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The Empress Of Disco. This is what Donna Summer wanted to be called after decades of being called THE QUEEN OF DISCO. Donna Summer transitioned from this life to the next May 17 at the age of 63. Fans were stunned because her illness from lung cancer was kept way below the radar of Media Reporting. Something that is admired. Everyone should be able to have the kind of privacy they desire but it's not often given especially of SUPERSTAR STATUS. Donna Summer was our Superstar who made many of us enjoy the dancefloor, skating arenas, romantic nights, high-spirited times more.

Donna Summer was born LaDonna Adrian Gaines in 1948. Summer's body of work encompasses past disco music. The discography, the delivery of Summer's range goes from folk, pop, rock, soul, funk, classic, electronic. Sometimes it takes someone's passing for masses to get, she wasn't great in just one genre of music. Donna was awesome in many forms of music. The Grammy Award Winning Donna Summer touched many lives in and out of the industry. Upon hearing the news of her death, reactions poured out around the world offering various condolences and tributes. From President Obama and First Lady Obama, Elton John, Chaka Khan, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Liza Minnelli, Gloria Gaynor, fans, friends, family, major networks, online mags/blogs, radio around the world - Love was given for Donna, The Empress of Disco Music.

Donna Summer with talented Producers, song-writer's produced music that is timeless. Who could forget songs such as LAST DANCE, BAD GIRLS, RADIO, HOT STUFF, MACAUTHUR PARK, DIM ALL THE LIGHTS, LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY, SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY, A FAVORITE ALBUM FOUR SEASONS and more greats. Donna Summer has transitioned on but like many brilliant artist before her, she has left a Masterpiece of Music we all can groove to for every reason and every season.

Rest In Peace Empress.... From The 1021Online Media Family
The Empress Of Disco
Remembering Donna Summer
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THE AMALFI COAST is a great destination for those looking for the adventure of historical value, coastal vacactioning and views that are priceless. The AMALFI COAST is located in Italy that boasts a beautiful Mountain Coastline on the Sorrento peninsula. The AMALFI COAST is south of Naples in Campania where the Mediterranean Sea is simply BREATHTAKING. Don't take our word for it, let us LINK YOU UP for more on The Amalfi Coast. Turn the volume down on the music before you enjoy the link at YOUTUBE. The host is divine in her presentation, the music is awesome, make plans to travel To Amalfi Coast today!
ALMALFI COAST 1021 Writer Pick!
The Deeper You Go,The More Pleasurable It Is
The Legendary Andre' Leon Talley is NNUDE'S
Behind The Nnude showcased person. Talley's legend is so great that he seems more of a personality to thousands of fashion lovers. Talley known Editor-At-Large for Anerican Vogue influence is felt in the fashion industry and beyond. Andre' Leon's Talley accomplishments are too numerous to name but indeed it's worth moments to indulge. Talley's autobiography ALT: A Memoior is a must read.

It must be said Talley has been the voice on having young designers recognized of various ethnicities, especially those of the black race. Talley has also used his voice for the models of the black race as well. No race card in the mix just an eye for what needed/needs to continue in the fashion world.Leon Talley's BACKSTORY adds to the depth of a man that is still inspiring others. We all know through our successes there comes the various Storms of Life. What separates those who proceed on with life and those who don't - is the inner confidence. Sometimes we don't know how strong we are until we go through moments.Andre Leon Talley LEGEND OF TIME,beyond any compare.
Nnude Photographer Pause Summer 2012
Cecil Beaton was more than a Fashion Icon Photographer, add painter, costume design, provacatuer of sorts with an illustrious list of Stars of Superstar Legend status photographed.Beaton worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair, heavily on the scene in Hollywood.

Notably Cecil Beaton photographed the Royal Family. Known as a diarist, Knighted in 1972, winner of various awards, many prestigious. Cecil list of persons photographed are too numerous to namebut here are some; Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Jacqueline Kennnedy, Lillian Gish, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Maria Callas, Mae West, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Andy Warhol, many more.Enjoy more Cecil Beaton. -NNUDE ONLINE '12
BRANDY is readying her six studio album entitled Two Eleven scheduled for June 2012 release under RCA Records. ****UPDATE July 2012 Album pushed back. We're bummed but you cannot rush creativity.*** Excitement is building around this upcoming album as the title of the album brings about a bittersweet vibe. Two Eleven marks brandy's born day and the day her IDOL Whitney Houston passed away from the physical life. Just as DEEP as the title of the album is, be assured the album is going to be stunning. BRANDY's five albums have been consistent in the way she as an artist has emerged as a singer/actress, mother, daughter, sister, friend and the fans FAVORITE IT Girl.

Brandy who was once on Atlantic Records, to Epic Records brief run has signed with RCA Records and Producer Beyon Prescott's Chameleon Records. Both are under Sony's umbrella of Sony Music Entertainment. Brandy joins an impressive roster of artist that will be her new record family: Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, R Kelly, Kings of Leon, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and more. Affectionately calld BRocka is back and when IMPERFECT VAULT tells you fans are excited, YES... THEY... ARE.

BRANDY has always had an impressive music catalog, handling the songs along with the content with believable ease. Progression is what it's always been about for Brandy the way she connects to the listener and the signs of the times. There was never a big buzz on the proverbial, "She sings stuff way too mature for her age." Under the guidance of her mother also managed, father, a great team around her, from television to music more of BRANDY'S choices has been positive and beneficial for her career. With every upside, there comes the downside of fame, celebrity status and industry 'business not personal'. Our BROCKA has seen these moments and she will see more but like the last album we did love, she is ONLY HUMAN.

Recently Brandy was covered in YRB Magazine and she looks stunning. Brandy goes on record to discuss her new label, the upcoming album and more. Select the picture above to take you to the coverage/showcase. For THE IMPERFECT VAULT feature it is pretty safe to say, it's hard to pick a favorite album from Brandy but we can pick some songs from every album that we love. READY, SET, GO!

BRANDY was released in September 1994, STUNNING album Produced by Keith Crouch and Darryl Williams. BRANDY went 4x Platinum certified by RIAA. FAVS* Best Friend, Baby, I Wanna Be Down both versions but the remix was the dopest with the video having the hottest MC's of that time Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Brokenhearted original and remix w/ Wanya Morris. Highlights to the album Rahsaan Patterson, Robin Thicke

NEVER SAY NEVER Released June 1998 Atlantic, Absolutely Stunning Production showcasing a more mature Brandy with Super Producers and Producers on the Rise. Producers: David Foster, Dallas Austin, Fred Jerkins III, Rodney Jerkins, Marc Nelson, Harvey Mason Jr, Guy Roche. THE DARKCHILD SOUND was evolving and the fans loved it, loved it, loved it... LOVED... IT.

FAVS*ANGEL IN DISGUISE will be my TOP which spoke to so many females and if you flipped it, males too. Brandy went INNNNNNN on this song Producer R Jerkins that featured Joe this track speaks for the times now. Next up... The Boy Is Mind w/ Monica it was a track for the ages, two TOP singing sensations that sparked debate on who slayed who, but in reality they brought their own signature style and it was a SCORE for collabos, Almost Doesn't Count, Put That On Everything, One Voice, Tomorrow is stunning a gem on the album. Notables Contributing To The Album Some Not All: Nathan East, Chuckii Booker, BeBe Winans, Brandy's Father Willie Norwood Sr. - NEVER SAY NEVER is a fan FAVORITE.

FULL MOON the third album for BRANDY was released February 25, 2002 on Atlantic Records. Brandy would get her Producer credits with this album. Producers on FM: Rodney Jerkins, Warryn Campbell, Mike City, Keith Crouch, Fred Jerkins III and more. FULL MOON was Brandy rising into WOMANHOOD. She was pregnant, in a relationship, and the lyrics along with an edge in her vocal delivery truly set the tone for fans to join the journey of Brandy, Woman. FAVS* Full Moon awesome track, When You Touch Me is the song that any Quiet Storm radio show would score with. Like This Brandy Jammed, All In Me futuristic vibes worked,

APART... noice production/vocals, What About Us, Stellar is the track NOT WORTH IT with vocals by Michael Jackson! Having The KING OF POP Alive, giving his BLESSING to this track gives you all the bragging rights in the world - and our babydoll Brandy didn't go braggidocio - classy chica. HE IS is phenomenal, talk about a LOVE SONG to the one you love. Can We, Come A LIl Closer great track with cross-over appeal, which we cringe to say that but it goes with reviews. As music purist, music is just music for anyone no matter your profie... Music Is Universal. WOW is one the all time fav's, the testimony track. FULL MOON great album that was SOLID, when played today, sound just as SOLID.

AFRODISIAC the fourth studio album by BRANDY released on Atlantic Records in 2004. Brandy would be executive producer on this album ushering in new producers as she no longer collaborated with Rodney Jerkins and the sound of Darkchild. New mother of Sy'rai, relationship ended, here was BRANDY taking her sound, lyrics and all into NEW TERRITORY. TIMBALAND would produce most of the tracks, along with other producers Kanye West, ATL's Organized Noise, Warryn Campbell and more.

The Afrodisiac album would be Brandy's last album on Atlantic Records. Brandy noted her sound with Darkchild was given in other artist productions and one could say there was truth in that statement. Brandy would not take on a new sound and it worked really good: FAVS ON Album: WHO I AM gave listeners an inside view of an ending to the relationship, WHO IS SHE 2U original and remix featuring Usher, Talk About Our Love feat Kanye West, I Tried with the Coldplay flair, Where You Wanna Be feat TI great track, Focus, How I Feel, Should I Go great ending to an album. The last track also reflects how many artists feel at some point in their career. Afrodisiac is a personal album and as time goes on, it will be among the classics of Brandy as we all await the 2012 album TWO ELEVEN.

BRANDY'S fifth studio album HUMAN was released on the new record label EPIC December 2008. Brandy was the executive producer and she collaborated once again with producer Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins. Some say the album wasn't Brandy's best work and BROCKA would echo the same sentiments. HUMAN does have shining moments where other producers contributing to the album giving Brandy's sound a cross-over appeal that has a necessary element for any artist not wanting to be one dimensional. Numbers rule the music world. HUMAN would be the first and last album from Brandy on the Epic Record Label. Fans still ROCKED with BROCKA and felt HUMAN was a very good album. FAV'S: Warm It Up With Love, RIGHT HERE, Departed, Long Distance Love was stunning, Piano Man, Torn Down, Shattered Heart , A Capella Something's Missing and Fall. Notables Contributing: Bruno Mars, Natasha Bedingfield, Chase n Cashe, Crystal Johnson, LaSahwn Daniels, Hit Boy, RedOne and more.

TWO ELEVEN on the RCA Label is scheduled for release October 2012. Producers/Contributor's for 2/11 are: Rico Love, Timbaland, Frank Ocean, Drake and more not listed. The Recorded Track listing out is not Official, thus Imperfect Vault will not run them down. In February the duet between Monica and Brandy "It All Belongs To Me" is said to be included on the upcoming album. This was pretty cool going back down MEMORY LANE with BRANDY'S albums. Definitely it has build momentum for the Upcoming Album. BRANDY we look forward to the upcoming album. Until then, we bump some of the early music, enjoy visitor's. BROCKA has taken over this feature. --SUMMER 2012 BEBE DAVIS, for Imperfect Vault

She's one of those artist that sounds incredibly great in the studio and explosive LIVE. You cannot contain Elle Varner in a box, totally she can give a 'Musical Journey Into Many Genres Effortlessly'.
Now I cannot take credit for that last sentence, totally Bebe's our Publisher THE BOSS CHICK. I agree tho, with the sentence YES!
During Production for Summer Edition of 1021Online - YOU HAD TO BE IN THE MOMENT TO FEEL THE EFFECTS -- our Publisher BEBE was rocking SOUNDPROOF ROOM so much we all got up and danced. Very GIRL ON GIRL action the kind of scene Lauper would be proud of. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. So I took a moment to play Ell Varner's musical gift to listeners full length.

Conversational Lush is eargasms! Perfectly Imperfect is scheduled to be released August 2012! The Mixtape Conversational Lush is pure 'hunger' she rips the mic nice. Year 2012 is pretty nice for Elle Varner, who also turned some NEW HEADS when she presented at The BET Awards. Varner had the curves on LOCK DOWN and they got noticed. THE VAULT will be rocking some Elle, be sure. Make sure you visit ALL FEATURES so that you don't miss her eargasms and other artist. -THE VAULT
NE-YO has proven in this Industry his ear for a good song, good album, working with list of music's elite, newbies. NE-YO's eye for a good movie role another SCORE. Red Tails THE MOVIE was a success. The I's and the 'eye's' have it for SCORE. Fans expect RED! It's the NEW ALBUM coming from Ne-Yo in September. RED Stands for ...

Realizing Every Dream. Talk about a metaphor... NE-YO now Senior Vice-President of A&R at Motown. Congrats!
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