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Syreeta Wright Muhammad was born in 1946 in Pittsburgh, raised Detroit and raised in South Carolina. Syreeta Wright ( Professional Name Syreeta ) attended the historic Mather Academy in Camden South Carolina where she took on many artistic studies. Once settling in Detroit during the high school years, Wright destination would be in the entertainment world. Wright's first gig - receptionist then she would be promoted to secretary. This would be the start of a wonderful and unforgettable career in the industry.

Syreeta had the kind of voice that was so angelic yet powerful. As a singer, songwriter, ambitious with many confirming such a wonderful personality - Syreeta would be a FORCE for the music industry not to deny. Syreeta Wright's LIFE STORY is a intriguing one. Syreeta became the 1st wife of Legendary Stevie Wonder. While the marriage would not last, both Wright and Wonder continued to work together Professionally and have love for one another deeply on a personal level. They would produce timeless songs/albums.

Syreeta would come into her own with MASTERPIECE albums that did not get enough 'Hailings of a Classic' in the past and even today. Several artist have sampled some of her song - giving a new generation introductions to a talented artist, yet not enough of introductions to indulge listeners into the original recordings. After the Wright Wonder collaborations, Syreeta found successful musical partnership with the great Billy Preston. Their classic hit 'With You I'm Born Again' was on heavy rotation on diverse music charts. Imperfect Vault CELEBRATES THE LIFE OF SYREETA WRIGHT. One of our favorite songs sampled by Rapper/Actor COMMON 'Black Maybe' really sets the tone for a conscious moment. Syreeta Wright, a true Legend indeed.

A DEFINING MOMENT: Revisiting Placage | Reflective & Responsible Discussion
--THE CONNECTION for our February/March 2011 edition discuss the condition of 'free women' of color of the Creole descent. Many women were criticized for their participation in Placage - by choice/no choice. While it must be said not every family took on the lifestyle of Placage that is more regarded as 'prostitution' now, it was a means to an end for families to ensure they were educated, land owners, respected enough not to receive as harsh treatments and living conditions as others.

Many women who were a part of Placage were doing as they were told by their elders. When THE CONNECTION spoke to some descendants of women who were a part of the Placage Lifestyle, their reactions were more of being fine with the times of that particular time. "I've heard stories of some women rebuking the very idea of being with someone they didn't love." "History hardly tells of these stories and the sufferings many women endured because of the rebellion against a natural order of their planned lives." says Lorraine a proud Creole Woman. "Today women are giving up their sex too easily, which the end results are being unwed mothers, limited education, living at or near the poverty level, becoming bitter after giving all
of themselves to someone who wasn't as emotionally invested as they were, contracting STD's and more. All this for loving someone of their choice of course knowing somewhere along the line, this wasn't the right person." Porsche a proud Creole Woman states. "I am not saying placage was ideal but these women were recognized for their beauty. Desire plays such a big role but it came with a price from these men. There is an old saying, "If you want to lay, you must pay." These men who desired the exotic looks as they called it of Creole Women made it worth the families time that would benefit them for generations. When his desire faded or he took on a wife of the white race, the Women of Placage were left with more than what they came into the relationship with." Sometimes we glamour love too much without using our common sense to be with someone who will benefit us with the love component there later." says Allegria a proud Creole Woman.
--THE CONNECTION for our February/March 2011 edition discuss the condition of 'free women' of color of the Creole descent. ALL THREE women state if they were faced to go into the Placage Lifestyle, they stated they would to help their families. These modern women say they do understand the disgust by others, the high opinions, the if it were me type of talk. When it is all said and done, it is a matter of not what you say you will do but what you would do at that moment in time. The Acts of Placage are in no way put upon a pedastal by many descendants. They say the studies of placage, the books, the movies on their history does more glorifying than they do. It is not so much being proud but accepting the history.

"There are so many other parts of our history that can be talk upon. "We have wonderful dimensions of our culture from the food, medicine, herbalist, crafters, politics, entreprenuers, educators, strong family ties, that can be overshadowed." says Claire a proud Creole Woman. When you look at the whole scope of any culture, there are moments of our ancestor's lives that aren't the proudest of moments but the decisions they made to live another day, to make life better for those after them are in this aspect respectable. Women no matter their race have been an integral part of the World's History. Today with more freedoms there are obstacles realized that we have yet to overcome. Today women have more choices in how they live their lives and what they want to become of their lives. With these choices 1021 celebrates the results of many women, which aren't celebrated enough. We all make choices we may not be proud of but what we do with the next steps of our lives is what matters. It is another moment in time to add to your legacy that will eventually be linked to the legacy of others. --Bebe Davis, Publisher

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SAMON KAWAMURA is the name and his Productions are FIRE. Of Japanese/German descent, Kawamura lives in Berlin. His music along with a list of other artist get's me through Production, writing sessions and more. I press play, especially in the company of others. They scream DILLA, Pete Rock! I have no doubt the influcence is there but Kawamura owns his sound and delivery. Not just a Producer but a DJ. with well respected compliments and such. You will hear some Kawamura music here at SCOPE feature, throughout the site and on my talk show. Music in it's purist form is beautiful. Sometimes you don't need the words, just the music. -BEBE for THE SCOPE
Putting Life Into Perspective
THE LIVING WILL -- Funny thing when you are long gone, you leave behind others who feel they are 'entitled' to more than another. Yes, this is how many family issues play out when there is no 'Will' left but property left, money is left,siblings,children,outside children and more play an integral part of causing issues with your posessions. A Living Will gives account YOUR WISHES on how you want things left when you have passed on. It leaves no doubt to anyone what they will be fortunate to receive not entitled to.
Vernon For THE SCOPE OF A MAN | 1021Online
Showing Love Through The Years
BOHANNON BABY! The Scope goes way back!
This is your BLAST FROM THE PAST! Yea Boi!
Hamilton Bohannon from Newnan Georgia in our opinion doesn't get the proper send off for all things music. The American band leader, beast on the disco scene, one of the pioneers of the music genre that took over the music scene in the 70's and record producer - BOHANNON.

Bohannon has played and worked with music finest. From Stevie Wonder ( drummer ), Motown/sound, working/hang time with the late Marvin Gaye and more - Hamilton Bohannon
the man on the scene. Suits, latest fashions, hair coifed to perfection, sexy to the ladies, father, husband, businessman - a groove.
The 60's was a great time for music, which is the time much started to happen for Bohannon. Little Known Fact -joined a band during the 60's as a drummer with legend Jimi Hendrix.

Take to the floor and groove to the disco/Jazzy hits. Bohannon's music is still played among legions of fans and their children - steppers from Chicago, Detroit and more. This has been your groove moment of all things BOHANNON.
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Instead of laughing at that man once he get's into his bind, as a friend you need to be talking to that man when he can't keep his head on straight. Once you've talked it through, if he don't heed, fall back. Most times many of us need a check, which plays right into our ego. Double dog dare, call chicken those kind of taunting incites someone to run in the opposite direction. When you can sqaure up with them and confront the trainwreck you see is about to happen, they will take that conversation much better. Not everyone will heed due to the whole FORBIDDEN FRUIT SCENARIO that got ole Adam thrown out Paradise but some will. AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER

Jobs right now are scarce. You keep pushing, you keep looking and while you at it READ A BOOK. Find something inspirational because giving up means giving up on yourself. When I hear some in THE BROTHERHOOD saying someone won't change, yea that might be so but it's a double edge sword when you won't change your attitude about giving that WORD to someone. You never know who will need it. The Dysfunctional Society is trying to put claims on many of us out here doing the right thing. I can't save everyone I know but when those of us who have our heads on straight can put out positive energy to another brother blood or not, we cracking that stereotype.
The players have changed in this world. Everyone has on some masks but like all things material it won't last. Less clowning and more courage. I thank Miss Bebe for giving me the opportunity to speak my peace. AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER? Damn straight.
-Nars *All submissions edited by for clarity
Jet Cover, 1974 Lady Freda Payne
Showing Love During Black History Month And Beyond!
THE BODY MAGNIFIQUE! Yes A Man Can Appreciate Fully.
THE SCOPE OF ALL MEN, Respecting The Woman,
Admiring The Woman - Well Done. -2011
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