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IMPERFECT VAULT 2012 -- Actress Paula Patton is an actress to watch. Patton's delivery in taking on various characters from complex to character's masses truly get puts her in position to be a part of some great scripts and movies. Since coming upon the scene Patton has much range for an actress of the times. Since the passing of ICON Whitney Houston in February, there has been talk about many actresses wanting to play the role of the Diva who's life in the personal and professional was very complex. As industry pros, we do know there will be various interpretations in film about Whitney.

Should there be a green light for the Big Screen, Paula Patton should take on the leading role. 1021 has championed this strong suggestions for three plus years. THE REASONING: Clearing your mind of skin color comparisons shows less ignorance, which we've seen on the various blogs from people saying why Patton should not even be considered. If your decision is for this factor we are pretty sure you aren't in the industry. When Paula Patton starred in Idlewild alongside rapper Big Boi aka Antwan Patton and Andre' 3000, it was this very film that gave 1021 the 'ah ha' moment. Not only does she resemble Whitney Houston, her acting had a commanding presence along with the film Precious. This presence is needed for the many sides of Whitney Houston persona publicly/professionally/privately.

Other similarities is Paula Patton's natural speaking raspy voice similar to the transitioned Diva Whitney Elizabeth Houston and the uncanny mannerisms of her bright personality that could take on the various moments of Whitney when seen in the infamous interviews with Walters, Sawyer, Winfrey and more. While it does takes more than the resemblance factor, in 1021's opinion, Patton ineed has more.

THE IMPERFECT VAULT will continue to keep checking for more of Paula Patton's various works. Definitely she is a shining star to continue watching. More Paula Pattion continues through Imperfect Vault.
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Paula Patton is married to sexy crooner Robin Thicke, born in Los Angeles California, attending UC Berkeley to USC Film School. Paula found good career moves from PBS to Discovery Health Channel. Patton would land her first acting role in the 2005 movie Hitch along with other mentions Idlewild, Deja vu, Precious, Just Wright, Mission Impossible, Jumping the Broom. With a vibrant personalty, candid enough, open enough about her backstory, truly Patton is one to watch.

~Imperfect Vault 2012
IMPERFECT VAULT -- When you find some GEMS OF LIFE the wisdom through words, share them. Never take for granted someone has experienced what seems to be common knowledge out there for everyone to have seen. PAY IT ALL FORWARD. The Vault truly felt Ledisi should have taken home a Grammy for 2012 but with optimism in her midst through song and personality there is a Grammy coming sooner than later. We took a visit to the Official Site of Ledisi and we found a gem to share.

Ledis spoke in Januray about a 2012 experience being on The Tonight Show. Ledisi is no stranger to performing but this time her fourth time she performs her own songs -gem indeed for those who look at the layers of ledisi's words and take something good from it. Your impression, your impact, your resolve, your character is always being watched. These very things have open doors given rich experiences to Ledisi. To read more, visit her official site and take it all in. More Ledisi coverage coming for the upcoming editions. -2012
Alternative medicine has always been favored by those who feel 'at one' with the natural elements and the herbs. Others who have found their way to the alternative medicine options moving away from conventional medicine recognizes the potential and benefits not found in conventional. New ways of healing goes back centuries, passed down through the generations. From acupuncture, anthroposophic, ayurveda, herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy, qigong, siddha, chiropractic, aromotherapy and more. The mind, body, spirit for many is in sync and alternative medicine heightens the experience of the three to bring a person more into well being. The question has been posed often, Does the mind effect the functioning, symptoms and the healing of the body ailments? Is it just manipulation in masking the issues not solving them? Truly it depends on what the ailment is when deciding what option will benefit you for longevity in life. Alternative Medicine has proven results for thousands the world over.
Make sure you check out some of these great ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES: If you have a physician, make sure you consult before starting any regimen when it comes to your body, your health.
NCCAM Publisher's Pick!
Ayurveda 101
Constance 'Connie' Rice is a Civil Rights Activist and Lawyer and more. Born in Washington DC, graduate of Harvard College '78 earning her Juris Doctor '84. If Rice looks familiar to you to a certain degree she is the second cousin to former Seceretary of State Condoleeza 'Condi' Rice.

If you've ever heard her speak, she is quite the motivator, knowing her facts, the history on various levels. Connie Rice social stance as one beruses over her accomplishments has helped many along the path of civil rights and more. Progress, this is what drives many of us on our various platforms.
Rice is for progress and that in itself speaks volumes for the various challenges faced daily when rights are violated.

Constance 'Connie' Rice has a book out titled, Power Concedes Nothing. The book title is taken from Frederick Douglass: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

I will be following more of Connie Rice, definitely a woman who has a voice once should get to know. Rice has a voice of change, a voice that heralds the past but knows the fine line of hearld, hatred and hangups -we cannot ignore. Select the book picture left for more on Connie Rice. -Bebe Davis
The Gulabi Gang are women activists from India who wear pink saris, founded in 2006 by Sampat Pal Devi. The Gulabi Gang are labeled as vigilantes, something Western Women and women globally have been called when fighting for rights and injustice. Sampat Pal Devi, founder is no stranger to injustice ( top right ), abuse of women and being a child bride.

HBO Documentaries presented 'Pink Saris'. The Documentary gave an up close and personal look at the abuse, how the Gulabi Gang help countless women in situations that seem very horrid to those not affected. Devis is no passive woman but a woman with feeling, pride, a leader that at times like most leaders can get exasperated. Chapters are growing globally. Forced into a child marriage, Devi is less of an odd card but a liberating woman who helps take care of her older husband and their five children while living apart with another man, taking no 'hold back' from him. Equality - this is what women have been fighting for years -GLOBALLY. -Bebe Davis
As much as Women have gained, there is more to gain. Enlightenment will always be the course activists take for those very comfortable living a life that oprresses them. They've been conditioned to live an oppressed life and do so many with pride. The activist is seen as the enemy. The activist is seen as the one who is lost because in the oppressed world their form of LOVE, MATERIALISTIC rewards, THE NEEDY traits MUST BE FULFILLED. SEX mixed in with countless circumstances driving them to stay in their oppressed situation. Not many leave their circumstances alive but the ones that do find a family like atmosphere with those who help them turn it all around - even with the group Gulabi Gang. The saying' the poor will always be with you', is true. Same goes for whores/prostitutes, mistresses, side chicks, however you want to label them. It is a never-ending fight but many continue to enlightened. In the Western World we witness how many feed into these patterns of oppression. It makes one wonder about that famous slogan; Have we come a long way baby? From the reality shows potraying women in 2012 as angry engaging in fights as if on a playground where maturity and dignity hasn't fully set in or will ever set in. Impressionable minds are viewing. Are you a part of the problem or part of the solution? While we aren't fighting all the tribulations like the Gulabi Gang and their fearless leader, there are many tribulations women are facing. Our worse enemy is our gender right now as we are being pimped and played for the mighty dollar to act a fool either on camera or off camera. If many women switched roles /cultures and such we'd see more respect for what we do have as freedoms/choices than never before. If you haven't seen the documentary of PINK SARIS, make it a point to view this film. Director of the film Kim Longinotto.