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Fela Kuti was born into a wealthy family, not only in monetary value but in education, political ties which was surrounded by much activism.
Mother Funmilayo Ransome Kuti was born in the year 1900, known to many as The Mother of Africa. Kuti fought for women's rights. In 1978 she was thrown from a second floor window by the opposition, dying later from injuries.

Research, Concept, Layout By Publisher, Bebe Davis
Fela Kuti is The Founding Father of the Afro-Beat. Fela Kuti was a singer, played trumpet, sax, keyboard, composer, bandleader, political figure and activist fighting for human against the Nigerian government. Fela described his music as 'high-life jazz'. A ten month stay in the United States sparked Fela Kuti's strong ties to American Jazz. Some say Fela's music was the start of Afro-Jazz.
Many of the recorded music range from twelve minutes, to fifteen some less, some more. Awesome.
The horn section, is a jazzhead/music lover musical fantasy ride. Enjoy zoning into the music raputre. The soaring arrangements infuses the soul with some funk, some soul, and good karmatic vibes.

Fela Kuti's life is filled with all the trappings that makes for a true a true 'Rocker Lifestyle', or what some say as a true ( assumed ) 'Musician Lifestyle'. Sex, Power, Money, a preferred Drug of choice, much Influence, brilliance, controversy, love, life, loss and death all were a part of Fela Kuti.


Opened nightclub called THE SHRINE, where Fela and his band Africa 70 would mesmerize the audience with brilliant performances. It was a stage full of massive dancers, singers, musicians, playing songs with powerful messages igniting hearts to rise up against oppression. Fela didn't feel the need to perform a recorded song again for the public on a regular basis. This was pretty much unheard of. For Fela there was more music to give to the masses, more words to speak. Activism and the love for his people was unwaivering. With starting MOP. The Movement of The People in 1979, Kuti along with the people broke ties from the military. A big moment.

The Wow Factor...

The 30 piece band Africa 70 was later named Egypt 80 with songs "Zombie", "International Thief, Thief". "Lady", and more. Fela married 27 women in the 70's. It was amazing seeing videos of the women beside Fela Kuti, beautiful in their own right. In the footage reviewed, he effortlessly played horns with complete control, speaking his truths through music and his voice. He stated even though comparions to James Brown was voiced as no disrespect, his music was African music. Vertroue in musek.
Vew The Wives of Fela

Fela Kuti is known as The Black President. His death was mourned by millions. Millions of mourners, critics, the inquisitive people viewed Fela in a glass casket, with the rolled joint placed in his hand to take into the next life. The hope is that more peace will be awaiting him in the next phase of life beyond this.
At the age of 57, Fela Kuti died of complications caused by Acquired Immune Deficiency. His music lives on, covers of his music has been produced, samples used in the hip hop generation, maintaining matyr status for many in his homeland and beyond. The Gift and The Curse is a saying that has been around for ages. While I most highly don't agree with his views of women so unlike his mother's cause, the music is deservedly praiseworthy. The good, the plight one takes on for many can be the destruction of other parts of themselves. Sometimes destruction is a harsh word. In a better analogy, the paths we choose for the greater good, can save the greater good. In saving the greater good, sometimes our journey, our lives must end in order for other lives to begin. Discover more of Fela Kuti. The music, the arrangements are phenomenal. The life, a part of history hardly to be repeated again.
Vew Fela Kuti Project
Straight-Ahead With Love
It wasn't an easy selection of women to showcase this time around who have contributed to the genre of Straight-Ahead Jazz. We definitely wanted to mix things up, keep the discussion at length but not too lengthy. It is my pleasure to have Everly aboard this time to discuss great women in Jazz. -BEBE
Carmen Mercedes McRae, WHAT A NAME! She was known as the singer's singer, inspired by Lady Day, meeting Billie Holiday as a teenager. Carmen lived for some time in Chicago. Not only is she noted for her singing but for the piano, working with some of jazz finest like many of her jazz sisterhood.
Billie Holiday was born Eleanora Fagan also known as Lady Day. Her roots trace from Baltimore to Philly (birthplace )to New York. A controversial childhood and adult life Billie had. This is no secret. Since Billie's passing in 1959, her style, has been created again by many artist. This is a high form of flattery and admiration to Lady Day. Ella Jane Fitzgerald known as Lady Ella, First Lady Of Song could do an inprov scat like nobody's business. The Grammy Award Winning Jazz Diva, was born in Newport News Virginia, eventually moving to New York. Her life too was a colorful one as a teenager but Ella soon turned things around in her life. Ella was admired for singing from Cole Poter and Duke Ellington's Songbooks, working with Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, collaborating with some of her Jazz Sisters In Song. Sarah Lois Vaughan, the great contralto, known as Sassy, The Divine One was also a Grammy Award winner. She hailed from Virginia to New Jersey. Vaughan worked with Billy Eckstine, Earl Hines, opened for Ella Fitzgerald at the Apollo early in her career. Vaughan has been quoted to say she didn't want to be known as just a jazz singer. She was married several times to men who managed her caeer. Sarah Vaughan was a mother of one adoptive daughter actress Paris Vaughan.

Cleo Laine is known to many as Dame Cleo Laine. She was born Clementina Dinah Campbell in London. Laine is of Jamacian and English descent. The beautiful fro has been a beautiful trademark for Laine.
The Grammy Award Winner has worked with many musicians. Some but not all are: John Williams, Ray Charles, Mel Tome', Julian Lloyd Webber, Frank Sinatra. Cleo Laine is an Officer of OBE, appointed Dame. This is the equal to a Knight, like Sir Sean Connery, Dame Shirley Bassey. Cleo is mother of two.

Anita O'Day was born Anita Belle Colton in Chicago. O'day worked with John Poole. Her inspirations were Martha Raye, Ella, Billie. She had that cool jazz style, the bebop and she did it very well. O'Day is hailed for her Sweet Georgia Brown performance in 1958 at the Newport Jazz Festival. Anita O'Day also had a drug addiction like many jazz singers. Heroin was the drug of choice, mixed with alcholism too.
Unapologetic, making no excuses for her life living O'day's 1981 memoir 'High Times, Hard Times' was met by very good reviews. On November 23, 2006 at age 87, Anita O'day passed from cardiac arrest.

Diane Schuur is a Grammy Award winning jazz singer. Known as Deedles to many she was blind at birth but that didn't stop Schuur from having a great career in music. Diane Schuur was born in Washington State. Seattle to be exact. Diane Schuur has worked with many greats in the music industry and the delivery has been grand. Schuur has worked with Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Stand Getz, Dizzy, Quincy Jones and many more. Diane's influences are Dinah Washington and Divine Sarah Vaughan.

"These are praying times", the words of old from the mouth of many young and old. These words resonate today more than ever. The People of Haiti are in need of assistance since the earthquake came upon the small island leaving thousands in need and thousands dead. While the assistance of the United States and other countries around this world are coming to the aid of Haitians and others not a native of Haiti, there is one component that is important. Prayer is needed. As elders use to say, "Prayer can go where one can't." The Power of Prayer is so real. You don't have to be experience in praying, just speak from your heart what it is that you would like these people to receive. If it is peace, if it is comfort, if it is for long life, speak from the heart. Prayer does go where one cannot. Support the Victims In Haiti however you can. So much love has been shown to the victims and those going to help. Though we may not understand why this and things such as this happens, the best way we can come to a place of peace if to have faitht o accept what is and find peace with the situation (s). Peace and Blessings To You -SOUL ON FIRE LOUNGE 2010
Soul On Fire Lounge
Missing The Parents
It took a village to raise many people - more so back in the days. Today the village is smaller than the standards in the past but it is still present. Whether it is your parents, your grand-parents, or great-grands, all many of us know are THESE ARE MY PARENTS. Some people still have their parents, grands, that foundation and others they don't. Their parents have gone on to 'the other side'. For those who don't even believe in the 'other side', it's okay, we welcome you, read on if you like. There is the human part of us that MISSES OUR PARENTS. Fond memories flood our hearts, minds and souls. Sometimes it is too much to bear but the sweet spirit sends a comfort to us. We think about the sayings they spoke, the family traditions, the encouragement, the no sparing of the rod, and more. It is good to remember them. It is good to keep the love they had for you and you for them in your heart, mind and soul. There is old saying by the elders, "The Half Has Never Been Told." Some people say they can feel their loved ones around at certain times. What a Beautiful Revelation to realize the Life After Death Experience. It came to me as I loss my grands in 2008, 2009 both in their 80's and great-grand in 2000 at 109, I came to them in this life. Now they are gone to 'the other side of life on earth' and I will have to go to them once again. This brings me much comfort. These words are spoken because there is someone who needs this word just as I . If it is you reading then I hope you have found some comfort or if you know of someone who needs these words, please share this. Missing your loved ones... you never get over the loss but you get through it to live your life blessed.
Spiritual Release
Changes are taking place in your life. You are not how you use to be. You no longer find joy in the things you have been indulging in that could prevent you from the spiritual growth. You are wanting more but you don't know what that more is. You can't put a finger on it. You find yourself faced with sleepless nights.
Things are changing in the current romantic relationship you are in. Things are changing in your relations with family and friends. Everyone is saying things such as, "You are changing." "You acting so funny."
The feelings you have could be fear, confusion, anger, sadness but be of good cheer beautiful person.

You are experiencing growth. You are in the midst of a Spiritual Release of what is not needed in your life.
This happens to everyone. How you progress positively is to go with the flow. Let it happen because in the end, there will be an abundance of happiness, an abundance of blessings. Grace and Mercy enters in.
For those who won't let it happen, there are consequences to endure. The Gift of God is the INTUITION.
This beautiful gift gives us insight to what is good for us, who is good for us, what situation is golden or not.
Does this mean you won't go through trials, tribulations? No. We all will go through life storms but when you are forever growing spiritually, the storm's you go through are easier to deal with.
Concerning the romantic relationship: It is okay for you to stop doing things you were doing with the person you are into. If sincere feelings are there they will come around, they will respect you and the changes you are making for your life. If they don't come around immediately do not dispair at all. They may need time to sort things out. Change for you is not always readily acceptable by others. If they come around what joy and if not, what joy! Always do what is best for you. So you had sex with the person, now you are wanting to switch up, that is your choice. I am not here to condemn for having sex before marriage. Everyone has a conscious, beliefs, and if the conscious doesn't condemn you, neither shall I neither shall I. That's real. If a meaningful relationship is what you are wanting and more from it, sex is only a small part of a meaningful relationship. When that sex goes to the level of making love... the making love to your soulmate, your husband, woman, it is a level none other can compare to. Embrace The Soul Release.
Soul On Fire Lounge 2010
By Bebe Davis, Publisher
Soul On Fire Lounge 2010
By Bebe Davis, Publisher
Soul On Fire Lounge 2010
By Bebe Davis, Publisher
The Connection | The Dora De'ssore Files
Exclusive Feature In Honor Of Publisher's Grandmother Dora Dessasore Mixon.
A Classic Film Of The 70's KLUTE
The year was 1971, actors Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Roy Scheider were cast
for KLUTE. Written by Andy Lewis, Dave Lewis, Klute was directed by Alan J Pakula. Think prostitute, detective, thriller, mystery, adventure -KLUTE. The film became the first of a trilogy, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, Best Writing, Story And Screenplay. Jane Fonda Won For Best Actress. If you love the 70's style films, culture,
Jane Fonda as Bree Daniels, Donald Sutherland as John Klute, it is worth the view.
limitless & timeless
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