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The Online Magazine Archives
iLLest Ownership: The Jordan Era
--By Bebe Davis -- I've been rocking with Jordan, number 23 for a long time.
I remember making my way over to Freedom Mall to his store FLIGHT 23 to pick up my latest footgear in the early 90's right here in Charlotte. Freedom... this word evokes much emotion. Once again 'Freedom' is what Mr. Michael Jordan will experience. Jordan is now, oh yea, the Majority Owner of The NBA Charlotte Bobcats, a role that has alluded 'Air Jordan' for years. The NBA Commission unanimously approved, after the routine background and financial checks. Approval of the application process happens, then it's OWNERSHIP, which to me and others, it is the iLLEST OWNERSHIP, 'illest' in a good way. There are many who await failure with glee, stumbling blocks like vultures circling in hopes of carcasses. Yes there will be challenges, risks. Many question if Jordan can compose a winning team for years to come. Please end the talk on Kwame Brown if Jordan didn't pick him others WANTED to so secret. Best to Jordan and The Bobcats. Focus, Faith, Keeping those of substance around you at all times. The watchers watch, give them an unforgettable view ! -Air ( ness )and Opportunity.
1021 Online Magazine | A Transparent Voice For The Masses
SCARLETT LETTER R: Desiree Rogers, The Position, The Woman, Misunderstood?
Taking the Opposition is what we do best, that THINK OUTSIDE of the box - thinking away from the norm. Desiree Roger will no longer be the Social Secretary for the current White House Administration.

Is she misunderstood? In my opinion, she most definitely is.

Many people are saying "Desiree should know her place", "She should have stayed behind the scenes." "I've never seen a Social Secretary be in the forefront as much as Desiree Rogers". Desiree Rogers did know her place and her role. Ever since The Obama Administration went into effect there has been much overanalyzing on the TOP POSITION PICKS.
Is Desiree Rogers the SOLE blame for party crashers to the Imfamous White House Dinner? In my opinion, she is not the total blame. Definitely it was not the kind of offense to be removed from her position. Sure she is talked about like no other SS. Desiree was showcased by major Publications like no other SS, she is striking, engaging, interesting to watch and write about. Did all of this make for losing sight of what her job was suppose to be? No it did not. Criticism after Criticism has been on this lady more than any other Social Secretary. The party crashers had NOTHING to do with not doing the job. One BIG CRITICISM I have with The Obama Administration is their lack of THICK SKIN in many situations. I felt they gave into the critics and handed Desiree her hat. Critics, Enemies, Cynics are SATISFIED. You didn't see Bush and The Bush Administration giving anyone their hat like this who were under the heavy crtical eye unless all else failed. Oh how many in the press tried to suggest distasteful things concerning Condoleeza Rice and more staff. Many say Rogers should have been at the check points making sure THE LIST was accurately followed.

The Social Secretary has a team that will assist in the events process. With high profile events, just events in general, when you are in charge of the events you must make sure everything is in order.
This means you are expected not to be in just one place. Reports say Rogers was mingling with the crowd. That's part of the job. When I checked the requirements, Social Secretaries assist in security measures. When that list was put in place, it should have been followed to the letter. It was refreshing to see a Social Secretary to the likes of Desiere Rogers. People believe the worst because the norm wasn't being shown. This is an Administration of Change? Seems, not so much. Politics as usual?

Secret Service should have done their jobs effectively. The Listing was effectively done by Rogers and Company. In life many of us have found ourselves wearing that Scarlett Letter B ( Blame ) and we know the blame didn't lie with us. It was convenience to serve the purpose of self and please others.
In my opinion, The Obama Administration should have stayed firm on all accounts and keep Rogers on. Well wishes to Desiree Rogers in her future endeavors. Desiree Rogers in no shape or form would ever do anything to harm The President. The Administration failed not having her back, when indeed she was not the sole blame for party crashers. Just like critics sounded off on The Obama Date Night in New York, pushing The Rock Star Talk regarding the President, critics on The First Lady showing her arms in dresses and tops, you just don't give in to those who clearly want to control your choices. Rogers isn't free of dropping the ball but not to this level of resignation. The critics are pleased now. Godspeed to Desiree Rogers. Your thoughts? Email us today. -1021Online 2010
TALKING POINTS: Too many times those in a certain position are told, are expected to act a certain way, to not break away from the norm. I do believe one should follow to the letter the duties of any position. The lines are often blurred when you are expected to act a certain way as others before you have. There was much angst that surrounded Rogers. I say keep it all in perspective on the position you accept but make it your own. You have people saying, "Own this role, make it your own." Most times they don't really mean it. Conventional is safe. I get it all the time as a Publisher. I know the duties of a Publisher. I respect the business for which I am in, yet be clear I am going to be who I am.

If I choose to be out in the FOREFRONT, attend various events not conventional to the role of Publisher I will. I felt Desiree was condemned more for indulging in more entertainment media driven situations which shadowed the FACT she did her job effectively as Social Secretary. The life of our President is important. I am not trivilizing this fact. To say breach of security was compromised yes it was. Without a doubt all involved in this event should have been addressed. I felt she paid the high price of the critics and it looks really weak to me. You prove to critics that your picks have been horrible and this pick wasn't. Disheartening in the end for The Obama Administration another nail in the coffin you easily gave to your oppositions. My thoughts, my opinion. -Publisher, Bebe Davis
1021 Online Magazine | BRANDING | Professional Flair | Hilda Jones
BRANDING | Hilda Jones For
People use the word like SLANG. There's nothing slang about this word BRANDING that has gained so much popularity. One thing is for sure, those who treat is as such, like a fad will not get far in their business goals. Your business, how the world sees you, what you offer, what is to be gained from interacting with you and your business is what makes up the process of Branding the business and self. As much as you would like to separate the two, it's one.
Can you Re-Invent yourself, your business? Sure. The important thing to remember is to be authentic. Stay true to yourself, your goals, the core values of the business, follow through at all cost, stay abreast of ever changing times, pick and chose the components of the times that fit into your business. BRAND.
BRAND Channel Official Site
BRANDING Strategy Insider
1021 Online Magazine | THE Entreprenuer
2010 -- The year 2010 is predicted to be another challenging year for Entreprenuers.
Faith, the true acts of faith is a MUST for entreprenuers to survive these economic times." Many have witnessed over the course of year 2009 entreprenuers ending their businesses and business ventures. Optimistic attitudes are a MUST in this economy as consumers continue to scale back their once lavish buying/spending habits/lifestyle.

While 2010 will be challenging, it will still be profitable for The Savvy Entreprenuer.
The Savvy Entreprenuer has always stayed ahead of the curve, prepared to stay afloat during times like these. They are forever executing various ways, to maintain and to generate wealth. This is what it is all about with a true Entreprenuer. While as a whole some people have adjusted their lifestyles according to the economy, the spending has neve stopped. Entreprenuers make adjustments where necessary and soar forward. -1021
*your identity is secure, As Publisher's of this survey we only see the country origin for data purposes.
Talking Business | Professional Flair Feature | APRIL/MAY 2010
Echoes of Inner Balance | Odetta Folk Sista Number One
Engaging Yourself For Balance In Your Life, In A Not So Balanced World | Johnta, Contributor
Her name was Odetta Holmes 1930-2008, Folk Singing Sista who was also an actress, guitarist, songwriter and well remembered for being A Human Rights Activist.

Odetta called 'The Voice of The Civil Rights Movement' was an inspiration for many artist. She was born in Birmingham Alabama raised in Los Angeles. Like other artist of her time, Odetta paid her dues by playing gigs in and out of the US.
Notables: MLK JR called Odetta in the year of 1961,
"The Queen of American Folk Music", not only could Odetta folk us up, she blused us up, and jazzed us (people )up!
Odetta toured into her 70's passing on from this life in 2008.
Odetta in her lifetime recorded 27 albums and awarded by President Clinton, The Presidential Medal of Arts in 1999.
Explore more Odetta today. -Elusive Findings Coverage
Echoes of Inner Balance | Clutching Pearl Syndrome
Engaging Yourself For Balance In Your Life, In A Not So Balanced World

Definition Of Clutching Pearls: To place your hand on your collar or around your neck in a prudish way as to display shock or digust towards something or someone. -Courtesy Of Urban Dictionary
The year 2010 has delivered as years before when it comes to making people CLUTCH THE PEARLS. We all have the syndrome but some use it far more than others. There is a word in the above definition that really hits home as to why many people are not getting the sexual satisfaction, the passion that eludes them. PRUDISH. Have you checked your PRUDE-O-METER lately?
How was your survey experience? Did you have more CLUTCH MY PEARLS than KISS MY PEARLS? Sure many could say there is a time and a place for everything but to harshly criticize someone for doing their own thing in terms of sexuality, nudity and more is real PRUDISH. You really wouldn't have to clutch your pearls if you didn't induldge in looking at something or someone doing what you claim you would not.
Makes sense? Makes alot of sense to many people. When you indulge your curiosity is really peaked.
Give into the feelings that are obviously beckoning to be developed. Explore The Kiss Your Pearl Moment.
The Connection | The Dora Dess'ore Files
Exclusive Feature In Honor Of Publisher's Grandmother Dora Dessasore Mixon.
The year was 1986. This SPIKE LEE JOINT definitely changed the way black people were potrayed on the big screen, the way films were made from a black director and so much more. Rennaisance Times Indeed.

Hard to believe this film is now 24 years old.

The Sexy Drama/Comedy spoke to many women about the freedom to just enjoy their sexual life, very open communication/honesty in a non-monogamous situation.

Actors: Tracy Camilla Johns, John Canada Terrell, Spike Lee, Joie Lee, Jamie Overstreet, Raye Dowell,
Bill Lee, Dennis Karika, talentedS Epatha Merkerson.
Special Mentions: Fab Five Freddy, Reginald Hudlin

I was hooked the moment the movie started with excerpts from Zora Neale Hurston's work.
The jazz, the filming in black and white, the pureness of the film, a flowing storyline, with memorable characters was well received. The Main Character was Nola Darling.
I loved the liberation of the character and the double standard views that are normally associated with some men. Nola was intimate with three men, and she was honest with all.
Like in the cases of some women as told by men, the men couldn't handle the honesty of Nola.
How freeing is that? The New York city scenes reminded me day walking through the city with cousins when I would spend summers in Brooklyn. It is a timeless Spike Lee Joint Film. -BEBE
The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
The Online Magazine Archives
THELMA... The name in the New York Art Scene is easily recognizable without giving quick reference to the last name - Golden. Thelma Golden is the Curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem. A native of Queens New York, Thelma 's love of art started at a very early age.

Curator is not her only title. Golden is a pioneer for many Women especially Women of The Colored Races. Thelma Golden serves on many Prestigious Art Prize Committees, and juror for many public art in New York.
Married in 2008, Golden is also quite the socialite giving viewers an up close and personal glimpse of herself in various interviews and on the HBO Docu
The Black List Volume I. Her flair, the assured vibe was very refreshing. As an supporter of the arts, I do look forward to the day when I am in New York again to stop by SMH for a visit. For more information here's a link:
CITY FILE NEW YORK we follow on twitter
THELMA GOLDEN : HBO's The Blacklist Volume I
Fusion | LET US SAUTE' YOU FOR 2010
Indulge In Your Guilty Pleasures FOODIES
Enjoy The Mushroom Survey, created by Bebe Davis.
Many have a love hate relationship with the mushroom but I have love for it!
It's a very fun survey for adults, with some adult humor. We promote food peoples. We celebrate the love of food! FOODIES UNITE! Yuh-Hum! -BEBE
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