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Haddon a minister's son has gone on record saying the idea for the latest album CHURCH ON THE MOON "dropped on me out of nowhere and when something hits your spirit like that, you know it's a gift from God." "There's so much sadness and craziness going down here on Earth, I want to take you somewhere else for a while." SOUL ON FIRE'S favored track is 'Forgiven', very nice Deitrick.
THE CLARA WARD SINGERS REMEMBERED At Soul On Fire Lounge. Clara Ward leader of The Clara Ward Singers was not only a leader she was singer, arranger giving the gospel world some of the most famous songs in recorded history. Gertrude Ward, Clara's mother was the founder of the Ward Singers, a family group. The Wards found success from the Hollywood Hills, Carnegie Hall, booking gospel acts. Like many groups, parting would happen and new groups would be formed by members.
The Clara Ward/Ward Singers made a great impact on Pop Culture. We salute them.

-Soul On Fire Lounge
Soul On Fire Lounge
CHURCH ON THE MOON... If this was anyone else it would have been a double take for SOUL ON FIRE LOUNGE. For real yall! While SOUL ON FIRE didn't do a 'DT', we did a SMH OMG with the sign of the cross fully in tact. ANOTHER LEVEL... and that is okay as long as it is for the GLORY OF GOD. Some feel you don't need to reach the youth with such a contemporary feel that sounds secular -yet-sometimes you have to let some of the contemporary in as long as the message is being brought. Who did Jesus go among? Who changed to his righteous ways? CHURCH ON THE MOON is the latest 2011 Album from Haddon. 'REPPIN THE KINGDOM' features Haddon, J Moss, Tye Tribbett, Canton Jones and T Haddy. SOUL ON FIRE LOUNGE must admit it is a nice head nod song, well produced, check it out. *REPPIN THE KINGDOM on Soul On Fire Playlist and more.
Soul On Fire Lounge
WALKING... the Infectious single from the group MARY MARY. Erica and Tina return with a new single and it is soaring up the charts. The NEW ALBUM is entitled Something Big. Not only is an album coming there will be a book release 'Be U'. The CAMPBELL Sisters making it happen again for the 2011. STAY LOCKED IN to Soul On Fire Lounge as we keep you
updated on MARY MARY. Also... HIT THE LINK > you're so welcome NEW ALBUM DROPS MARCH 29, 2011
Soul On Fire Lounge
1021 Online Contributing Staff Editorial Files
Wes Montgomery was only 45 years old when he passed away in 1968. Born in Indianapolis Indiana Montgomery is hailed
as one of the top influential jazz guitarist of all time.

Montgomery came from a talented musical family.
Brothers Monk and Buddy Montgomery along with Wes
recorded together along with having solo successess.

None of us know the time we have. It has always been told
by elders, the 'wise ones' to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.
Montgomery gave some of his best work according to many
JAZZ HEDS before covering more mainstream/pop style music.
In 1965 Montgomery garnered a GRAMMY and elevated
Wes Montgomery into a bigger listening market.
While many of us go towards the sentimental emotions of
'What might have been' but it is best to LINGER there not long.
What remains for listener's is the impeccable body of work
Sir Wes Montgomery has left us. Let us linger on this fact.
BEBE DAVIS For Jazznatics Lounge | 1021Online
Lingering... nothing feels better than lingering in the moment of something that takes the EDGE off from a busy life. JAZZ HEDS...
I am going back in the vault as I celebrate my 40th Birthday GRAND STYLE this month.

From 1970 a year before I was born,
Musicians Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett,
John McLaughlin, Gary Bartz, Michael Henderson, Jack DeJohnette, Airto Moreira
This is six disc of PURE EARGASMS.
FRANCISCO MELA -- Jazz Composer, bandleader and drummer. The Afro-Cuban Professional Musician brings the intensity, the passion, the subtle moments when he performs. Mela's BACKSTORY reads like a many but it is his uniquely.

Mela a fellow Professor like the Grammy Award winner Esperanza Spalding at Berklee has shared the stage with
Tito Puentes, John Scofield, Paquito D'Rivera and other
musical greats. Mela has this smile that breaks out, playing
in the pocket so well. Have you been here before... deja vu

Born in 1968 in Bayamo Cuba, husband, father you can find Mela practicing up to 12 hours daily. Uncommon not but the dedication is there and it is good to say for those aspiring musicians who aren't putting the time in to their craft.
Each one, teach one - teach one when they read one - here

The Cirio Album which has been out for quite some time was recorded LIVE at the Blue Note in NYC. Live recordings for me is like the wind taking me higher on a beautiful day, open road, no particular place to go, just going with the flow. Impressive for me was the album and the BACKSTORY surrounded how it all came together. I could go on and on but for me it is so very Orient Express to explore the underlyings of how things come together. Definitely Cirio was an easy album to listen to.

From painting his album cover, the formidable attitude to not be classed as nothing less than just a musician sans ethnic titles attached when the subject comes up, Mela knows himself.

Notable Moments: Dedicated Cirio to his father, the beautiful 'Maria' on the album dedicated to his mother, Spaldings debut album Junjo Mela was a part of, he can easily be the front man and the side man - comfortable and effective either way.
This has been your HUSH TONE moment -BEBE 2011
Clear And Precise To Deliver The Message Thoroughly
1021 Online Contributing Staff Editorial Files
RON CARTER, bassist career speaks volumes.
As a leader, side man, playing with other greats such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Alice Coltrane, Stan Getz, Donald Byrd, Quincy Jones, Grace Slick, Roberta Flack, George Benson and Hip Hop Elite A Tribe Called Quest. This list of artist is impressive and there are many more.

RON CARTER Official Site
The Legendary Master Bassist not only indulged in some of the decades magical recordings, Ron Carter created the piccolo bass, and he shares the spirit of less fillers for an album and more great compositions that has the depth and feeling attached to it. Hard to put into words but many jazz purist can tell a filler the the soft driven snow. The many conversations Ron Carter has had during various interviews clearly shows his love for the bass and his clear understanding of how for him the melody begins with the bass line.

Clear And Precise To Deliver The Message Thoroughly
1021 Online Contributing Staff Editorial Files
LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Jazznatics Lounge shows LOVE to
The great Betty Carter. Sometimes words aren't needed to describe this lady's elegance and delivery of sounds, phrases during her many performances around the world. Carter's timed phrases as in keeping excellent time, the improvisation has the listener's mouth open more than Lady Betty. You were in awe.
Carter's BACKSTORY is what pioneers are made of.

Gusto ladies and gentlemen is what the ears get from Carter as well as the lush sounds and tones, almost inaudibles that surely commanded your attention, THE CARTER... Betty. -bebe davis
Known as the Godmother of Jazz, explore the life of a great vocalist, Lady Betty Carter.
On the JAZZNATICS LOUNGE Playlist we have a flawless interpretation of 'Giant Steps'.
More Of Betty Carter GODMOTHER OF JAZZ
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IMPERFECT VAULT -- Dare NOTS leave Whitney Houston off of our coverage for THE REVAMP of 1021Online's feature. DARE NOT.Grammy Award Winning Whitney Houston THE VOICE is reported in taking on a role in the upcoming movie remake SPARKLE. We're excited to hear this, because as many of us know Nippy is a great actress and yes we want Dame Whitney back on the big screen. Also starring in the remake is Jordin Sparks, Tika Sumpter, Derek Luke and Carmen Ejogo. The writer is BET's 'The Game' writer Mara Brock Akil, husband Salim Akil will direct.
Could we see Whitney playing MOMANAGER Effie? Yes we could.Jordin Sparks did a wonderful run on broadway... Tika played a steady and popular character on the soap One Life To Live. Derek Luke,impressive acting credits and Ejogo. While some people who were witness to the original movie starring Irene Cara,the suave Phillip Michael Thomas aren't checking for the REMAKE... Gotta admit it will be NOICE to see how this goes down.

THE IMPERFECT VAULT could stand to see a REMAKE of Houston along with Costner for THE BODYGUARD II. How dope would that be? Feeling that remake? Yea that would be a box office hit. For now we daydream but it all could be a reality since good ole Hollywood has a love affair for remakes right now. We'd also love to see Paula Patton play Whitney Houston. They both have that raspy voice, resemblance is there,that would be so dope. We love our Whitney can't wait to see the film.
January 2012, 1021 covered Whitney Houston, sadly on February 11 2012 Whitney Houston passed away at age 48.
Rest In Peace To An Icon, THE VOICE Whitney Houston.
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