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D'ANGELO | Private Bliss Interrupted
D'Angelo left the major music scene for a solid decade plus change. D'Angelo's departure from the MAJOR scene keyword 'major' left numerous fans in limbo yet fans who didn't cast their cares for D'Angelo to the 'wayside' continued to play his music from three albums, live import is the third. Other collaborations and guest appearances on fellow artist albums left fans to continue to groove all things D'Angelo as their own life progressed. D'Angelo's life would progress too out of the spotlight that at times judged him harshly. With various accounts of his life's ups and downs exposed to the fans and more, the music of D'Angelo continued. Many not in THIS know as they checked for gossip lows of his life more were aloof of smaller venue sightings, gigs more. D'Angelo left the major scene not the music.

As with any artist of this calibre sometimes the road less traveled is where you will find them, the music, the pure essence of what it is all about. Looking to the music and looking less for the man and his personal business is where you will find the music of D'Angelo. With the joy of sunshine coming after many overcast days, the singer, songwriter, producer, musician D'Angelo was captured on video performing in Europe. Those who indulged out of excitement, curiosity witnessed performances that were solid. It seems time has been good on the full circle vibe for D'Angelo.

The music sounded at times nostalgic yet it didn't sound dated. The delivery of each song fans treasured. Each song that was cover song from other legends was delivered by De'Angelo with signature flows. D'Angelo in my opinion appears to be a man that has seen the full scope of seasons in his life. What I witnessed in terms of the physical was a man who is comfortable in himself. To not bring up the phsyical of D'Angelo would be out of order. Many people made his physical appearance a major part of who he was instead of the music. People felt his physical appearance should continue on sans the famous and infmaous video "How Does It Feel".

Today, I witness the 'comfortable' of who D'Angelo is without being the chiseled god of women and other admirers. Comfortable without being obese, a moment I felt he was thumbing his nose at the world saying "Pay attention to the music", This is a man who once again comes out of the shadows of his private bliss to give the gift of music to those who want to hear the music over what form he will be or expected to be. Beautiful indeed. Those who can respect it hear the music even more. Beautiful. The music should be the focus of an artist but it is not always this way. Expectancy has it's charm but sometimes it is hard to live up to when the focus is not on what it should be. For most artist, they want no parts of the trappings in the industry they feel chains them from the freedom of expression in their music and their personal life.Fans who have waited a decade plus are hearing the music, welcoming their beloved D'Angelo. Many of the fans have converted past the whole sex on a smoking platter D'Angelo to D'Angelo the artist with passion an eternal eye catcher but more so a soul stirrer of truths in song and delivery. This is the timeless charm that will never change form. Many are glad of it. D'Angelo helped many find their 'Smile Again'.

THE GRAMMY AWARD WINNING D'Angelo - Michael Archer has captured much of the masses attention from media reporting, other artist, social networking through being a trending topic to fans and some critics. At this time no US tour dates have been announced but what has been announced is an upcoming album. Until that moment comes what we have is a solid body of work, a solid concert to view for 2012 and the expectancy of more BLISS INTERRUPTED of his own world to ours world very soon.
THE VAULT -- Covers done by artist of other great artist should always be done in the highest esteem, bringing a signature vibe to the song without distortion. Less than this is a tragedy with the TUDORS Stance "Off with your heads"metaphorically.
Seal's latest album SOUL 2 delivers with a tracklisting lovers of soul music can listen to without the 'cringe' factor. The arrangments on each track is masterfully done. Lush strings, mixing, vocals of Seal, backing vocals brings this latest music offering SOUL 2 to the listener a gift of song interpretations by a pure song stylist.

For more SEAL visit the Official Site by selecting picture above.
Select Picture for Movie Trailer for THE ANDERSON TAPES
VINTAGE Vault takes a look back at the film THE ANDERSON TAPES, 1971.
The film is a gem but often overlooked when it comes to conversations of
'let's discuss this film'. Directed by Sidney Lumet, Produced by Robert Weitman, Written by Frank Pierson this is a crime film with an ALL-STAR cast.

CAST: Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam, Alan King, a young striking Christopher Walken, Garrett Morris SNL Veteran, Margaret Hamilton known to millions as the Wicked Witch of the West/Wizard of Oz, Stan Gottlieb, actor Frank Macetta Across 110th Street, Dick Anthony Williams, Paul Benjamin more.

Anderson is a free man after serving ten years in prison. Upon his release he makes his way to his former girlfriend now living in a posh apartment building in NYC. Doing what he knows best Anderson decides to call upon old friends and recruits new acquaintances to burlarize the entire apartment building. The elaborate plan seems to be a bad idea from the start as Anderson wastes no time going backwards in life than forward. What has changed since Anderson's time in prison for prior robberies is how everyone agrees to do a score and how intelligence has changed.
The film exposes the beginnings of surveillance from various agencies and how they set up their operations and who they target. From powerful men having affairs checking up on their mistresses, drug dealers, mafia operations, smuggling of antiques to Black Activists of the 70's, this film truly is a gem. As with any ALL-STAR cast, everyone brings a perfect balance to the film making it a classic.
This would be the lat film appearance for Hamilton and the first for Walken.

The music score was brilliantly done by Legend Quincy Jones.

It was a pleasure showcasing this film for VINTAGE VAULT. Those who have a love of being taken back in time, suspense, mystery, thriller with some humored moments along with moments that reflects the time, an amazing music score you will enjoy THE ANDERSON TAPES. - Bebe Davis
The Backstory Is Always Intriguing
The Backstory Is Always Intriguing especially when it comes to an album of Quincy Jones. Since this is my birthday month, celebrating coming into the year 1971, overdue to do a nice album blast from the past SMACKWATER JACK would bar none showcase. Agree?

Smackwater Jack is the 1971 studio album for Quincy Jones that has some gems of tracks on the album. Eight tracks appear on the album showcasing more genius of Quincy Jones. The title album song is the first to appear, from there Case Your Fate To The Wind, Ironside,
What's Going On, Theme from The Anderson tapes, Brown Ballad, Hikky-Burr and Guitar Blues Odyssey. Smackwater Jack is one of those 'Sweet On My Mind' type of albums. Classic Quincy Delight.

Performers to the album are quite impressive. Valerie Simpson, Bill Cosby, Toots Thielmans, Joe Beck, Carol Kaye, Hubert Laws, Bob James, Joe Sample, Milt Jackson, Buddy Childers, Freddie Hubbard and more notables. Quincy Jones SWEETWATERJACK is an album to have in your collection. Feels good to showcase a legend/album.
Etta James, POWERHOUSE vocalist passed away January 20, 2012.
After suffering a long illness Jamesetta Hawkins known as Etta James
fans and fellow artist showed their love with various forms of expressions
online and offline. Hall of Fame Diva, Etta James was truly beloved by fans.
Her Worldwide Acclaim, her diverse following, the way Etta James could style a song to make it her own signature sound showed her mastery in the essence of all things music and show business. From SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE to AT LAST, to countless other classic songs truly this legend will be missed. Fans across the world will mourn Etta James for quite some time.
Look for a TRIBUTE to Etta James at our feature ESSENCE OF MOI.

Etta James 1938-2012, Rest In Peace. Etta James was 73 years old.
Love is what it's all about. SWEET CHARITY is one of musical lovers all time favorite musical directed by Bob Fosse, written by Neil Simon. The great actress, entertainer, Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera, Paula Kelly, Sammy Davis Jr, Ricardo Montalban, John McMartin and more star in Sweet Charity. The year was 1969, love was in the air. Shirley MacLaine played the main character Charity. One of the most memorable moments in the film was 'the ending'. Select picture for moment. No matter how disappointed you are in life, always remain hopeful for better. Sweet Charity, a timeless classic musical that has stood the decades with ease.
Grammy Award Winner, Adele took home six awards for her spectacular album 21.
Adele is now an eight time Grammy Award Winner, respected artist, overcoming many obstacles and one in particular was concerning her vocal chords. The album 21 is solid without a doubt. The question comes. What is BEYOND 21? Music enthusiasts know a third album will be coming after Adele takes a much deserve time to herself. We all await BEYOND 21, for 1021 we await it patiently. The music industry is filled with great writer's, great production teams, vocalist and more. When you present your works with the pure passion, be proud of that and from there what good comes your way will come.
Congrats to Adele for a great Album and awarded in a well deserved way.
IMPERFECT VAULT -- Director's Chair. THE IMPERFECT VAULT shows love to directors who made great impact in the movies we see today from the past to the present. Sure we can do the obvious to many but we love to mix it up at IMPERFECT VAULT. Love is shown for Director, Vincente Minnelli. Excellent read on his life at 'Senses Of Cinema'.

Favorite Films*
Cabin In The Sky, Meet Me In St. Louis, Ziegfeld Follies, Madame Bovary, Father Of The Bride, The Bad And Beautiful and more.

Imperfect Vault speaks on the REMAKES we film lovers are being exposed to. When the love affair of REMAKES settle down, film lovers look forward to some smart filmed thrillers, action, mystery, more love stories, original musicals to fill our hearts with awe... the appreciative type of wonder and awe. Here's to good films coming our way. Here's to good director's and the beauty to bring more classics our way to enjoy.
IMPERFECT VAULT -- Takes a look back at what many call 'Rock Opera' film, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band. This was one of the second movies I saw before drive in became extinct. It was fun times in 1978. The movie was Grease was very special but this one was far beyond a normal storyline. The cast was Peter Frampton, Bee Gees, George Burns, Steve Martin, Earth Wind And Fire, Areosmith, Alice Cooper, Billy Preston and more. Directed by Michael Schultz, Produced by Robert Stigwood, Written by Henry Edwards, viewers were in for a thrilling view with music by The Beatles, very groovy feel.

Look for more musical showcases at Imperfect Vault. Check out this trailer for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Enjoy!
D'ANGELO | Private Bliss Interrupted continued...
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