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Essence Magazine Editor-In-Chief Angela Burt-Murray has gone on record to defend the hiring of a Ellianna Placas, the new Fashion Director for Essence. The news was met with mixed feelings. Michaela Angela Davis spoke on the decision. SOURCE TWITTER: It is with a heavy heart I have learned that Essence Magazine has engaged a white fashion director, this hurts, literally, spiritually. There is just 1 just 1 magazine in all of mainstream that claims in it's very dna, it's very brand that it's for black women only. I will ALWAYS love Essence Mag and all it has given. It's because of it plus Susan Taylor I have the courage to speak up when I feel injustice. -Michaela
UPDATE 11/5/10
Angela Burt Murray -OUT as EIC of Essence
Angela Burt-Murray's Response Via The Grio
Article Behind Angela Burt-Murray Below The Belt Reference
Angela Burt-Murray
Michaela Angela Davis
Professional Flair
Ebony Magazine is rich in history for many people of the colored race throughout the years. I use the term 'colored' which I know is 'dated' for many 'People Of Color', the term I use. However you want to address your race through descriptive words, Ebony/Jet Publications have been a very big part of many families. Yes, it is a generational thing, which is a great thing.

Linda Johnson as she is known to many grew up in the public eye. Daughter to John H Johnson Founder Of Ebony Magazine ( 1918-2005 )and Eunice Walker Johnson (1916-2010 ), Linda was the princess of Johnson Publishing. Johnson Publishing is The Worlds Largest Black Owned Publishing Company. Before being appointed CEO in 1992, Linda was being properly prepared by her parents taking on various positions in the company.

This type of preparedness is essential to the BRAND of the company, the trustworthiness of the company and more. Sir John And Dame Eunice you did good. With the magazine world feeling the effects of the online generation, decisions for the printed magazine can make or break the standings of a company. In my opinion there will always be a need for the printed magazine for many reasons too numerous to name. We all must adjust in the fast-paced digital age. Ebony has.
It does go without saying for many people, any decision will not be met with the thunderous words or applause of approval. Everyone has their opinions on how something should be done and who does it. The important factor is the one who is making the decision - having power. Linda Johnson Rice has appointed some very powerful and talented women to run the day to day operations for Ebony Magazine. LJR steps down as CEO, and she remains as Chairman/Chairwoman. Amy Dubois Barnett has been appointed as Editor-In-Chief and Desiree Rogers former Social Secretary to President Barack Obama has been appointed as CEO of Ebony Magazine. That's some power.

Desiree Rogers has had her share of the spotlight from being celebrated to being scoffed at from the press. Those in close proximity to her, those who know little of her and from people on the outside looking in... took the focus off of Rogers doing her job to the focus of what she wore, company she kept, and the events she attended. Misplaced criticism upon observation? The infamous Presidental Party Crash Episode is behind her. Nothing is sweeter in my opinion than moving on from a situation and moving forward with an awesome opportunity with another prestigious position. Some might say this decision was fueled by the friendship with Linda Johnson Rice. This could be the makings of much talk regarding not mixing the personal with the professional. Everyone has an opinion just like with the Essence Magazine hiring decision. I am sure, Linda Johnson Rice hiring decisions are based on the latter of any argument -Professional. Rogers served in a consultant role for the Publication since June 2010. Those quick to speak in opposition should check the Professional Biography of Rogers. Impressive and Qualified. -Desiree Rogers, CEO

Amy Dubois Barnett is no stranger to the Magazine World. Holding positions with Essence, Honey Mag, Teen People, Harper's Bazaar etc her work with these publications online and offline produced positive results. Amy's candid appeal to readers is refreshing. Make no mistake about it, with her humble reflections she is a powerhouse when it comes to pulling together a solid edition in the Magazine World. I've always admired her work through the years, her gene se qua to fit no one's mold of an Editor-In-Chief but her own.
She owns her feelings on certain subjects, shares what she will to the public and that's refreshing.

-Amy Dubois Barnett - Editor-In-Chief
As with any changes, the public will feel the effects of these appointments and more. Many in the media family will speak on the struggles of magazines in their writen works, the interviews and on radio programs. Here's some facts, everyone has their share of struggles... every Publication. With online/digital media being a top go to source for all things news, the printed publications have suffered. Collectively all of us have to find our readers, continue speaking to them through the coverages they want to see and come up with our unique voice through various implementations to set us apart from another. We all must develop a relationship with our supporters, potential clients and have a very strong team surrounding us to continue with our businesses. Some moments of struggle are more pronounced than others but it only makes for a stronger business to face the struggle. For me I don't think of it as a struggle. It is a very real part of this magazine business. How one deals with anything determines the final outcome of any decision or situation. Overcoming anything is very gratifying to me.

We here at 1021 Online Magazine wishes Ebony Magazine/Johnson Publishing Company Continued Success. -Bebe Davis, Publisher
Linda Johnson Rice Ebony Magazine's Chairman
Patricia Roberts Harris ( 1924-1985 ) was the First Woman of Color to be a member of a Presidential Cabinet and US Ambassador under President Lyndon B Johnson. In the 1970's Harris held the positions of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare ( President Carter ). Patricia Roberts Harris a ILLINOIS native was also the first Woman Of Color to become Dean Of Howard University Law School. In 1982 Harris ran for Mayor Of DC and in the year 1985 at 61 years old Patricia Roberts Harris passed away from breast cancer. Lady Patricia Roberts Harris was also the first national executive of her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated. Harris is interred in Washington DC with Husband.
"I am a black woman, the daughter of a dining car worker. If my life has any meaning at all, it is that those who start out as outcasts can wind up being part of the system." - Patricia Roberts Harris to a Senator
A DEFINING MOMENT: Womanhood Celebrated
Remembering Lady Patricia Roberts Harris
Photo Credit: CORBIS
Clarence Major is a poet, visual artist, writer of short fiction, painter and more. Major was born 1936 in Atlanta Georgia raised in Chicago. Like many artist his first passions were for the visual - paintings.

"Before my first clear memories, I was drawing and painting, while the writing started at a time within memory." Like many other artist Major connected to Vincent van Gogh who in Major's words: broke the rules and transcended." For many artist, this is the natural order of things - go your own road and find your vibe.

ALL NIGHT VISITORS by Clarence Major is a great read.
1021 is linking you up with the online read, and more of an up close and personal view of a great artist.
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