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Le Dining Experience
JANUARY 30, 2011 -- It was Sunday, my last day in the Atlanta-Metro Area.
I did not want to leave without treating myself and guest to PAPPADEAUX'S SEAFOOD KITCHEN. I was familiar with this location dining with others when visiting the city. For this visit this was a great treat bringing someone to one of my FAV dining spots - their first dining experience here. Traffic was actually great around the 3pm hour, no complaints.

We arrived at Pappadeaux's, seated without delay. It was a packed atmosphere but you heard noones conversations -kudos. We started with the APPETIZER'S Oyster Trio a combination of Oyster's St Phillip, Baton Rouge, and Pappadeaux. SALADS that were ordered were the Crisp Wedge Salad and the House Salad. ENTREES: The Crabfinger Dinner which is seasonal,
Costa Rican Tilapia Lafayette Dinner.
DESSERT To Go: Sweet Potato Pecan Pie and Turtle Fudge Brownie
OUR SERVER: Anton -- Anton was very knowledgable about the menu, for the first time guest Anton went through the presentation which was enjoyable and delivery was very professional.
*RATING*Plating | Taste | Atmosphere | Server Knowledge | Restaurant Appeal
*Highest Rating-- 5 Stars FOR EACH RATING | WOW FACTOR bonus | + 25
*1021 PERFECT SCORE: 25 Stars | ULTIMATE Perfect Score 50 Stars + WOW FACTOR
*PLATING 3 Stars | Entrees plated well, Oyster Trio plating could have been neater
*TASTE 4 Stars | Salads -- Rule: Many people eat with their eyes first. Both salads served were fresh to the eyes then to the taste, crisp textures as expected, dressings of ranch and of bleu cheese were fresh, well done. Entrees -- Same rules apply. The Crabfinger Dinner came to the table hot as expected. There were no over seasoned moments on the Crab Fingers to diminish the taste of crab which is very important. The dirty rice was slightly salty than I've had before. Anton did speak upon ordering, dishes were somewhat heavily seasoned. Anton clearly stated, one could request less seasoning, which my guest did request less seasoning - however with me ordering my entree before I did not ask for less seasoning but it was too salty this visit.

My guest Tilapia Lafayette Dinner was served hot as expected. The Tilapia was cooked just right, where you could taste the elements of the Tilapia, the Spaghetti Squash was cooked to where it didn't taste starchy, buttery seasoned lightly whereas the squash taste shined through -delish. The dirty rice was extra salty like mine. The green beans were steamed great with the crunch factor in tact and the bright green color that you look for in steamed veggies were there - kudos.
BOTH ENTREES received an overall rating of 3 Stars mostly because of the salt factor.

The ATMOSPHERE was great, not hearing the other persons conversation was again KUDOS - rating 4 stars. SERVER KNOWLEDGE 4 stars ( Anton ) RESTAURANT APPEAL 4 stars. It is evident people love Pappadeaux's for the gathering of family, a romantic dining experience - We saw a couple sharing their dessert - lovely, BFF's coming together for food, fun, catching up. It is a great dining experience for newcomers. THE WOW FACTOR is there. My dinner guest upon seeing their dessert choice when brought to the table really received a WOW, literally from their mouths to God's ears. Visit Pappadeaux's in the near future. I hope to do the very same.

FINAL SCORING: 18 PTS out of 25PTS | WOW FACTOR 25 pts out of 25 pts
Pappadeaux's on this visit received 43pts which including the WOW FACTOR.
Visit Pappadeaux's in various locations:
Fusion Food Critiques @ 1021Online
PAPPADEAUXS Seafood Kitchen
2830 Windy Hill Rd.
Marietta GA 30067 770-984-8999
pappadeaux locations
For The Love Of Antiques
In just about every ANTIQUE STORE you can find a beautiful yet haunting mirror that seems to captivate you. It says TAKE ME HOME, a quiet beckoning. At times it can be unnerving, depending who encounters the MIRROR. Mirrors are told to hold many mysteries. When I was a little girl like most little girls, I loved to look in the mirror, talk to the mirror, pose in the mirror. Harmless right? One Fall Morning THE MOTHERS's my grand-mother and great-grandmother saw me playing and talking into the mirror.
I was four years old. My mother an elementary school teacher was at school. I did not attend what was known as headstart. I was on intermission from my home schooled work and activities - waiting on THE MOTHER'S to prepare lunch for me. I guess I was too quiet in the house they both came looking for me. I was in my grandmother's room, my grandfather was out of town on business and I was whistling. They were freaking as I call it today with shrieks and shrills happening.

"Baby do not play in the mirror! Stop staring into the mirror before you get sucked in or see something you don't want to see!" "It is not good luck to look long in the mirror or whistle for a little girl." They scared me! They put the fright of FRIGID in me and I started to cry. My mother's comforted me, yet when I look back on the moment through adult eyes, they had a look of satisfaction on their faces. THE WISE MOTHERS.
As an inquisitive child, I would go back to the mirror with a defiant air. I would not stare too long but I would get a feeling of eerieness that said, "Heed your mother's warning." As a teenager, I stared again long enough to see myself how others would see me. It was a weird out of body experience - once was all it took. The two wise ladies have now passed on to another dimension. I say they did a good job overall keeping me from divulging in the mirror as I would have without their warnings that overall was effective.

Some say mirrors are portals to other dimensions. I do know from the mirrors in my home, others homes, various antique shops I visit, even reflections from my smartphone to the reflection from televisions and the computer screens, I make it a point not to linger long in looking. I do have a love for antique mirrors, which holds such charm and I am sure much secrets. I was set to buy a beautiful antique hand mirror set with brush and comb - my mother freaked and that was the end of that. She too did as I did as a little girl and got the same moments as I. Gotta love THE MOTHERS. Odd how elders say don't stare long in the mirror but if you need to tell your business speak to the mirror or the wall. Now... my Mother's didn't say this but I am sure if directed to do so, yes the mirror does hold many mysteries and secrets. Imagine the moments of passion that the mirror has seen, the moments of good, not so good... intriguing at best. The next time you are in your favorite Antique Store, strike up the conversation and see what happens. -BEBE
DVF | Diane von Furstenberg
Know The Designer, Wear The Designer | Fashstalgia Concept Created By Bebe Davis, 2002
Behind The Beauty
Official Site Of Madam Walker
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--2011 Some call Serge Gainsbourg a visionary artist while others aren't sure what to really call him. One thing is for sure, Gainsbourg 1928-1991 French singer-songwriter, actor and director's had influence and brilliancy to think outside of the proverbial box. Vision is EVERYTHING when it comes to many artist. Gainsbourg's fans and even critics truly took in his vision through his art in film, music and more. Fans adoringly give tributes through remixing some of his music, using his music in film productions and adding to the graffiti covered walls outside of his Parisian Home. To view in person, is a sight to behold. Gainsbourg moved to the rhythm in various genre's of music; Jazz, Pop, Funk, Rock, Reggae Electronica more.

Gainsbourg vision would be taken taboo by some. Scenarios with controversy surrounding some of his songs, really life in general yet Serge definitely did it his way, no apologies. Serge had many songs fans call their BELOVED. Some but not all are Initials BB written for Brigitte Bardot whom was his lover, Bonnie and Clyde, NY USA, La Decadanse, Je t'aime moi non plus, Couleur Cafe, La Javanaise and more. Covers and Tributes have been made to Gainsbourg throughout the decades. Serge Gainsbourg died in 1991 of a heart attack buried at Montparnasse in Paris. Fans, The French, his family truly miss Serge Gainsbourge.

THE IMPERFECT VAULT recognizes talents that in many ways some feel either or about not in between. Should you have that in between feeling, it does show the mindset of open. Bravo Brava to those who stayed true to their visions, putting it out there letting the masses feel how they wanted to without much explanation on how they should feel. Interpreptation brings forth conversation, sharing differences of ideologies. Serge Gainsbourg work is at this kind of level. Fore more Serge Gainsbourg; Vanity Fair 2007> see pic top ^

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