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Nina Simone was the kind of woman who did not like to be thought of as a mere foregone conclusion. Born in 1933, in Tryon North Carolina she made the world take notice in the music she gave us,
in the struggle of Civil Rights and we saw some glimpses of the personal adversities she endured. Nina Simone died in 2003.

Known as the High Priestess of Soul, she was a true Piscean, Woman and she endured The Damn If You Do, Damn If You Don't moments. We all have those.

Those who took in the passionate body of work, the concerts of Nina Simone felt the raw emotions. It takes you to the place you want to be at. Nina scores brilliantly.
Like many other artist Nina's beginnings are interesting to say the least. Many standouts are how the name Nina Simone came to be. According to many biographers Nina's chose the stage name in the 1950's to keep her mother from knowing she was playing 'The Devil's Music'. During the Civil Rights Movement, Nina recorded some powerful and controversial songs - Mississippi Goddam specifically written after Medgar Evers as assasinated. There was another song, Old Jim Crow.

Nina Simone was a woman that was MISUNDERSTOOD by many. Seems the song she recorded,
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood seems befitting. Lady Simone gifted in so many areas of music also held on to a secret that wasn't revealed until many years later - Bipolar Diagnosis. This diagnosis would not stop the music and creative talent. Nina Simone would have many more good years to create and give listeners, the fans more of her through song and stage presence.

At the time of Nina Simone's death she had cancer. After her death, Nina Simone's ashes were scattered in various parts of African. Befitting for such a Beautiful and Nubian Queen. Today many enjoy the music and video concert footage of Nina Simone. Her daugther named Simone is an accomplished singer in her own right. May you rest in perfect peace Lady Nina. -BEBE DAVIS
Janis Siegel's work with The Manhattan Transfer and her solo songs have made her beloved by fans all over the world. Since singing with MT in the 1970's, it's been a musical love affair.

The Grammy Award Winner, Brooklyn Born singer shows love on her Official Website on various influences over the years. It is evident as Janis can blow us away with various genre's of music.
From Queen Aretha, Barbra Streisand, Coltrane.

If you missed Janis in September at Yoshi's,
if you missed some performances in New York, check the schedule for upcoming appearances solo and with The Manhattan Transfer.
Official Site Of Janis Siegel
Does the name Danilo Perez move you?
While some Aficiando's know exactly who we are showcasing, the informal yet thorough introductions will take place. Danilo Perez was born in Panama.
Known for his compositions and being a fine pianist Perez has played alongside some jazz greats.

Dizzy, Michael Brecker, Tito Puente, Wynton, Terence Blanchard, Paquito D'Rivera and more.
Danilo is now playing with the Wayne Shorter
Quartet, winning a Grammy in the year 2006.

For more biography, discography news visit the Official website and check out the music of Danilo.
Official Site Of Danilo Perez
Jazznatics Lounge
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Inside The Sands Of Time
Showing Love To Terence Blanchard At Jazznatics Lounge
There is something about a favored artist when you see traces of their personality shine through a personal moment. Terence Blanchard the Grammy Award Winning Musician has moved me at many personal moments in my life.

The musician and composer hails from the city New Orleans Louisiana where many great musicians have been born and raised. Riveting compositions came forth once again from Blanchard working alongside filmmaker Spike Lee for the film When The Levees Broke.
Terence Blanchard Official Site
Terence Blanchard also contributed his musical genius to the follow up of Spike Lee's If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise Documentary Styled Film presented on HBO. There is a conversation with Spike Lee where he states, "People are on edge." The remarkable film showed the raw emotions through the triumphs of those resilient peope of Louisiana, and the beginning notes as the film opens is very telling. These opening notes come from Blanchard. For me there was this strength within the music, a sadness and a strong hope for the future. When I can, I entertain in my home with friends of liked minds. The invites go out and the evening has a theme mixed in with a variety of moments you just can't orchrestrate -love it. One night it was an evening of listening to various trumpet players. Guest were asked to bring their favorite artist cd/album do enjoy and discuss. I have a very special place for the trumpet player. My very first serious love while a senior in high school was a trumpet player who at the time was attending SC State University in Orangeburg SC home to the respected Marching 101 Band.

Today the Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity Inc trumpeter/musician has a great career in music and helping the youth of today who will be the next leaders in music. The evening of my dinner party included music from Terance, Wynton, Pharez Whitten, Louis Armstrong, Miles, Dizzy, Chet, Donald Byrd, Roy Hargrove, and more. As with any conversations, it got heated in good humor when it came to saying why the favored trumpet player was good. As a former performing flutist I find beauty and that IT FACTOR in each of these named trumpet players because they move me in different ways. Unbiased groove. The Up Close And Personal moments of Terence Blanchard during the two films from Spike raised a chord of compassion for the Katrina situation, his city, the strength of being able to be there for his mother and family - yes it spoke volumes to me. These moments though they come in times of sorrow, it was a defining moment of seeing humanity at it's finest. For more Terence Blanchard visit the official site. -BEBE DAVIS
Jazznatics Lounge Fictional Jazz Spot, THE COZY©
Characters: Zora, Philly, Maxine, Woody, Piano Man Sam, Clara Marie, and Red Eye. _________________________________________________
Philly decided to to take time away from hanging at THE COZY. The people he had come to love were being pushed to the limit by the ghost of ZORA. It all had come to Zora, his actions, his misery, pain, HIS LIFE. Bewitching as a HALLOW NIGHT, Zora... it would always be Zora. The look in Maxine's eyes was a look Philly had never seen before. In his pain he could see she was beyond the moment. The moment of comforting him. Yes time away from THE COZY would be best for them all.

It was the Holidays. Philly could expect a Christmas card and New Year card from his twin daughters. It was a love affair before Zora - the love of his life. Their mother had done good by them, he made her an honest woman in marriage that lasted five years. Street life would be the demise of their marriage. The twins were four at that time. Philly was a hands on father who stayed present in their lives as a father should. Their mother would marry again, having three more childen by her husband. Loss. Loss would announce itself in Philly's life once again. When his daughters turned eighteen years old their mother passed away from Lukemia. Philly would pay for their college education and they would now live with their mother's sister during College break. Philly made no secret of his street life and his daughter's respected that fact, understanding why they could not come to live with him.

The twins had graduated from College. They were now twenty-eight year old graduate students. Roachella and Thelonisia named for Max Roach and Thelonius Monk were beautiful women who
would go on to be Doctors - a life off the street affecting people from the street - various walks of life. Yearly Philly's daughters would invite their DEAR OLD POPS to New York for the holiday season. For the past two years he declined. The cards would continue to come, the invites would come via telephone like clockwork - Tomorrow. Philly had been in a bad mood all week, no holiday cheer, no giving to those in the streets like he usually did, just ILL. Tonight he warmed up a bowl of chowder, filled with extra clams from the seafood market. Even ole dude didn't get tipped like normal.

Philly settled in for bed after the soup, sourdough bread, a mess of collards, and a half bottle of scotch. Taking the rest of the bottle with him to the bedroom, Philly ascended the stairs preparing for sleep. What seemed like a peaceful enough night, Philly was awakened by chains. "Rise YOUNG BLOOD!" said a booming voice that awoke philly instantly. Going for his trusty piece under the pillow, the piece flew from under the pillow and landed on the floor - THE GUN WENT OFF - POW! "The hell?" Philly yelled leaping from the bed. "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past, you are coming with me." The tall pale figure boomed again. The voice shooked Philly to the core. "Hell I must be sleepwalking, too much food, too much liquor." Philly said trying to clear his eyesight more. "You are wide awake young blood and I am not asking, I am telling you." With those words Philly found himself back on the street he lived as a kid. "I'm gonna roll with this dream." Philly said to the Ghost of Christmas Past. The scene before him was a familiar one. His mother, his grandmother who came from down south, his cousins and there was his father, his father playing with him outside. It was a snowy day, they were playing in the snow as his mother and grandmother watched from the window. The moment was bittersweet because he didn't remember his dad. They seem to have got on pretty good. There was smiles, hugs, affection. This moment changed as they were called into the house for dinner. There were prayers, music, food, a tree, presents, everyone was happy, healthy. Love was all around. "I just want to say Thank God for my family, my wife and for my son." I am a better man for my son and I love you young blood, I do." With tears of joy, seeing his family so happy, seeing him happy hugging his father, his father hugging back, Philly didn't want the moment to end. It's time young blood." In that instance they were floating on a cold dark sea. "I don't want to be here man you dig?" Philly said to the ghost. "Your life is cold, your life is dark young blood." "If you don't change your circumstances your life will be like this for eternity." said The Ghost of Christmas Past. "Eternity... I don't think that far." said Philly smugly. "Young blood I didn't think that way either. It is too late for me but not too late for you my son." "Lookya here I am not your son and this young blood stuff, that's really disrespectful, I am a man." "Look closer young blood, YOU ARE MY SON and it was I that called you YOUNG BLOOD, my blood" Philly looked closer and it was his father. They held a stare of love, remorse, and when Philly went to say something to HIS FATHER he found himself back in his bedroom alone.

An hour later Philly was awoken by his sheets and comforter stripped away from him. Before Philly stood a beautiful woman. She was beautiful to him not in a sexual way, just pure beauty, admirable. "Philly I want to take you some place." she said lovingly. "I guess you are Christmas Present huh?" "Something like that my lil silly." she smiled and extended her hand. Away they went into the night. The flight was over the city, a clear night, stars filled the sky. "So this is how Superhero's feel!" said Philly taking it all in. Philly said to himself, "I've got to get a case of this new scotch in the am STAT." What seem like a long time came to an end abruptly. "City of Lights?" Philly asked unable to believe the beauty. "Yes it is Paris, beautiful Paris." Christmas Present exclaimed with joy. "I don't get this." Philly said very puzzled. " We are here because your loves are here." As Philly began to speak, the ghost silenced him. She pointed to Zora having dinner outside of the cafe looking carefree and happy. "Zora.... my God in heaven." Philly said in awe. The Ghost of Christmas Present began to speak: "Life has been very kind to Zora. She had to put a country distance between you two to find new life, and enjoy new life. You expected her to wait while you put her second to the streets. Sometimes that is too much to ask of a woman, this woman. A woman grows lonely and though it may not be right she finds comfort in another. She's no whore for that, you use that word too loosely when you are ruled by the flesh so many times with others when it came to being unfaithful to Zora. Words you said, the night she fled you must think on them long and hard. The words you said chilled a part of her soul that will always remain cold. There is new life here, new life for her to keep on living. This life she would put before you to continue a good life that deserves a good life. I envy this part of the living existence." "Why would you envy her life?" Philly asked. "I died of a broken heart, waiting on your father to leave the streets, which took me from you too soon 'my lil silly'. In that instant Philly knew it was his mother.

As quickly as she said 'lil silly', The Ghost Of Christmas Present left him. Philly was alone in Paris watching Zora at peace. Another woman appeared with two little girls, who seem to be beautiful twins. Zora greeting them all with hugs. As she lifted one little girl into the air, she swung her around and swung her around. The little girl delighted in this. Zora put her down and began to do the same to the next little girl, the twin. As she stopped spinning, she stopped in full glance across the street at Philly. The beautiful day began to grow very dark, billowing clouds erupted into the sky, and the wind began to howl, with people running everywhere to escape the dark. Zora stood with the two little girls their faces changing back and forth from unfamiliar to his two twin daughters. Zora spoke loudly no fear. "Be gone from this place. I am protector you coward, you want no parts of them even as they speak of you. No daddy you are, you're lost in yourself. Show mercy and leave this place, never to return!"
"I love you Zora!" Philly exclaimed. "No love should be greater than your children, I love you not!"
Philly found himself back in his bedroom. Morning had come. The phone suddenly rung, it would be the twins. "Daddy, you're invited to spend Christmas with us in New York", they both exclaimed. "This year is a bad time, your gifts are on the way and money will be deposited." "Daddy you love us not!" The twins exclaimed. The words chilled him... Zora's words. In that second Philly told the girls he would be with them for Christmas. "Daddy loves you so, I am on the way, I am on the way!"
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