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In 1936 a beautiful yet deeply troubled Japanese woman named Sada Abe killed her lover Kichizo Ishida a married wealthy restaurateur. Together they explored their sexual desires which entailed them spending days at a time in a love hotel also called machiai. These sexual moments included erotic asphyxia where Sada Abe would use her obi sash to give Ishida a more heightened orgasm.

Sada and Kichizo continued with their erotic sex escapade as hotel maids entered their rooms, requesting Geisha's to come play music for them... it was a druken, erotic sexual experience filled with pleasure and pain soon to go terribly wrong. With thoughts of jealousy, desperation to hold on to what she felt was her finding of true love, a true soulmate... Sada Abe in contemporary terms SNAPPED.

Sada Abe would strangle her lover to death while he slept under the HAZE of a sedative Calmotin. After Kichizo Ishida lay dead, Sada would lay beside his body for hours. From there Sada would sever his genitals, placing them in a magazine cover to take with her. Before leaving the room Sada Abe would write in Kichizo's blood on his left thigh 'Kichi Futari-Kiri' meaning 'Sada, Kichi Together', going steps further Sada Abe would write these same words in Kichizo's blood on the bed sheets and carve her name with the knife into Kichizo Ishida's left arm.

As if in a trance, Sada Abe would spend days with the genitals to feel closer to her now dead lover. Sada Abe revealed "I wanted to take the part ofhim that brought back to me the most vivid memories." During her infamous trial the details would be made public to the world exactly what she was doing at times with the genitals of her dead lover. Astoundingly Sada Abe would be sentenced to only six years for this crime of her lover. Born in 1905, Sada Abe would live until the 1970's.

While these details have been set in chronological order, this true story has many layers that are quite disturbing yet telling on how Sada Abe would become a killer. Abused in the form of rape from a young age, disowned from her wealthy family by placing her into a Geisha House to become a prostitute, certainly there were many mental issues and resentment happening with Sada Abe. Since this tragedy of love and lust, there have been other cases where the act of BDSM has led to many deaths in and out of the celebrity world. As with any sex act, there are many couples who practice these similar acts living what they feel is a healthy and happy lifestyle. THE CONNECTION coverage is to not judge but to explore moments in time and to showcase the varying forms of physical connection between people.
As with every action, there is a reaction. Should one go with their desires no matter how deep or how dark, it is a matter of choice, always. Choices do have their own set of consequences and not all of them are bad. THE EDGE OF REASON... it should always be there when going into levels of these kinds of desires where sanity is everything and should be present for both parties involved at all times, even in the Thoes of Passion. For more of Sada Abe's life indulge in the photo link above.

1021 does not promote this moment of actions, cover for historical content. 2012
L'Amour Fou... The Story of Sada Abe
limitless & timeless
Having The Conversation --Observations
Scarlett Reporting For 1021Online
Ok, Mistress Scarlett is back with more reporting on SOCIAL NETWORKING, Masking Issues. Recognizable will these females be, very easily.
Their following is so MASSIVE until they really cannot believe they have this many people under their BI-POLAR spell. For the love of keeping it INCOGNITO I won't reveal the name of these females on twitter. I am an undercover follower.
For Goodness sake, incognito is everythng when it comes to continuing research effectively.
FEMALE HOE GURUS are out to make ALL MEN SUFFER because she is scarred.
The FEMALE GURU on twitter wants other females to get something out of the deal when spending time with a man but at HOE LEVEL, SETTLING LEVEL behaviors. Female Gurus are tweeting for women to give away their bodies at a cost, because basically you are STUPID if you don't. The cost doesn't always involve attraction to the man but reciporcate it back to make him think so. If he wants you, take him up on his desire but ALWAYS get your 'materialistic ends'. All that he wants is SEX, he is working the angles and will eventually leave you - END GAME should be what you are left with after he is long gone. Wake up wifey, wake up babymama, just wake. Even if there are feelings involved this FEMALE GURU on twitter fails NOT to let her followers know, most times the men are LYING about feelings, LYING about their faithfulness, LYING just about on everything under the sun. You are not to be VICTIM for any man, GET YOURS: sex, fun times, trips, dinner, a bill or two or three paid and more. There is ALWAYS MORE. FEMALE GURU on twitter wants you to get all the benefits without short-changing yourself. Hoe-ing 101. Get into it? Oh my, my.

By now many readers who agree with GURU is wondering what the FLUCC is wrong with Scarlett. While no one should be used, I do think by 'Getting Yours' this way you are not getting 'Your Desires' of an honest relationship where give and take should always be on the table - not in percentage terms but in relating terms which is WINNING. Talk about LYING that is really LYING to yourself, short-changing yourself to just SETTLE for what is coming at you MAN OR WOMAN. One ask: How am I doing the settling when I am getting what I have asked for? Making demands, however you want to call it just for the so called LYING ENEMY to give you what you want materialistically only to get EXACTLY what they want SEX- YOU AREN'T WINNING. If it makes you feel good to give a LIAR what he wants because of some 'let me get something' out of the deal, therapy is needed.

Healthy Relationships can be obtained if you are committed or not. When you are involved with someone, you are in a relationship. You are relating. Honesty on what you want from the relationshp from a moral standpoint that covers all issues of sex, where you are on committing, discussions of relationships of the past, all of this takes time. Time means spending time. If you want what they don't want, at that point you shouldn't involve SEX. Time will reveal if changes happens for you to continue on relating with the one of your equal desire. When someone is truly feeling you, they will do things to make you happy and it is reciporcated back. Where there is no trust at this kind of level, it is very clear FEMALE GURU has some issues she needs to work through. She MASKS THE ISSUES by playing so hard like she is satisfied. Others have issues so they feel like FEMALE GURU get's them. Yes she does get you... you all are in SERIOUS DENIAL about relatioship issues you all haven't work through. Self-Worth has nothing to do with material gains.

It is never okay to be that JADED over men, over women, over anyone you are with. Everyone isn't LIARS on the level FEMALE GURU expresses through her tweets and her enablers ( FOLLOWERS ) allow her to feed the SICKNESS of lowering herself when she thinks she is WINNING at relating this way. FEMALE GURU tweets just about every hour on the hour unless she has appointments somewhere. How can she be healthy at any relationships being on the Social Network MOSTLY ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT? Now for the twist. FEMALE GURU could be in a perfectly happy relationship but doing a CASE STUDY. Am I reaching on this? Highly possible but you can't blame your girl Scarlett for trying to find a SUNNY SIDE UP on this coverage. What I can say, be careful whom you are following because it could be an unhealthy person trying to find their way but cannot, then you get caught up in their WEB OF FEMALE GURU BYTES. Be more of a LEADER than a FOLLOWER anyway, which will keep you sane on your beliefs while just berusing others.
More reporting in the next edition. -Scarlett for THE CONNECTION S/S 2012
THE EDGE is in everyone. Some people just show more edge than others.
They tap into their 'truths' and as the saying goes, 'the truth will set you free'.
Nicole Alexander aka 'Hoopz' is a 'wonder' to many people. Though they may not phrase it in such a way, tis true. From her reality show appearances and wins, showing her athleticism, love for the outdoors, fitness, humor, sex appeal, and the lil sumthin sumthin ( we jest ) dating one of the most FAMOUS,TALENTED players to ever hit the NBA Shaquille O'Neal, surviving some scandal moments HOOPZ Nicole Alexander is indeed a 'wonder' to many people. One of the biggest wonder is why would Shaquille date her? It's a BIG wonder to females and males more so the females. Here's our question: Why wouldn't Shaq date Nicole?

For too long women have been scrutinized by their past when they are steady onward with their present, moving further along towards their future. Just as sure as you live fiercely, there will be moments of your life that isn't stellar. For the most part you make no apologies for how you live YOUR LIFE with much EDGE. Too many people try to play the 'ROLE' of who they aren't, y'know that whole
'I would never' role. When you aren't true to you, you lead a life where you have more regrets. Some people cannot handle Adventure In Paradise moments.

One thing I've always liked about Nicole Alexander is her competitive edge, the Ultimate Tom Girl who is sexy, self-assured and in her own words not so 'clingy'. Females have a reputation being the Ultra Femme Chica and that's okay if that is truly who you are. This doesn't always GET THE MAN as some would think when they should just be themselves. If a MAN real MAN likes what is going on with you, then he makes the moves to see what is up. He pursues. I do like how Nicole and Shaq interact with each other when they let us into their lives. Seems like the Ultimate Relationship where thre is sense of humor, competitiveness, getting each
other without harsh judgement and passion is there. HOOPZ did the whole 'Dear Nikki' Q&A with the Boston Globe in 2011. She spoke upon women not being so 'clingy' wish there was more of those Q&A's. In our opinion, Nicole gave true to life answers more than the politically correct answers. Many people have been fed the TOP TEN WAYS to get our various desires. There really aren't any rules for LAWS OF ATTRACTION. This is the whole truth, nothing but the truth. To wonder why someone is with someone is a waste of your time, while they are living their lives - having a good time with EACH OTHER. For however long it lasts it really is good seeing such an outgoing couple where you also see the love and you see Nicole Alexander aka Hoopz still taking on her own business ventures, we love it!
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