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Temptations come but will you invite them into your world? That is the question. One has to stay steady on their convictions when it comes to familiar type TEMPTATIONS. Say you meet up with an old flame. You're both familiar with each other. They know the right words to say, the right ways to touch you. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Hook line and sinker, you are back in - way over your head. CAUGHT UP.

The wildest thing about temptations is the moment of clarity doesn't come at first. Hesitation yes but with much abandon, you start to feel good, you let the guard down. The Tempter is satisfied, yet you feel the CREEP of everything you didn't like come back to you about this person. Eventually it comes back to you on why you parted. Many who have loved have been to this place... Forbidden Fruit Allure.

Then you have the Temptation Allure feelings start to come from someone you have no history with. They just give off everything you find very attractive, yet many of these things you know aren't good for you. Somehow many convince themselves they should give this person a shot since they haven't directly done anything to them. Logic goes this way. "Why should they pay for someone else's mistakes."

1021 Magazine spoke with Tiffany a Professional Therapist for eighteen years. "You must learn to KNOW YOURSELF and recognize your intuition as your help in present need - always." "Our relations on a track record type vibe should be less of a catastrophe." says 1021 Magazine. "Yes, exactly." says Tiffany. "We all have the ability to sense what and whom is right for us and what we should walk away from." "Be very careful whom you let into your life." Getting them into you life is easy enough but getting them out of your life could be a different story." says Tiffany. 1021 Magazine agrees.

Depending where you are in life you may make it too easy for Temptation to come in, sweep you off your feet and leave out with MAYHEM left. In LOVING and RELATING choose wisely. No matter the Force of Nature, take your time for any and all temptations. To rush things is to err but with time, all things will be revealed. All things will be revealed... in time. 1021 Magazine supports and promotes healthy, loving, honest and consensual love lives.
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Eunice W. Johnson was more than a Publisher's wife. She was more than a mother, more than grandmother. Lady Eunice was more than a daughter, yes more than a friend. Her life living, is a true testament of 'Beside every Man, there is a great Woman'.

Eunice W. Johnson along with her husband John H. Johnson CEO, Publisher of EBONY MAGAZINE Johnson Publication - a team. The Johnsons were competitive with not only EBONY, Jet Mag. Nostalgic Flair her as an online magazine- thought we'd FYI you.
The Johnson's started Tan Confessions Magazine to rival True Confessions, which sold very well along with Ebony Junior, E Man.

They were a team also creating Johnson Products, the beauty line. Women of Color would be fequent at counters across the US for their Ebony Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Attention to detail of the counters, how products were packaged - Stellar indeed.

Eunice W. Johnson would be a POWER PLAYER fashion, beauty.
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NNISTA @ NNUDE -- Summer 2013

RUTHIE DAVIS! Designer of modern footwear launched Ruthie Davis is 2006. Her collections are powerful with poweful ladies rocking her designs. Beyonce', Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez more.

Ruthie Davis designs not only are for the ladies who love their heels, more footwear for the lovers of kicks/sneakers, to handbags can get their Ruthie Davis On. The solid brand appeals to females of all ages. With a true sense of quirk to self-assured appeal you can effectively zone in to the many looks of shoe designs.

You can find RUTHIE DAVIS on social networks IG: Instagram to twitter. With her IG, you get a more Up Close and Personal look at the designer - where showcasing her designs are present but her personal moments shine too.