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1021 Online STAFF EDITORIALS 2011 | Imperfect Vault Feature
Grace Bumbry the Opera Singer a beautiful mezzo-soprano from St. Louis Missouri that came through the Regal Opera Ranks with Shirley Verrett, Leontyne Price, Martina Arroyo and Reri Grist.

One of the things that really stood out for 1021 was the beautiful languages she spoke while be interviewed throughout Europe, the beautiful work for CARMEN.
If you haven't seen Grace Bumbry's work as CARMEN for the Opera, make it happen. If you have seen CARMEN like 1021,it is such a nice trip back down memory lane.

Bumbry has had her share of the 40+ curtain calls,
the trials of acceptance from closed minded individuals as a Woman Of Color during the times when segregation was in full effect. Undaunted, like many others before her,Lady Grace Bumbry would see many triumphs in her illustrious career. Bumbry would sing for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and more dignitaries in and out of the United States.

In 1965 Grace Bumbry would debut in Verdi's Don Carlo at The Met. Other notables Royal Opera House in 1963, La Scala debut in 1964, Lady Macbeth in Vienna 1964, Carmen in 1966. Like many before and after her, Brumbry resides oveseas. A beauty,with a career so saluted by many today. She has been Grace Under Fire and a Legend. A Legend that has a legacy of work for many to enjoy.

Imitation is FLATTERY and it can also be DESPERATION not finding your own voice.
R Kelly has proven that he is truely of a 'Beautiful Mind' when it comes to the MUSIC, songwriting and creativity. While much beef can come an artist way from artist that may come after or fans of another -happens
R Kelly let the music, accomplishments speak for him. Words of Maria Callas,,,
"When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know that I am slipping." Beautiful Album Kellz.
Robert Kelly Producer, Singer/Songwriter
THE NEW ALBUM Love Letter.
Robert Kelly, singer/songwriter says "Music Must Be A Lady". LOVE LETTER delivers for the true R&B Lover - It delivers!

"It takes you through all of these different eras." "Music can take you places, make you visit moments in your life."
One cannot deny the musical talent of R Kelly. Just when one thinks they have the direction R Kelly musical mind is in... guess again.
-Love Letter Available Now
1021 contributors caught Eric Benet on tour. Feedback, awesome! I've seen Benet LIVE before. We CELEBRATE talented artist.
Lost In Time is on our repeat playlist.
Support the artist giving good music.

-BEBE DAVIS, The Fieryearthchild
Eric Benet ushers in some feel good moments from his album
"Lost In Time". If there ever was a feeling that Benet along with other R&B artist are truly giving us that SOUL/RB the feeling is real, very present.
The album that was released in September received some good reviews. A commanding type of singer, Eric on tour is giving his fans that R&B love.
One time for good music,
Eric delivers on this very well.
-Lost In Time Available Now

Showcasing Victor Mascaro
1021 Online STAFF EDITORIALS 2011
Jean Harlow In Color >>
Some people feel TECHNICOLOR was good for it's time. As TECHNOLOGY reached higher heights, more talent, better visuals took place. When it comes to the prime restoration of film, pictures, any part of POP CULTURE that has a strong possibility to become extinct, a strong possibility to be even better than before - it is applauded.
THE IMPERFECT VAULT FEATURES Victor Mascaro's Gallery which can be found at Lisa Burks TYPEPAD blog. Mascaro's work on the 1930's actress Jean Harlow is beautiful. There needs to be a new word for beautiful when it comes to his work. Colors are well placed. They bring out the beauty of Harlow in a more realistic way.
Enjoy the work of Victor Mascaro. SEE LINK ABOVE
Jean Grae is that MC who isn't trying to be another. Grae seem to not want to be put on where she is marketed in a way whereas she doesn't recognize herself. Want?
More like WON'T ALLOW. The music is pure, the lyrics reach everyday life for various people walking various life paths. Gimmicks NOT ALLOWED.

Jean Grae is traveling... overseas, in the states, she's in the booth and her flow nice.
The question always arises when there is an MC of this kind of depth. Why isn't she MAJOR MAINSTREAM? First of all, Jean Grae is MAJOR and as far as mainstream we get where the question is trying to go. Grae get's the respect as she should.

In the world of the Industry not everyone is going to get that crossover appeal and it is respectful to each and every artist - they may not want that kind of appeal. Many artist in their world there is no compromise of vision/talent/drive. Not everyone wants the proverbial flashing lights. Can't confirm for certain but for me - Jean Grae doesn't strike many of us that tune in to be the FLASHING LIGHTS CONSUME ME MC.

THE BRIDGE by Jean Grae -hotness. There are too many other songs that get the thumbs up to run them all down. Here's some from the catalog of Grae: Love Thirst, Knock, Gotta Have It, Live 4 U, Keep Living, My Story, Love Song, Super Jean, 8, collaborations with Talib, 9th Wonder, Pharoah and more. For more Jean Grae visit: The Official Twitter Page & Support Good Music
Jean Grae | The Releast | MC
1021 Online STAFF EDITORIALS 2011 | BEBE For 1021
THE VOICE OF NEW YORK -- Angie Martinez is definitely THE VOICE like others.
Impressive is the list Angie Martinez has interviewed and covered. For many it is all about who they cover. Really it is how you cover an artist and the situations to be given more EXCLUSIVES. Exclusives are given most times because of the trust factor.
Reputation is everything in this industry. Angie Martinez is a Professional interviewer.
From being a Legendary Radio Personality at HOT 97, Rap Artist, well connected in the industry circle, forming friendships with some in the industry, keeping it bias- yes Ange, Angie Mar as she is affectionally known is THE VOICE OF NEW YORK for many.

Recently Angie Martinez sat down with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim giving them the opportunity to address the BEEF that has stamped it's mark in Pop Culture.
While some call the BEEF SILLY it has been one of the main coverages for over six months plus. Angie Martinez handled both interviews very well. There was alot of alleged styled revelations happening, tough words, no backdowns, diss records, response disses. People wanted to know what was really happening from these two females MC's. It was time to get someone on the MIC. In comes Angie Martinez.

THE VOICE OF NEW YORK held her own with both interviews. Not only this interview but Angie has sat down with Jay-Z numerous times, she asks those questions that is on everyone's minds and she stays in control of the interviews. Many could take a listen to the interviews, of course create your own flow but she is a legend doing it well.
Jazznatics Lounge
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