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Echoes of Inner Balance | The Mistress Fury
Engaging Yourself For Balance In Your Life, In A Not So Balanced World
Researched By Chloe, Contributor for 1021 Online

--From Royal Class to Middle to Low, there has always been a Mistress. Mistresses aren't the victims in most relationships. Many don't compromise their time for FREE.
There is an understanding of 'I make you happy, make me.'
There is no shouting or blackmailing for many mistresses.
The man wants the pleasure, the woman the benefits.
It is a perfect business arrangement with the wording of 'business' obsolete -very understood.

Most mistresses can boast claims of knowing very intimate desires, fears, challenges of their lovers more than wives. Most mistresses can boast on heightened, pleasurable sex they know the man doesn't even try to give his wife. In most of the time spent, the relationship is not complicated.
The mistress is not bothered by not being with the man during Holidays because she is treated to her special gifts and receives her requests which makes her very happy. Feelings are in check whereas she has no desire to make the wife aware of her presence. The mistress is happy not seeing her lover all the time. Many mistresses are well kept women. The Mistress Fury happens as Today Celebrity Man finds "Low Class' women who are 'Catching Feelings', 'Media Whoring' for their five minutes of fame.

*names have been changed *edited 1021 Staff

*Melanie is now the wife of the man that use to be her lover. His wife was diagnosed with an illness, unable to sexually satisfy him. I became his mistress. It was more than sex for us, which is hard for many to believe. Many times we would talk about his wife, life before the illness, his children, his fears.
I never once thought about intruding on his life. Our affair carried on for three years. When she died, I began to be seen with him publicly after six months of mourning. We've been married for twenty years, two children and it's been a wonderful marriage. We are in our fifites, no regrets, no one got hurt."

*CJ Wealthy Entertainment Professional seeked me out while on vacation with my girls in Miami.
He's five years older, married with children. Wife is a constant complainer. She was of groupie status, got pregnant, he did the right thing. He says he's miserable but my thoughts are, if you are miserable LEAVE. He won't leave. He wants to have fun. He makes it worth my while to give me things I want.
I call the shots when I want to see him because I can and that isn't all the time. I can't stand him but the sex is good and his money is good. I'm very smart. I bank my money and will soon end this affair.
It's too messy, he really loves the drama his wife gives. He wants to have his cake and eat it too.
When women recognize affairs for what they are you get in, get what you want moneywise, travel, then get out. I am seeing this other guy now who is very nice. My lover's days are numbered. He just doesn't know it yet. 1021Online Asks: How much do you have saved? *CJ: It's been two years estimate $18k.

*Dionne It makes me sick how ignorant some of these women are. They go to the press, spill all the beans, it's bad for business ( laughing ). Men are nervous as hell, even questioning their longtime lovers. I've been with my two lovers for total ten years. Yes it protective sex with them both because I know the wife is being tapped, and God knows what she is doing on the side. Between both men I've gotten new cars, mortgage paid, trips, put my two children through college very happy. I don't think any woman should give of herself, her time to give a man pleasure and she get's nothing. The wife get's the pension, life insurance, holidays and all that so don't shortchange yourself as a mistress. I don't get into morality talk because most marriages are shams. Not all but most. I was married for eight years and we got married for all the wrong reasons. Some people are afraid to leave so they stay and they aren't living their lives to their full potentials. I left, it was amicable and I've never wanted to marry again. That's real. 1021Online Asks: Are you cynical when it comes to love? *Dionne: Love... honey that word get's thrown around so easily just like drinking water. Love is deeper than sex, than getting along, love is pure, so pure without conditions. Most married people have conditions and expectations that are unrealistic.
I LOVE in the purest sense. Too many people shammed up, playing God. Keep it real and marry for true love, not for being trapped, society, parents, not to hurt someone, then there will be less mistresses, less divorces, less children brought up in unhappy or a single home. Can you be your real self, really show your real self around this person without feeling judged? Are they acting more like your mom than your wife and lover? Many marriages are made up of lies. Less mess for me! I am so not stressed.

Outro: I am sure there are some feelings of guilt along the way. The conscious is a powerful thing and the heart is a powerful thing when it comes to matters of the heart. Marriage should not be entered into lightly. If ever so miserable, wanting to indulge away form your wife, your husband it may be time to re-think your marital status. If you are going to be the lover, I definitely feel respecting at least the wife and children should be priority. I'd rather be free of guilt instead of huritng someone by staying and being unfaithful. It's best to leave and be free seek another or others than lies and deceit for me. -Chloe
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Health Talkin Into The New Decade | Accupuncture Option
Engaging Yourself For Balance In Your Life, In A Not So Balanced World
Accupuncture! The name evokes feelings of straight up fear for some, which leads them to miss out on on of the oldest, proven form of treatment that has helped many people's ailing conditions when the conventional medical treatments failed. Those persons who suffer with high stress, migraines, arthritis and more have benefitted and seen results from one session. Consultation is a must for many practicing professionals. One should enjoy their sessions as the needles are placed in the points where Qi is. What is Qi?
Known to many as the oldest known practice of medicine it's worth a go to see what happens.
Do more research, consult, then set an appointment. 1021Online would love to hear about your experience. "The experience is very rewarding for me, I session up often." -Bebe, Publisher
Be more open to wellness treatment when everything else hasn't worked for you. -BEBE DAVIS
Behind The Nnude
Cosmopolitan Magazine took on a very different tone for women in the year 1965 when Helen Gurley Brown took on her position wholeheartedly. Legendary Lady.

Coming from humble beginnings like so many Legends and Go Getters of the times, during her time Hellen Gurley Brown was leaving her mark in the proverbial glass ceilings and she did it very effectively.

Before Cosmopolitan in the year 1962 a book was written that caused a generation to pause and think in a new way about sex, dating, work relations, beauty and more. 'Sex and the Single Girl' made history.

The 'Sex' book was giving the voice to the 'good girl'... you can be good and get your satisfactions met on a professional and on a personal level. Charms, the best assets can put you in a position of power - use what you got to get what you want.
Legendary Lady, Helen Gurley Brown
Like any good book that is provacative and enlightening, there comes the criticism.
Feminists weren't happy with the liberation of smart sexual advances mixing with pleasure.
Helen Gurley Brown, was editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine for over thirty years.
There are many words many people could say to describe the woman, the life of the woman who caused many women to be more liberated in a time where Women's Lib wasn't fully celebrated. The contributions to society is fully appreciated even today.
For more on Helen Gurley Brown, research more. Ciao! -Behind The Nnude 2010
To each it's own, this film holds very well through the years, especially for lovers, dreamers, go getters who had to make the choice to love yet go on despite the hurts of life by someone/thing.
Powerful Scene... Taking to the stage, losing your lover to the throes of death, a seas of faces,
lighter's up... The Character Esther Hoffman Howard comes full circle into her own. -Priceless Scene
To think the film is going to be made again for the times of today has created a big buzz with names attached that change very often. Publicist deny clients involvment . One thing is for sure whoever takes on this role should be very passionate to enhance the work done before by other greats.
he actress should possess a sense of singing ability, humor, deep raw emotion for high drama scenes. I personally don't think this actress has come along yet to the forefront. As far as actors go, the same applies, feelings the same. There should be strong chemistry between the main chracters. To rush another remake on big names, the names put out there would be an epic fail in my opininon.

Like the Bobby Caldwell classic song "What You Won't Do For Love", when being in love one finds themselves in situations where they are doing alot for the sake of LOVE. There's another classic song "Love Hurts' by Minnie Riperton that touches on the times of soul sacrificing love. Then you hear the saying 'sometimes love just isn't enough'.
Is one person suppose to let all of their hopes, their dreams, the very essence of self fade into the background in order to keep another from feeling inadequate? Should someone not enjoy the fruits of their labor as they should in fear they will lose the one they love? Many people have been a proverbial 'Sacrificial Lamb' of others, when really if the person who loves you back really loves you, they would want no less than happiness for you.

Sometimes love enters, end for a season but always it is for a reason. There is no type of Guarantees for lasting relationships. When the layers are stripped away, when left with the core of who that person is, this is where you either try to stand the test of time together or flame out. Better to have loved than not at all. Corners of the mouth start to form a smile as one can remember the good times despite any bad times. Matters of the heart... there is no one definitive answer for bliss. Everyone has their own journey of moments to create and face. Beautiful are the ones who can be less bitter when love ends. When was the last time you viewed all of the 'A Star Is Born movies', if ever? Take a load off and enjoy classic films. -BEBE DAVIS
1021 Online Magazine | A Transparent Voice For The Masses
CONGRESSMAN CHARLES B. RANGEL | What's The Deal? A Deal Made For Mr. Rangel?
Congressman Charles B. Rangel known to many as Charlie has held his congressional seat since 1970. Rangel ( D-N.Y. )will face formal charges made formally by The House Ethics Committee.

During the investigative phase negotiations failed, therefore a settlement could not be reached. Congressman Rangel is one out of five long serving Congressmen. Heavily under fire, many are calling for Rangel to resign. A resignation from Rangel would help the Democratic Party in the polls and elections according to some political pundits and enthusiasts.
However this plays out, many feel Rangel will not go quietly - DEAL OR NO DEAL. Rangel faced Hon Adam C Powell IV challenger for the Harlem District. Rangel won now faces Republicans to reclaim seat for twenty-one years. Impressive indeed.
Photo By Pier Nicola D'Amico
Professional Flair Staff
Professional Flair Politics
Alvin Greene is becoming quite the conversation piece as we approach November. The shock that lasted for quite some time about Greene being The Democratic Party nomineed for the 2010 United States Senate election in the state of South Carolina has worn off. Winning the race with 59% of the vote , voters will go to the polls facing Republican Senator Jim DeMint and Green Party candidate Tom Clements in November. There are many scenarios making it's way into public conversation about Alvin Greene's chances of winning in November.

Underdog Scenario* While some Democrats are calling foul play, citing Greene as a Republican Plant, the ethics investigation finds nothing to prevent Alvin Green from running in November. There will be no more pause, no resignation, just GO straight to November. Monopolized thoughts stays it's course of die-hard conspiracy theorist. One cannot ignore the felon charges against Greene, or the inability thus far to give a clear agenda of Greene's strengths to represent the people of South Carolina in Washington. These things and more that cannot be ignored plays an almost equal opposition for what the 'Underdog Scenario'. Greene's 'come out of nowhere' but from somewhere background, his non-career politician status, the sympatheic and humility factors makes him an idea candidate for gaining votes. As incredulous as the whole Greene on the Scene moments have been, to downplay the factor he could win over Republican Jim DeMint would be 'ignorantly agrrogant'. We've all seen worse.

The Dave Factor* The movie Dave came out in the year 1993. The classic political comedy/drama starred an all-star cast: Kevin Kline, Frank Langella, Sigourney Weaver and Ving Rhames. Though Kline's heroic character took on the highest office in America, President - Greene could actually pull a Dave and be Senator Alvin Greene. Again, we've seen worse and we've all seen stranger things happen in politics. November isn't far off. Just when you think South Carolina doesn't need anymore bad press, it would be foolish to think for one minute there isn't intelligence within the state. Those who voted for Greene certainly aren't all black as some would like to indicate nor did all black people think they were voting for the singer Al Green. The Manning/Summerton/Clarendon County is rich in history when it comes to fighting for equality on civil rights, educational rights and more. Like other counties, many loss their lives, many had to flee the state all for the cause of trying to have a better quality of life for themselves and for future generations. It is in hopes that Greene who is from Clarendon County remembers those before him. If ever there is a time to do the right thing, the time is now. To be fair, if Greene's words are true to the high heavens, then Godspeed to the young man -In God We Trust. --Bebe Davis, Publisher
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