts, what is left is a more grounded point of view. Imagine if we all reacted wildly to the first news persented to us on conspiracy, take over allegations? More times than not the news presented is told with hysterics, fear tactics. It is quite a sight to see and read when someone is trying to make you agree with them. I am not easily 'GOT', MOSdef'n.

The Illuminati to be clear is based upon a group ( no gotcha moment here ) but you have to be certain what group you are associating alleged issues with. Could it be the historical, modern, real or ficticious group? Whenever anyone hears 'secret society', they begin to think about WORLD ORDER, DEMONIC and so forth. Many famous family names are associated with the illuminati today, industry persons, the regular Joe or Josie.

The Freemasons are said to be a part of The Illuminati Order. Oh and how one can count the ways Freemasons are associated with the darkside. Lest not forget about the greek fraternities and sororities. In Hollywood, The Black Elites, The Blacks Working In Hollywood suppose to be a part of the Boule'. Cringe and Gnash your teeth, evil is upon BLACKS.


Are we really keeping it real black people? Seems those spreading the 'enlightenment' are spreading 'Ignorance'. It's gonna take more than some symbols, some hand gestures, and wordplay for many to believe there are some in The Black Entertainment Industry are on the demonic level. As a member of the Freemason Family, never have I experienced any form of devil worshipping. Am I saying it doesn't happen across the land of Freemasonry? Ignorance would be upon me to make that statement. The perspective I am coming from is that the bodies of any organization secret or no, has some 'less desirable' (s).

Showing good face is the way to get in, and once in sometimes persons could cause much destruction. Just like The Illuminati, there are various Rites, Affiliations, Bi-Laws, Orders and one thing is for sure we all don't go about our Order of Business the same. The generations of Freemasons Family I am a part of are Black Affiliated, Prince Hall. Then I have some people I know of in the Scottish Rite and I know without knowing - if you know what I mean there is a difference. Basically what I am saying, you cannot put the 'side eye' on everyone in an organization because of what someone/group within a group has done.

I can firmly say, if ever an artist, rapper made claims they were of Freemasonry in my Affiliation and doing the devil's bidding, they would be dealt with. Many of these artist walk a fine line in 'screwing with their accusers'. Industry 101, 'All press for the most part is good'. When your name is being kept in the public eye, some people find that to be a good thing.
It is more like, I can't defend every BS that comes out about me. I'd really look guilty.

Those shouting AFRICA.... I say set sail. If you feel that strongly about connecting with your roots, be off. Be really at one with the ancestors. Does that make you better than someone who has no desire to go back to The Motherland? No, not one bit. Everyone should be curious, and well informed of their history. Keeping it real, many Black Americans, they cannot even connect other than knowing their ancestors were from where they were from.
Does this make you a SELLOUT? Certainly not!

My great-grandmother was born in 1891 and she lived until the year 2000 -109 yrs old. She spoke of how we should look upon everyone with equal eyes on the inital onset. That in itself takes much of being into of your higher conscious self. Just like the saying, "I will give you enough rope to hang yourself", take each person for face value, then observe, tune in to your intution and from there clarity will come on whether to deal with them or not. Not every Black Person has held me down and I don't expect them to.

I've had other persons of other races hold me down and it all goes back to obsvering EVERYONE and checking who needs to be check not based on color but character.

I am aware of MY BLACKNESS but being black doesn't define me 100% as a women. It is much broader, much deeper than that. Life and all of it's circumstances, all those persons I've met along the way, and ultimately me and my beliefs shape who I am.
As a work in progress, I am on a constant journey with myself like many others.

I love growing more in my life, learning more and relating to a diverse group of people.

Most you see is for the viewers ENTERTAINMENT. If this applies to you and yours, you should be living your lives in a way where you are handling yours. Getting caught up in the world of Entertainers to the point of disgust shows you are the problem not the other way around. When is enough going to be enough indulging in what disgusts you so much? That is that man's or woman's consciousness if they are 'Rolling Through The Rushes Of Riches' and they choose to not give back to the black race or sell out. It would be awesome, so 'black of them' if they did give back, because so many are in need.

For whom I serve, "God loves a cheerful giver."

If they aren't cheerfully giving who needs 'scorned money' helping those in need. To me it makes much sense to not associate oneself with programming if it is tearing down the race. The power is in numbers. When those numbers go down, what once was in this industry is pulled from networks - or the network has a demised situation at hand. Power!
Are you using your POWER effectively my raddi radicals? I feel there is much resentment among those 'radicals' when it comes to those in the industry 'ballin out of control'.

Suggested reading, research brought up the likes of blacks from years gone by being SELLOUTS. When I saw Madame C J Walker straight condemned for introducing the 'straigtening comb' to black women, I literally gasped! So not everyone wants to walk around with the 'Nappy Do'. They not real right? Ed Lovin... COME ON SON!


Too many of the EXPOSED THEM ALL SOCIETY are spending too much time exposing sexualities, who is doing what in the bedroom, they themselves have lost themselves, lost the focus on what is at hand. In my opinion the QUALITY of artist in mainstream could put more effort in what is being put out. One thing is for sure, HIGH DEMAND and QUALITY ARTIST are different. Many aren't looking around enough to see what and whom would be beneficial for some of the youth artist-wise. We also can't go lumping all the youth together as 'lost souls'. Many are making strides, focused and conscious.

There are too many issues out here for everyone of all races to deal with besides trying to focus in on the so called, 'Dangerous Black Folk'. Much of what is being said as a whole is destructive to what many Black Organizations are all about. Those spreading this so called, 'Enlightenment' it could be YOU working for the darkside. Definitely from what I know and from what I read, many are on the OUTSIDE looking in. They take bits and pieces from references and circumstances they have been a part of and make claims that can be challenged.

My Challenge to everyone is to really get thier HOUSE IN ORDER. Start with self first we all need to CHECK OURSELVES on the regular. Be more self-involved in the reality of your own day to day. Together we can make situations better, be better examples for youth. I've come forward. Who got next? I Welcome the feeback. -BEBE DAVIS
*this coverage are the opinions of Bebe Davis, not including 1021, contributors or advertisers.
Expose Your Soul
When one thinks of Eartha Kitt, many things come to mind. Could it be her voice? Are you remembering Catwoman? Maybe it's the classic songs she would sing. Hmm...

One thing is for sure, this South Carolina native was truly a gifted woman who prevailed when the odds were against her.

Eartha was born Eartha Mae Keith in North, South Carolina.
If one is familiar with North it's located near Orangeburg County. Born to a young black woman and white cotton farmer, Eartha didn't learn the identity of her biological parents fully until she went to live with her real mother in NY.
This wasn't uncommon in 1927. If a young girl got pregnant, most times family members would raise the child giving the young mother an opportunity, at a better life.
This was not uncommon in 1927, not uncommon in 2010.
Once in New York City with her biological mother, Eartha's career began to flourish. She became part of the Prestigious Katherine Dunham Dance Company, where African American modern dance was born. Eartha Kitt was surrounded by people making positive moves. Eartha's career spanned decades after decades. With the longevity of her career, she was also outspoken when it came to Civil Rights and The Vietnam War. While experiencing some backlash for her vocal stance, Europe would welcome Kitt. The career would move forward, thus returning to the States.
Eartha will always be to many Catwoman, a role she did very well. Notable mention are the Cabaret and on stage performances. Eartha, the quinessential triple threat.

In 2008 on Christmas Day, Eartha Kitt loss the battle of colon cancer.
Left to cherish her memories are native South Carolinians, legions of fans across the world, friends in the industry, daughter and grandchildren. Eartha Kitt received her Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960, Emmy Award and Tony Winner.
*Brittany Mixon Research, Final Write Up *Coverage Concept Bebe Davis
Eartha Kitt, ICON
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