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LA LUPE, Queen of Latin Soul was born in Santiago de Cuba.
Born Guadalupe Victoria Yoli Raymond, La Lupe's performances were high spirited, filled with much emotion, sensual, etheral. From Santiago Cuba she left her native land like others, exiled to the United States in 1962. La Lupe made her way to the city that never sleeps, New York City. This beautiful Cuban lady
was the first Latin singer to sell out Madison Square Garden.

Recording with Tito Puente and others her rise and fall in the industry
is legendary but the revival of La Lupe's life is celebrated today more than ever.
Some say because of La Lupe's more controversial performances the industry rose to the occasion more for Superstardom fellow Cuban singer Celia Cruz.
Both Women of Color Cuban-American citizens were amazing, distinctive, legends.
Today when listeners discover/rediscover the music of La Lupe, when they indulge on her frenzied, passionate, performances truly she is Queen of Latin Soul.
For More of La Lupe, visit this Official recommended site.
PBS Documentary: Black In Latin America >
BLACK AND LATINO online Webisode >
Miami Herald Afro-Latin Americans > Publisher's Top Pick! >
When documentaries want to showcase a culture, the people, race relations it is also respectful to respect what the people of the country or wherever you encounter them, respect what they feel is right for them. The truths, the reality of what they have been living all their lives for those rocking with full sense will never let anyone disrespect them. To even suggest they fully acknowledge something they don't want to, something they don't even believe in is pushing an agenda, being totally POLITICAL. Many Latinos of Color are going to acknowledge the African and Moorish roots, third roots etc. As this documentary exposed and as it is well known, many Black Latinos have denied the black race either by force of the country, by consent of self or by their elders, a truth that is shameful to many but like the overly used term, it is what it is. When you put it in majority realms many do not deny being of African descent, yet again it is far removed from all of us at times when we are on our day to day, that is real reality. Si? Many Black Latinos, know the history of their African roots. While many are looking at Race Loyalty half empty, here's the half full perspective in my opinion. We cannot look past how many Africans have disdain for Black/Colored/Afro Americans. We cannot look past, how many Africans find Afro-Americans, however you want to be defined- to be SELLOUTS, lost souls wanting nothing to do with us. So when we want to HAIL the African Pride we need to know many don't HAIL us but say to HELL with us. Many -NOT ALL but yes many. Unless you are on your conscious grandeuer, I can speak for myself and my experiences. Not all never can say that but many Africans feel some kinda way about us and have stated it plainly. Just like the White Devil mentality some not all have, some not all have the Black American Devil mentality regarding those of us directly descendants of the DIASPORA -reality.

Many Colored-Americans often discuss how they have no identity in this world which leaves some filled with angst. I diasgree with this ideology. For Black-Americans claiming no other race/culture/nationality you do have an identity. You are a descendant from Africa the Diaspora times, born in America. Look to your family and embrace your traditions, your taste in food, music, religious beliefs, all other beliefs, accept who you are and be proud. If you say there are no traditions in my family, no religion etc... I say YOU ARE YOU. Know yourself, be good with yourself. Be the one to start the traditions with your family of parents, siblings, other extensions or with your own family through marriage and your children. All of these Race Loyalty Issues are present everywhere. To thine self, be true. Political agendas, Race agendas are always present. As Justice Thurgood Marshall stated, "What is the quality of your intent?" What is for certain, some intent is good, for others not so much. Truly when it comes down to it, those who are Afro/Latino has the definitive decision on what they will HAIL and to HELL with the rest of what others think. The HELL part goes to those who harshly judge and criticize when they have no idea what they are asking people to choose, deny, what to keep real and more. It is not even up for debate for many people. Black and Latino in America is being spoken upon by many of us who are giving others an UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL view of life reflections that includes our triumphs, obstacles, our backstory and more. It is beautiful, at times painful an informative moment if you look at it through less non-judgmental, less Jim Crow ideology less ONE DROP American ideology, less disdainful, less 'let me force my opinions on you for your life' eyes. Clarity. The various Shades of Color represented over the world from the African Descendants no matter what you claim is simply a beautiful thing. Descendants from Kings, Queens, biblical times and more. Freedom of Choice, that is BELLA too.

As Conscious as I am I do know Race Loyalty, Race Issues will always be among us, even after my time is finished in this life when I go on to the next life eternal. While I am here, with this platform of communication I have that reaches worldwide I will continue to do my part on awareness like others within the Conscious Realms through this platform, much hands on ACTION as I've always done to help fellow Latinos of Color, Americans of Color and other races progress towards a better way of life for the Human Race. Those who would like to contribute at 1021 through writings, any opposing thoughts tastefully done are welcome. Reach out at anytime. I deal with people according to CHARACTER and not on the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. I can be betrayed by anyone,
have encountered racism, disrespect, tactless actions by all races which includes my own race. Reality and Clarity. These actions have not caused me to have disdain towards any race. I have encountered opposite moments in life that was positive, genuine from all races, yes including my race. Again I say and add I deal cautiously with people according to their CHARACTER and not the color of their skin.
When I talk to elders of 60 years and older like my parents who are 63 when it comes to labels, how one is defined- here is what they said in various ways but I will use one lady of 78 point of view. "I've lived to see my people called Colored, Negro, Black and African-American. I never liked black because I didn't see my people as the color black and I do not refer to myself as African-American. It is shameful how we are the only race of people, Americans of Color accepted these changes in blind faith. How can some check boxes and census due to the change others wanted for us? I certainly didn't take a vote on any of these descriptions. Other races never changed like this. I asked how did she see herself She said proudly, "colored." "I strike through boxes, writing I am a woman of color." Something to think about right? Latinos of Color Showcased: La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul, pictorial coverage top left to down. Photos will change*1021.

Legend Lola Falana Cuban singer, dancer, actress born in America, known to many as 'Black Venus' starring in films worldwide, professional performer in her pre-teens and teens, also having her own television specials. Ebony Online via Google Books Ebony October 1979 has an excellent story on The First Lady of Las Vegas Lola Falana. See link top left.

Christina Milian, Cuban American, singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, model. Gilbert Arenas, Professional Player of Basketball in the NBA from Tampa like myself where many Afro-Cubans resided after leaving Cuba. Arenas is of Cuban descent born in America. Laz Alonso an American film and televison actor is of Cuban descent born in the US America Rosario Dawson actress, singer, writer is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent. Tatyana Ali, actress, singer of Panamanian, Trinidadian descent. Faizon Love actor and comedian was born in Santiago Cuba and raised in the US. Legend Sammy Davis Jr, entertainer was born to Cuban American parents. Legend Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz along with husband musician Pedro Knight were Afro-Cubans beloved by millions today after their passing. Milian, Alonso and Ali were featured on the documentary Black and Latino, which received a NAACP nomination. See link above to view some excerpts.

As I conclude, this coverage of Race Loyalty, Latinos of Color it is my hope that many people be more respectful of words CHOICE and FREEDOM and REALITY when it pertains to how one defines themselves, how/where they were raised etc. Everyone will take from this showcase what you will but I hope I have enlightened more than enraged. Of course being who I am, that is your issue if enraged. I leave you all with classic lyrics that sets the tone among the Human Race and those within the Human Race proud of their race, races, their nationality, their culture and respect others. Lyrics top right. The Melting Pot of race, ethniticty, nationality, respect reality.
Coverage by Bebe Davis for
source E-Notes
Labels to describe a person's race, nationalty Some Flattering, Some not .
Then you have others who refer to themselves as some of these terms.
Very real.
Excellent Coverage
Ethnicity Etiquette
Are You Culturally Biased?
*RACE divisions of humankind defined by dinstinct physical characteristics.
KEYWORD Division
DIVIDE, Issues...

Beloinging to a particular nation, ethnic character

Fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition

Knowledge, beliefs, laws

custom of beliefs from generation to generation
Lola Falana
Google Book Ebony 1979
When/If I encounter RACISM
I take it on in various ways, but the results are still the same for me as a CONSCIOUS WOMAN
I know who I am....
All Is see from a RACIST
is their Ignorance and Fear.
"Know yourself.
Know insults, Know sincere
Should it be more than a passing moment speaking You will be addressing me by my name and people will be and should be addressing you by your name too.
Some identify...
Dig that?"
My friends come from different walks of life,
there are no issues.
blessed and blessed.
When we all leave our
Physical bodies behind for the Next World, then what?
I'm good on this side
Will be good on that side
We are spiritual beings
in physical bodies
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