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Le Dining Experience
Red Bone Alley Restaurant & Bar 1903 W Palmetto St Florence SC.
It was Sunday Football! I was in the city visiting my girlfriend and we decided to peak our INNER SPORT'S BABE MOMENT. From the beautiful decor, RBA has the upscale neighborhood bar feel and professional staff. Dara was my server.
APPETIZERS: The Low Country Egg Roll ( Omg so good ). The collards, wasabi, chicken, tasso ham makes this appetizer stunning. You have the protein, veggie and spice that is plated well and filling. I ordered some to go. The piglet in me.
Fried Green Tomatoes And Blackend Shrimp was the APP BFF ordered.
If you are FGT fan this is a winner for you. Academy style like the movie ( pun ).
The Chicken Pontabla was very well plated for a rustic dish. Many like myself we eat with our eyes first then we eat to enjoy. Dara's suggestion was a score.
I'm talking grits! Grits girl here ( Girls Raised In The South-GRITS ), chicken, sausage, mushrooms - hearty. No room for dessert and my Tampa Bucs won. The other games were pretty good. I will return to enjoy more of their menu.
For a Sunday, not bad at all South Carolina to serve me up a nice Newcastle.
*Rating-- 5 Stars | Highest Score 25 | WOW FACTOR 25 | Perfect Score 50
Score --21.5 + WOW FACTOR out of 25 +WOW FACTOR | 46.5 Score
*Plating 5 Stars especially for rustic dishes *Service Knowledge 5 Stars *Atmosphere 3.5 wasn't crowded, will come back for the crowded experience
*Taste 4 Stars * Restaurant Appeal 4 Stars appeals for various moments
*WOW FACTOR --The collards in the roll, not overcooked or too much to take
*Away from the roll or the crunch texture of the roll. Nice WOW FACTOR.
*General Manager David Poland engaged with my BFF and I - nice touch.
*If in the area, on the way to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, visit Florence and RBA!
Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris France is one of the most famous cemetaries in the world and columbarium. The infamous and famous are at rest in Pere Lachaise. Some that are laid to rest are; Sarah Bernhardt, Heloise, Jim Morrison, Georges Rodenback,

Oscar Wilde, Symbolic tomb of Maria Callas, Rossini, Frederic Chopin, Marcel Proust, Claude Chappe, more. There is beauty in the sculptures and monuments at the famed Pere Lachaise Cemetary. Famed contributor's to society makes this cemetary the most visited. If you have visited Pere Lachaise you understand the beauty over morbid feelings of this historic hallowed ground. For those who cannot get to Paris, there is a beautiful VIRTUAL TOUR available. Add your ambience with music, candles, your favorite food, drink, visit Paris. Beautiful Holiday Tidings To You All! -Fusion Exotica 2010
Red Bone Alley Restaurant And Bar
1903 West Palmetto Street Florence South Carolina
Pere Lachaise Cemetary Virtual Tour >
Behind The Nnude
Just Yoko
They say less is more. Just Yoko Ono... no husband, son, Just... Yoko is presented in the new BEHIND THE NNUDE.
Pick a decade... Yoko Ono's style no matter how it was understated to some - her look was viewed fiercely.

Reported on, hailed as great sense of style -not so much by masses but STYLE is only important to the wearer where it matters. For 1021's Nnude Fashion Feature we love the style of Yoko Ono. From the days of wild n free hair, the oversized shades, the hats, the boots, the basic yet not so basic black, the svelte frame even in her 70's, Yoko Ono OWNED the look that makes her so Yoko Ono.

With shorter tresses today, the face of PEACE of the past, the present and the future is Yoko Ono. Unmistakable style is present. The STRENGTH of overcoming so much, the wisdom of knowing there will be more to face when existing she just YOKO under any fire. Just Yoko. Fine by us.
Known to have said she wanted to be taken seriously as an artist and not a STYLE ICON to Warhol, Yoko has managed both quite well. For us the focus at times is too much on the 'appropriateness' of it all and less on the 'comfortability' of someone's sense of style- which often is mistaken for a person trying to be 'trendy', staying in the 'style' of the moment.

That's not Yoko Ono. That is not anyone else who for the most part knows what works for them and leave part of themselves to explore more unfamiliar territory. That's being open, embracing change, signature firm. In many aspects of Yoko's life she's done this. Lovely, Just Yoko... Ono.
Refreshing The Ink
La Natura
St Ives
The fascination with Egypt, Queens, Dynasties, Tombs, Lifestyle has gone on for centuries. Not only have the Egyptian Queens and Pharoahs been fascinating, Queens from other regions have been fascinating. Time travel would be great and many would be all for it,
if giving half the chance. There are so many undiscovered moments throughout the beautiful finds that have been recorded in history. It is with extreme pleasure to showcase Queen Nefatari, was the favorite Queen of Rameses II. Nefatari was born according to reports 1290 BC dying in her thirties 1254 BC. Nefertari Merytmut according to reports means "The Beautiful Companion". Nefertari and Rameses II had at least six children.
With the various tributes of love to Nefertari, The Valley of Queens where her tomb is located, the beauty of the burial chamber it is evident she was most beloved by her King.
Explore the life and legacy of Queen Nefertari.
Queen Nefertari I
Egyptian Museum Of Turin (some remains of Nefertari are here )
"My love is unique - no one can rival her, for she is the most beautiful woman alive. Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart."
-Rameses The II Of Queen Nefertari
Queen Cleopatra and Marc Antony had a daughter named Cleopatra Selene.
She became Queen and married Juba II. Someone should have told those who decided to try and take down the burial tomb of Queen Cleopatra Selene, King Juba II
Descendents from the Berber People of North Africa. Together they would have a son King Ptolemy would be executed by Caligula. Surviving was King Ptolemy's daughter Drusilla. She would be a Queen marrying King Sohaemus of the Syria lands. Queen Drusilla Cleopatra's great-granddaughter would have a son. His name would be Gaius Julius Alexio who would be King.

THOU SHALL NOT MESS WITH THE DEAD Tombeau de la Chretienne on record has been tried twice to be destroyed. Workers were attacked by black wasps, and the second time all of the shooting done could not take down the tomb. Say what you will, DON'T MESS WITH THE DEAD. Afterall that is Queen Cleopatra's Daughter... one should know better. Researcher | Brandy Williams | Concept | Bebe Davis
We've been talking ancient history at Imperfect Vault. Nothing like enjoying the moments of the past mixed in with the present.
Actress Anne Baxter is known for many memorable roles but one that comes to mind is her role as Nefertiri in Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments in 1956 starred two fine actors, the very fine Yul Brynner and Charlton Heston who played Moses.

Other Notable Film Baxter starred in:All About Eve, 1950 The Ten Commandements starred also starred Edward G Robinson, Vincent Price, John Carradine, Yvonne De Carlo, Nina Foch.

Anne Baxter truly played the role of Nefertiri deliciously well.
The LOVE/HATE for one man while married to another she had the LOVE/HATE for. Baxter gave all the dramatic moments a woman could find herself in. Cheers to an actress that left her mark.
limitless & timeless
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Youthful looking as ever... DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY is a LIVING LEGEND, Icon for the ages.
For over FIVE DECADES Dame Shirley Bassey has been giving the world timeless music, unforgettable live and studio performances and today in her 70's she is continuing onward.


From the first note, to the flair, the restraint only to bellow boldy the voice so that the lyrics are to be completely understood and felt as if the song was your life - that's the brilliance of Dame Bassey.

The Welsh Dame is of Nigerian and English descent. In 1999 Queen Elizabeth II created and gave honor to Bassey for her career longevity by giving her the title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
Dame Shirley Bassey is THE VOICE of various movies from the James Bond Series. MOONRAKER, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER AND GOLDFINGER. Imperfect Vault says of thse vocal performances by Dame Shirley Bassey 'flawless vocals'. It is known nothing is ever perfect the the vocals of these three recordings were near perfect.

Decades after Dame Shirley Bassey recorded many songs, samples of these songs began to take life once again through various artist. From samples to remixes, the love affair with DSB was beginning to take root in the younger generation. Infamous moment... Kanye West sampled Bassey's recording of Diamonds Are Forever for his Sierra Leone recording. There were moments of permission issues, but in the end the WIN WIN was there for both.

"Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for"

Where there is triumphs there is also tragedy, where there is love there is also pain but through it all, when you can make it through these times the bittersweet moments become bearable. You continue to live on, love on - that is DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY. Survivor.
For more DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY, visit her Official Online Presence. - Imperfect Vault
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The Backstory Is Always Intriguing
THE IMPERFECT VAULT 2011 -- The name Willie Hutch may not resonate to some but the music has of this producer, singer, songwriter. Willie Hutchinson penned hits for the Jackson 5 one in particular "I'll Be There", he wrote for more Motown artist and for soundtracks in the blaxploitation films THE MACK, FOXY BROWN more. It is always important for to connect the past with the present as our viewers are of diverse nature. Thanks for locking in and experience some of the great arrangements Willie Hutch gave unto himself and for others. Rest In Peace Willie Hutch 1944-2005
SPOTLIGHT: Willie Hutch At The Imperfect Vault
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