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Jolie Jones Levine
Jolie Jones Levine a name many in the fashion world recognize - she's had many firsts. At fourteen years old she was signed to Ford Modeling Agency, appearing on the Mademoisele cover, first black females to do so, and if you haven't checked the resemblence she is the eldest daughter of Music Icon Quincy Jones.

Jolie was making $400 a week with Eileen Ford, gracing the covers of Seventeen Magazine, indeed you can say she is the first black Super Model - Jolie Jones Levine
Today she sings, acts and has written a children's book.
This has been your 'Behind The Nnude Moment'.
Behind The Nnude Jolie Jones
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Undeniable to many, Imitated often in the fashion world for various ad campaigns, a passionate woman then and now Nnude Online Presents FOR THE LOVE OF BRIGITTE. The french goddess in her early years was a triple threat. Brigitte was a model, singer, actress and today she is a activist for animal rights. Despite many controversial moments due to her outspokeness the fashion the style cannot be denied of Bardot.

Before retiring from the industry in 1973 Bardot was featured in ELLE in the 1950's. There is a statue of Bardot in Brazil and many fashionistas are aware of the Bardot neckline - open neck sweaters/dresses that showcase the shoulders. The hairstyle shown in the picture left was worn by Bardot called Choucroute the beehive hair style. Just look at that photo, the style looks so fresh today! Bardot baby, Bardot!

Like many, Brigitte Bardot was inspiration for Andy Warhol. While moguls Jay-Z and Beyonce' are known to have peaked the visitation in the beautiful St. Tropez today, in the 1960's Bardot made the city popular while on vacation with then boyfriend Bob Zagury. Thank BB for the bikini too. Married four times, mother of one son Nicholas Charrier, dated the great Sean Connery, Mick Jagger, indeed she is a living legend. The allure of Bardot is the beauty, the style but also the what could have been in the industry more since she retired in 1973 at 39 years old. Confidence as well as graceful when you can move on from a celebrated lifestyle and star anew or go forth with much passion for another moment in time that is important to you. That's Bardot.
Imperfect Vault | Carly Simon
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Distinctive is the voice of Dionne Warick. The New Jersey Native career has been herald like many others 'What Dreams Are Made Of' but for Dionne Warick the dream is reality. From the early singing in the church to the partnership with Burt Bacharach and Hal David, giving the world such hits as 'Don't Make Me Over', 'Anyone Who Had A Heart', 'Walk On By', 'Trains, Boats, Planes, "Alfie' a signature song for Lady Dionne, 'I Say A Little Prayer', 'I'll Never Love This Way Again', 'Deja Vu', and so many more memorable songs.

Speaking of memorable moments Dionne in year 1980 was the first female to win a Grammy in two nominated categories in the same year Best Pop Vocal Performance for a female artist and Best R&B Vocal Performance for a female. Such as life, you have the highs and lows but the Imppecable ability to move ever forward set's the have from the have nots apart.

Dionne's stage presence,the strength of her vocals, the sophistication of it all comes through giving the recordings and performances pure bliss for the listener and viewer. Every artist has their signature moves, we definitely love the finger movements Lady D gives while performing. Some kick a leg, kick shoes off, twirls, but Dionne in all of her statuesque glory gives the finger movements and you know she is going to bring it home.

The US Ambassador yes Dionne, the Celebrity was honored by Oprah during the Legends Ball. Dionne is the niece of Cissy Houston,cousin of Whitney Houston.She is the woman who was a part of WE ARE THE WORLD, giving to the cause of AIDS through 'Dionne And Friends most memorable song 'That's What Friends Are For. She has millions of fans around the world.
Dionne has two sons, now living abroad. 1021 gives THE ROSES through words to Lady D. Like the saying from THE SISTERHOOD generations of old, YA DONE GOOD GIRL! -bebe davis
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Rob Hardy And William Packer of Rainforest Films
RAINFOREST FILMS is a MAJOR PLAYER in the film industry. TAKERS is the latest film from William Packer, Producer. Congrats are in order for Takers taking the #1 Box Office Spot first week.
Rainforest Films was founded in 1994 by college friends William Packer Producer and Rob Hardy, Director. Both Packer and Hardy are graduates of Florida A&M University have come a long way with much accolades since their first film 'CHOCOLATE CITY'. Other notable films in association with Rainforest Films were the Trois Trilogy, This Christmas, Stomp The Yard, The Gospel, Obsessed and now Takers. THE CONFIDENCE FACTOR, These men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. have it!
Takers the movie starring a great cast: ldris Elba, Clifford TI Harris,
Matt Dillon, Chris Brown, Avatar Star Zoe Saldana, Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Jay Hernandez and more. 1021 Started early film advertising a year ago, and the buzz continued with other online/offline supporters. Takers was directed by John Luessenhop, screenplay by Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, John Luessenhop, Avery Duff, story by Casseus, Allen and John Rogers.
Music by Paul Haslinger, Cinematography Michael Barrett, editing by Armen Minasian Colby Parker Jr, Distributed by Screen Gems, Studio Rainforest Films and Grand Hustle Films. Here at 1021 we definitely have love for Packer who agreed to an interview with us in 2002 and we thank his college friend Reginald Thomas for the introductions.

Congrats William Packer! Fans look out for Stomp The Yard 2 this fall!
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Bilal Is Bilalistic!
11 tracks of pure musicianship.
Pleasurable eargasms!

Bilal fans will truly enjoy this, plus confident more fans will be enchanted by the entire delivery of Airtight's Revenge.
For my review & more Bilal:
Bilal >
deja vu u a.d. blog >
Spiritual Release
The Talk
Barlow Girl's music really stirs the soul. The sisters Alyssa, Becca, and Lauren Barlow gives us Christian Rock Music. The three part harmony along with their arrangments gives the distinct sound Barlow Girl fans have grown to love. The music, the words definitely gives inspiration to the youth as well as other Christian faith based people and people still on the journey to better themselves but aren't of the Christian faith. So what are some of your favorite Barlow Girl songs?

Their smash hit, "Never Alone' still plays on the playlist/ipod for many many people.

Hallelujah 'Light Has Come' is another favorite, along with 'Beautiful Ending', and more.

For more Barlow Girl, check out their Official Site:
limitless & timeless
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